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Wait, What? Ep. 72.1: ‘Cause of a List For Life…

Jeff Lester


Top Five Reasons to do a List Podcast

  1. They’re Fun
  2. They’re (Comparatively) Easy
  3. The Third Item is Usually Not Great, But The Fourth is Great
  4. It Helps Our Remedial Counting Skills

Five Things You’ll Hear About on This Podcast (In No Particular Order)

  1. Superman’s Diary
  2. Avengers: HR
  3. A President Who Speaks Like Jack Kirby
  4. The Still-New Theme Music
  5. Flooding (At The Beginning and Only Very Briefly)

Five Ways You Can Hear This Podcast

  1. On iTunes
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  3. At a Friend’s House
  4. In the Dreams of Stephen Williamson
  5. Just Below:

Wait, What? Ep. 72: \’Cause of A List For Life…

A List of Concluding Elements

  1. we hope you enjoy
  2. thanks for listening!
  3. We apologize for the headings making these lists look unattractive!

26 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 72.1: ‘Cause of a List For Life… ”

  1. I’ll draw your webcomic for you Jeff :)
    Just finished up a mini-comic and would like to work on someone else’s script for a while before writing another one.

    And your lists are just more proof you are a complete genius

  2. Okay I made up a list based on a image that is part of my list.

    I made of list of TV/Movie properties that I would like to see Starring comic creators.

    4. Jack Kirby & Stan Lee from the 60s in a Buddy Cop movie.
    3. The big DC stars in Wipeout
    2. Marvel Architects + some others vs. Editoral Staff in Survivor
    1. This image as a tv show http://i39.tinypic.com/2ujoh.jpg

  3. I’ve got a great pitch for a Marvel book: “Nick Surety: Agent of I.N.S.U.R.A.N.C.E.” Nick Surety investigates insurance claims filed by ordinary citizens of the Marvel Universe New York City for personal and property damage caused by super hero/super villain violence. Nick Surety is charged with investigating super powered damage claims, most of which are denied by Nick Surety for lack of coverage, since I would imagine that such coverage would require a rider (like flood insurance or insurance for hail storm damage), which most people couldn’t afford due to exorbitant premiums. There would also be exciting insurance claim denials based upon exclusions to coverage such as “acts of God” (damage caused by Thor, e.g.), and “acts of war” (damage caused during Civil War). Although, I suspect the “force majeure” clause would result in a blanket denial of all claims since most super hero actions would by definition fall under this category. (Note: The “force majeure” clause might be the subject of a mini-series or crossover event).

  4. Hmmm? Maybe a spinoff featuring a new super powered team of insurance claim adjusters known as…wait for it,…”Force Majeure!”

  5. Before I even listen past the 30 second mark, I just have to say that the new theme song makes me feel like I’ve lost my mind when it kicks in. I guess I’m still expecting that ambient tune and then BAM.

    I like it, but it’s making me feel like I tuned into Party Podcast 2k12 by mistake.

  6. Something I realized while listening, Prometheus after Morrison = caricature of Mark Millar.

    – l.k.

  7. don’t forget Slott’s invention of Pym: Scientist Supreme. it got a little doting at times. akin to Johns and Aquaman’s relationship.

    5 Ways to Extend a Top 5 List:
    -Bonus 5
    -Extra 5
    -Universal Moby Dick
    -Here’s 5 More
    -Honorable Mention

  8. The new theme song is stuck in my head now. I hope you’re happy!

    On Hank Pym — thinking about it lately, I kind of wish they’d have just gone all the way and made him a villain in the late 70s/early 80s. The character seems pretty much unrecoverable as a hero at this point (though anything’s possible) and it might be cool to see it go the other way. Has there ever really been a “hero gone bad” kind of character that had an established history as a good guy and whose transition into a bad guy didn’t eventually get undone?

    As for Prophet — I pretty much mirror the feelings of Graeme, who I sometimes suspect is my long-lost comics twin. I hate to blame the hype, especially since most of it seems to be genuinely grassroots appreciation of the book, and fairly little is actually coming from Image or Extreme.

