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Wait, What? Ep. 80: Bats and Birds

Jeff Lester


Apologies to those of you already pestered with this image on Twitter:  I thought it was worth a re-use, in no small part because I must once again plead mentis mortis (I have no doubt I’m handling this dead language so poorly, a charge of necrophilia could well be leveled), thanks to how late it is that I’m composing this and where I’m at for a variety of reasons that will probably become clear once you hear Wait, What? 81 next week.  (Hint: it’s a terrifying topic Graeme and I have tackled before.)

But enough of that for now, there’s a podcast to be had!  Wait, What? Ep. 80, in fact, a done-in-one of approximately two hours and twenty-five minutes in length.  Yes, you all know I can be pretty wishy-washy (I prefer the verb “to waffle,” for obvious reasons) and Graeme and I both thought there were a lot of great and compelling arguments made for keeping this in one.  I do appreciate the minority views, however, and wish I could figure out a way to appease both parties (or offer some consolation for the two part crowd) .  Hopefully, I’ll figure something out.

Yes, so–a done-in-one, with the first forty minutes or so being the mighty Graeme McMillan and I talking the reception to the John Carter movie, the lack of interesting Wondercon news, shelling pistachios, costume design, and conspiracy theories about bad movies.

Then, once it becomes obvious, we should maybe start in on the comics and not worry about waiting for a break, we really hit the gas, and start in on recently read comics, including The Wasteland Omnibus, reading The Flash and writing for the trades, Justice League #7 and the Shazam! back-up, Secret Avengers: The Children's Crusade, Avengers X-Sanction #4, Wolverine #303, Dominique LeVeau Voodoo Queen, Wonder Woman #7, Astonishing X-Men and Wolverine and The X-Men, and a heckuva lot more.

You interested?  Oh, come on!  All the cool kids are doing it!  Look on iTunes: iTunes is doing it!  Look right here at this entry, just below!  This entry is doing it!  Don’t you want to try it?  Aw, come on!  It’ll be cool:

Wait, What? Ep. 80: Bats and Birds

(See, I warned you–admittedly in debased Latin–about how braindead I was!  Nonetheless, I promise to do better next time.  And, as always, thank you for listening!)

47 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 80: Bats and Birds ”

  1. I’ve been frantically refreshing this page cos I just listened to the episode on iTunes and had to comment.

    Re: Graeme’s moral quandry.
    I was litterally pacing in my room listening to you guys go back and forth and I couldnt actually believe the discussion was happening. You guys spent at least 15 minutes going back and forth saying “if I really want to be ethical should I pirate comics?”. I mean, telling people not to pirate stuff never works, and if thats what your going to do then alright, but if your committed to doing the ethical thing it seems kinda simple.

    Re: the future of the Wait, What.
    Graeme not reading a book has never gotten in the way of you two discussing it, so just let Jeff read them :P. More seriously though, theres more then enough stuff outside of Marvel you guys could discuss. Image has a tonne of high profile books coming out this year, Im sure Graeme has a tonne of Manga he could talk about, maybe a Tezuka vs. Kirby discussion seeing as they are both the grandfathers of comics as we know them today. Maybe you guys could read some moebius stuff. Then theres webcomics. There is more then enough stuff to talk about.

    Re: the next issue of Prophet
    Brandon Graham has mentioned in interviews that different artists will be drawing different characters in the Prophet world, and the next issue is by Farel Dalrymple. So I imagine the next issue will either be a flashback or …well Im not sure how to say it without spoiling #23 but the ending sure does open up some room for other things to follow.

    Re: Graeme describing things as ‘chill’
    The second greatest thing ever after Jeff’s Wolverine impression.

    Re: the done-in-one podcast.
    Loving it, great to listen to while inking. Keep it up :)

  2. Dave: Obviously, our delay in this post threw you off-balance: You actually have us reversed throughout–my moral quandry, me and the manga,Graeme’s Wolverine impression, etc.

    Not a problem, mind you, just wanted to be first in to correct you. Also, I feel the silly ethical quandry was way more me than Graeme–I think he may have been more or less abashed I brought it up.

  3. Haven’t listened to the whole show yet, but in case no one else tells you: yes, Cyborg was on “Super Friends” (when it was “Super Powers,” technically) in its last year or so, along with Firestorm. And since Johns is so close with current Firestorm auteur Ethan Van Sciver, I’m now expecting the Nuclear Men to show up in Justice League posthaste.

  4. The best John Carter I’ve seen is Adam Strange. Strange stories always have a ticking clock, a fleeting love story, and a fantastic setting that could take the character anywhere. There’s something cool about Adam Strange that isn’t cool about John Carter and I’m not sure what it is.

  5. You guys are forgetting fair food in the summer, Nashville in the fall, sprint cars in Bloominton anytime, and the US Nationals. We are smothered in culture!

  6. No to Marvel Comics, no to Doctor Who and yes to more podcasting, Jeff. :)

  7. Couldn’t Jeff just read old Marvel and Graeme read new Marvel and both of you could have a discussion about it? It might take some planning, but Jeff could read X-Men vs. Avengers (the Claremont version) and Graeme could read the new X-Men vs. Avengers and you can have a discussion about what works and what doesn’t.