    Five Pieces of Marvel Comics Technology That Just Popped Into My Head:
    1) The Psycho-Man’s emotion-generating box thingie, with the very clearly labelled buttons (few supervillains really put enough thought into user interface design)
    2) The machine from that 90s Spider-Man arc, which was designed to make people younger but accidentally could only do so by absorbing life force from other people, and helpfully just happened to have life-sucking gauntlets for such a purpose
    3) The Ultimate Nullifier, because it’s a thing that Galactus just happened to have sitting around somewhere and it’s immensely powerful just because people say it is
    4) Prof. James Power’s anti-matter reactor, which would have solved the world’s energy problems (and also possibly destroyed the world) if not for his meddling kids
    5) The barbershop chair that secretly leads to SHIELD headquarters, which I desperately hope they have in the Avengers movies somewhere.

    Five Members of the Secret Empire:
    1) Number One
    2) Number 2
    3) Number 3
    4) Number 4
    5) Number 5

  9. Five Members of the Comics Industry I Enjoy Listing to Jeff and Graeme Talking About
    2)Steve Engleharh
    3)Tom Brevoort
    4)Steve Gerber (Seriously, never read any comics by him but LOVED your podcast covering his run on Defenders)
    5)Jack Kirby

    Five Topics That Must be Covered in Avengers: HR Short but Awesome Run
    1)Kirby Tech Support
    2)Bosses who do a horrible job of hiding the fact that they are secretly super villains
    3)Dealing with Insurance Policies
    4)Worker’s Comp relating to super hero incidents
    5)Commuting to and from work

  10. Tempting to list Bendis, and, I dunno, maybe Tom Brevoort as the number one Avengers villains… but I’ll shy away from such.

    At least in public. :)

    How about your top 5 top 5 lists? Meta!

  11. Regarding Claremont, ignoring the Juggernaut’s then-recent continuity is nothing new for him. I remember when he took over Wolverine for like 3 issues back in the late 90’s/early 00s, a lot of fans objected to his version of Kitty Pryde. His response (which I think I read in a WIZARD interview of all things), was basically “I created the character, I know how she would act, I don’t care how other people have written her because how I’m writing her is correct regardless.”

    Having said that, Graeme’s comments about Claremont’s NEW EXILES stuff makes me want to track that stuff down. I actually re-read his second run on the primary X-titles recently, which I remember HATING as it was coming out, but really I enjoyed now – ten years, all at once instead of monthly, with a healthy dollop of nostalgia seems to have significantly sweetened a once bitter brew.

    Jeff, I loved the list of comic commentators who should be writing comics, and I agree with Graeme, you’d be on my Top 5 – the way you effortlessly rattle off truly awesome ideas at the drop of a hat would definitely have me hooked for a story arc, anyway. But my number 1 with a bullet is Chris Bird. His “Why I Should Write the Legion” posts actually made me try out (and subsequently become a big fan of) the LSH. And his Dr. Strange posts in the same vein are droplets of genius. I know the guy is doing a web comic now, but man, I would pay ALL THE MONEY to get him on a big name project like that. If you haven’t seen his pitches, check out mightygodking.com – one of the few sites I check as often as I do here.

    Also, LISTS!

    Top 5 Most Readable X-Men Crossovers From the 90’s

    1. Age of Apocalypse – an idea so good and well executed and self-contained that Marvel can’t stop going back to the well.

    2. Fatal Attractions – OMG shit happens. Mags rips out Wolverine’s skeleton! Professor X mindwipes Magneto! The Acolytes murder a hospital, and the Sentinel program gets reactivated! Colossus gets to cured or something! Seriously, this stuff totally broke my 13-year old brain and made me a comics fan for life.

    3. Onslaught – It’s the Michael Bay movie of comics crossovers. The explosions go off on time, the X-Men get to fight a big damn evil villain instead of a metaphor, and Mark Waid wrote a few issues (which were, of course, excellent).

    4. Phalanx Covenant – at least the first four issues had that awesome “who do you trust?” atmosphere, and it introduced Generation X, and MAN, that Joe Mad could draw back in the day.

    5. Extinction Agenda – speaking of books that worked almost solely for the art, the Jim Lee drawn issues in this are GORGEOUS, and the Liefeld issues aren’t the mess you’d expect them to be.

    Great podcast, gents, as always. You continue to give my early midweek a splash of vitality.

  12. Zombo is great, and Al Ewing’s Judge Dredd comics are fairly spectacular. If it hasn’t all been collected into one book, it bloody well should be.

  13. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but boy does that image from that Fortress of Solitude Treasury bring back memories! My favorite scene from that comic: When Superman looks at his Cosmic Ark which he’ll use if the Earth is destroyed and starts daydreaming about who he’ll choose to save from the world’s population, which is like thirteen of his friends. Superdickery, indeed. Second favorite scene: When the Earth is like three minutes from being destroyed, and Superman decides to take a break and drink a milkshake.

  14. I would draw the crap out of a Jeff Lester webcomic script. Really, that would be an awesome project, mainly so I can then hear Graeme’s worry about Jeff’s mental wellbeing after reading the comic.
    (Unless this is a worry particular only to Fraction I guess).

    Oh, and here’s my top five list.

    Top Five Batgirls:
    1. Batgirl
    2. Batgirl
    3. Batgirl
    4. Batgirl
    5. Batgirl

    I know Barbara Gordon Batgirl is in the list twice, but I think her 52-rebooting allows it.

  15. Hot damn, I love that new theme song. A lot. It keeps popping into my head throughout the day. Very Ocean’s 11.

    Top Five Newspaper Strips That Should Be Written and Drawn by Comic Book Creators:

    1. Little Orphan Annie by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, because you know Daddy Warbucks would be Morrison’s self-insertion kung fu sex god character.
    2. Beetle Bailey by Garth Ennis and Joe Kubert
    3. Little Nemo in Slumberland by Chris Ware
    4. Dick Tracy by 80s Howard Chaykin
    5. Cathy by Dave Sim
    (Bonus! 6. Ziggy by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill)

    I wanted to do a reverse of the above, aTop Five Comic Book Series That Should Be Written and Drawn by Newspaper Cartoonists, but all I can come up with is two:

    1. Prez by Garry Trudeau
    2. The Walking Dead by Tom Batiuk

  16. I have to join the chorus and say that a Jeff Lester comic can only help the world. Drawing it would be a treat.

    Here’s my Top 5 hairdo’s of the Marvel U.

    1. Medusa of the Inhumans…it’s like a cape for your head
    2. Wolverine…How does that happen?
    3. Norman Osborn…corporate cornrows
    4. Gladiator from the Imperial Guard…he’s always confident bout his hair.
    5. Bird Brain from the New Mutants…is it hair or plumage? YOU BE THE JUDGE!

    By the way, my bookstore didn’t have Zombo, but they did have Wagner’s Life and Death of Judge Death which was a mix of dark humor, crazy violence and some Frazer Irving art.

  17. I enjoy the podcasts a lot guys and play them at work while doing various work things. I have to echo Graeme’s view of
    Exiles, New Exiles, Excalibur. I did not think to link Sliders to Exiles / New Exiles but it is an apt comparison. I liked the fact that most of this stuff stood alone and though having a general knowledge of the Marvel U and X U was helpful, everything was explained. He was able to play with his favorite toys (Kitty, Psylocke, Sabertooth etc) and warped versions of the Marvel U. Much like he did with X-men Forever (vol 1 and 2). I liked your lists and the inventiveness of them. Thanks for making work time go faster and entertaining me a long the way. Have you ever thought of doing more themed review / Discussion like your Defenders one? I would love to see you target particular series or characters. A team up themed podcast would be fun. This way you could record a theme and pile up a few bits at a time and edit them into one podcast. (Easy for me to say I’m not doing the work)

    In honor of Graeme’s reading of MTIO
    Top 5 Marvel Two in One stories
    1. Project Pegasus saga # 53 – 58
    2. Thing / Sandman #86
    3. Thing Battles Thing # 50
    4. Thing / Dr. Strange / Valkyrie #6,7 (Defenders #20)
    5. FF Annual #11, MTIO Annual 1, #20 With Invaders and
    Liberty Legion

  18. Re: Prophet.

    I give it till mid issue 2 maybe 3 at the most before Prophet has sex with his Silly Putty / Doop / Amoeba.