    Or, better yet, just discuss Marvel a month after those issues come out. Jeff can just borrow the comics elsewhere instead of buying them. Or just stockpile your discussions about Marvel and put them out months after the events so it wouldn’t increase or decrease sales for those issues.

  8. Oh my God, I’m here at work cracking up and choking on my drink listening to Jeff describe Scott Snyder’s 6 issues of Batman as an “I Can Haz Cheezburger” meme. Oh man, great work man! Hilarious. “Look at this bat. It’s pretty chill, right? WRONG! Here’s an owl, it’s MORE chill!” Awesome.

  9. Jeff,

    Reading Marvel comics “through other means”, even to review, totally undercuts your moral/ethical stand. For it to have meaning and to mean anything to anyone else, you have to stop reading Marvel completely.

    I don’t think you need to review new Marvel comics on the podcast. Personally, I don’t read much current Marvel and that’s not what I find the most interesting. I would much rather hear you talk about under the radar stuff or do an in-depth retrospective on a title/creator like you did with Steve Gerber than discuss Avengers vs. X-men.

  10. “There’s something cool about Adam Strange that isn’t cool about John Carter and I’m not sure what it is.”

    Isn’t John Carter cowboy/barbarian vs. fantasy monsters, while Adam Strange is science fiction rocketman vs. fantasy monsters? Seems like an easy win for Strange, but (a) I never really read the Silver Age Adam Strange stuff so I may be mis-remembering the stuff I have seen, and (b) I didn’t like the Carter movie, much at all. (Haven’t heard the podcast yet so sorry if this is repetitive of that).

  11. After hearing Jeff’s recap of the Snyder Batman run, I have to say that I would miss discussions about crappy Marvel comics. I think things have been going pretty well the past few months with Graeme recapitulating the plots of things like X-sanction and Jeff responding with the appropriate incredulity/criticisms/whatever.

    Though I love the discussion of older books and more independent titles, the monthly mainstream books (even the bad ones) provide a certain amount of common ground for me to approach the conversation, rather than a 70’s Marvel book or an indy GN from last year that I’d mostly forgotten.

    While I can sympathize with Jeff’s Marvel dilemma, I don’t see anything wrong with discussing Marvel books. Given the justified criticisms that have been made of their books and business practices on this site, whatever publicity or word of mouth they gain from discussion on the podcast is neutral at best.

  12. @Jeff Lester

    Opps, sorry for mixing you guys up.

  13. Jeff, you shouldn’t pirate comics, or Steve Niles will come to your house and kick your ass (and, from what i hear, hit on your girlfriend). A better solution by far is to have Graeme waste his money on these things and spoil the plots and endings so we can all get Jeff’s incredulous ‘Whaaat!?’ I don’t even know Graeme and i totally prefer him describing the latest shitty X-book than having to actually read it myself. Hell, look at it as a public service to us all

  14. It’s odd how Stephen Wacker never responded to my comment, which he essentially dared me to make, in the comment thread to Episode 79.1

    This is pure assumption on my part, but I suspect one of the following happened: 1) he took my compliment and left while he was ahead; 2) he suddenly discovered humility and the professionalism that he had previously misplaced; 3) his Internet connection is down; 4) he actually had some books to edit.

  15. Based on his behavior, I assume Wacker is such a well-practiced goalpost mover that when one of his “foes” actually backs up their stance with depth, he becomes paralyzed with the concept that the people he’s writing off are actual human beings with real feelings, and finds himself unable to continue.

    Basically, he needs to believe we’re all worthless. Deep down, he doesn’t. But to admit that, even to himself, is to admit defeat, to show weakness. And then maybe he’d have to question a few things. And then… and then… and then…

  16. There is a way around Jeff’s Marvel “issue”. We buy the comics for him through his account with Brian. That way we get his thoughts, he doesn’t feel guilty or put himself through a moral quandry and we pay him back for all the efforts he puts forth for the podcast. Just imagine the fun we can have buying him a particular title he would not normally read and “guilt” him into reviewing it. Seriously though, I would contribute to a Marvel fund for Jeff because I would miss his comments on current books. Selfish reasons on my part.

  17. People are capping on Jeff for the idea that he was having an internal ethical debate over whether to continue discussing Marvel Comics by reading them without buying. I initially assumed Byrne-stealing at a shop, but then he dropped the internet reference in there.

    I’m normally someone who craps on folks on this subject, but I won’t here. Why? Because Jeff has his name attached to it all (no anonymity for him) and he has a real, raw, honest talk about it. Nowhere in the talk did he try to justify piracy. To the contrary: he pretty much ceded that it wasn’t completely justified, but he had this real worry that cutting himself off from Marvel product entirely would hurt this podcast he loves doing with Graeme. The podcast would be his reason, but not his excuse, if you understand the difference.

    I can’t say how refreshing I found that honest and open discussion, which just underscores how this entertaining podcasts manages to wind up being two friends talking without always being self-conscious of the mics.