    The thing will cause some type of pheromone hallucination of his life before the planet was broken and take the shape in his mind of his lost love and she will be drawn JUST like Liefeld or Todd Nauck or whoever drew her back in the day.

    So there’s your emotional connection? See how I went up into a valley girl style question at the end? I dunno seems plausible given the weird “bio” thing you mentioned.

  19. I think the new music sounded terrific at the end of the podcast. You really hit the right combination of post-podcast talk with fading in music. Really well done mix, Jeff.

  20. Graeme,

    If you have the Superman robots, they could work at the interplanetary zoo free of charge. It’s a veritable gold mine, I tell you.

  21. The Runaways showed up in Daken: Dark Wolverine #18 and #19. The guy who got hit by the car ‘got better.’ Don’t know about the uncle, though.

  22. I really enjoyed this episode, guys.

    I seem to remember some story in the 90s where Superman did fight a Judge Dredd analog. I think it was during the Jurgens era, but for the life of me I can’t track down the issue.

    Chris Claremont did have a heart scare in 2006; he collapsed at some event in Italy. But I’m pretty sure he didn’t have a heart transplant!

    My wife really likes your new theme music. Last night she came home while the closing was playing and started dancing to it! She doesn’t give a shit about comics, but likes it when you’re talking about waffles or diets or whatever. She really liked your New Kids on the Block story, Jeff.

    My Top 5 Bat-vehicles:

    1) Whirly-bats
    2) Batgirl’s motorcycle, the one with the incredibly non-aerodynamic bat-shield on the front.
    3) That Batmobile with the giant saws on it from Swamp Thing #53
    4) The Golden Age Batmobile with the big bat-head on the front
    5) Robin’s sky-cycle from New Teen Titans

  23. Great ep!
    Avengers HR was pretty sweet. Marvel kept going back for more Damage Control – surely Avenger HR is the next logical step!
    Would Mayor Jameson increase, or decrease, people’s days off for superhero related reasons?
    Why isn’t Jeff already riffing on this in a web-comic?
    (I think Al Hartley would be the perfect artist, with everyone looking like his giant headed Donald Blake).

    Kirby Moby Dick would be sweet. I was thinking the other day that I wished Kirby had adapted some Sherlock Holmes stories. I think it might just have worked. Or been a glorious failure.

    @Tim – Where does the idea Geoff Johns dotes on Aquaman come from? I like the way he writes him, but as he has every civilian constantly point out Aquaman is lame – even referencing real world tv shows that have made fun of the character – I always get the vibe he’s a little embarrassed to be writing the character, and wants us all to know that he knows the character is silly.
    Slott on the thee hand just seemed to love Hank Pym. Bit after he called Reed Richards ‘bitch’, was there anyone who didn’t love him?

  24. I needed to “prepare” my MIND! It got blown.

    Kirby Moby Dick is fantastic, and I can imagine the jagged teeth and MODOK style eyebrows of the white whale.

    While there was no Mike Ploog “Island of Dr Moreau” comic, Marvel did one in 1977 (52 pages for 50 cents!), with a script by Doug Moench and art by Larry Hama. http://www.comics.org/issue/207447/

    And let me add my kudos to the great theme song.

  25. Long time listener, first time commenter. Just want to thank you for recommending ‘Zombo.’ I ordered it immediately after Graeme described it, and can’t put it down. It really is fantastic fun. I hope the next volume comes out in the States soon!

  26. I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own weblog and was curious what all is needed to get setup? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny? I’m not very web savvy so I’m not 100% certain. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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