  18. Jeff, for what it’s worth, I don’t think you should feel any particular responsibility to read comics you don’t want to read just to talk about them on the podcast. It’s not like you guys seem to be hurting for discussion topics, and honestly, I think if there’s one thing the online comics community/blogosphere/podcastiverse/whatever doesn’t need, it’s more people reading the comics everybody else is reading just to “weigh in”.

    Although I do think this would be interesting as an experiment: maybe just follow Marvel through news sites, online discussions, maybe the occasional free preview. I’m curious how much somebody could manage to follow one of the big two “universes” without ever actually reading any of the comics.

    On the McKelvie Captain Britain design: The thing that really struck me about it was that it was…well, it was a superhero costume design, and we oddly haven’t seen a whole lot of that from Marvel lately. A lot of new or revamped characters just end up in fairly bland paramilitary gear (Hawkeye now, plus didn’t Daisy Johnson join the Avengers wearing a SHIELD uniform, even though SHIELD has been gone for a few years now?) or just kind of generic superhero looks like the Generation Hope kids and other assorted X-characters. It feels like we haven’t seen a new costume design that actually feels like a superhero costume in a while, but I’m probably missing some huge counterexample.

  19. Last night I listened to episode 69.1, in which you introduce the done-in-one format. Only minutes in to it though I succumbed to a fevered, troubled, sleep and woke up to find episode 80 sitting in the dark, waiting for me. So I listen, only to hear you reintroduce the done-in-one format.
    Is this all part of some grand comment on the constant issue #1 relaunches?

    Anywho, moving onto Jeff’s perplexing situation with Marvel. I kind of feel that for the boycott to really have that boycottish feel Jeff needs to remove himself from Marvel altogether, rather than just scrub the books off the shopping list. If the boycott is in protest to and to not be involving or giving support to unfair working conditions and treatment of creators then I think Jeff would need to cut himself off from that completely. Continuing to read the books, if only for this podcast, still feels like it undermines that boycott. It seems in this instance that Marvel is currently an unpleasant situation that might just be best avoided for now.
    Having said that, I’ve a bunch of Marvel books I’ll be picking up tomorrow and gleefully reading.

    So, to sum up: I think the best way to resolve Jeff’s moral qualms would be to stop buying Marvel books, stop reading Marvel books, and continue to talk about Marvel books. I’d like it if, from now on, when Graeme mentions a new Marvel book Jeff would discuss that book, with his analysis based entirely on the version of it he invents in his head.
    Preferably this would be done in the style of an old time radio play, with Jeff as narrator in his “check out this bat, it’s being pretty dope right?” mode and Graeme in the role of Wolverine.

    PS. Jeff, stick with Doctor Who. If you like Star Wars and playing with Star Wars action figures whilst intently making lightsaber sound effects then you’ll love the mid-series finale.

  20. All that admiration for Jeff being willing to openly discuss his quandary and I forgot to offer an opinion on how it should go:

    Count me in the group that would say reviewing or discussing the comic books could be de facto advertising for the very same books you’re boycotting. You could make exceptions for the tempest-in-a-teapot moments of the day, but, really, those controversies serve as advertisements, too. For instance, I bought CATWOMAN #1 to see if it was as bad as folks said.

  21. I want to add, ever since Graeme started making a conscious effort not to interrupt so much, the flow of ideas has really improved. I want to give Graeme props for sticking to the change. A lot of times people are good in the beginning parts of a change and slowly lapse into their old ways, but he’s been consistently sticking with the change and the show is much better as a result (although it was always good of course).

  22. Is there any “internet tough guy” funnier than Dan Coyle? If so, I’ve never met him. (“Worthless”…your whiny histrionics really crack me up.). Who actually listens to you anyway, Dan?

    Sorry I didn’t respond, Robert. Didn’t know what else there was to say.

    Lester’s alleged ethical conundrum is revealing.

    back to work. Bye all!

  23. Re: Billy Batson being a horrible brat: Graeme refers to people who’d be irritated by this as “Captain Marvel purists,” but I think the more accurate and fair way to refer to them would be “Captain Marvel fans.” Like, if someone rebooted Clark Kent as a seedy cable shouting head who snorts coke off of prostitutes on his off-hours, I’m sure there’d be someone who’d laugh and get a kick out of it, and that person would probably dismiss anyone irritated by this development as “Superman purists.”

  24. Re: Jeff’s “boycott”: I feel compelled to point out that it’s not actually a boycott. A boycott is a specific activist tactic, an actual organized campaign to pressure a target to cave into a demand or a set of demands. If Jeff were boycotting Marvel, he wouldn’t just stop buying Marvel comics himself – he would organize lots of other readers to stop buying Marvel comics, and pressure retailers to stop ordering Marvel comics, and widely publicize his efforts to do so, and do all of this around a specific set of demands that Marvel needs to commit to in order to stop the campaign.

    That’s clearly not what Jeff is doing, or has ever been contemplating, here. Jeff is talking about abstaining from Marvel because it represents participation in a system that’s gross and exploitative and is, in some sense, conscience-wracking. In a previous thread I compared this to ethical vegetarianism (as opposed to people who are vegetarians for health reasons, say). Ethical vegetarians can’t reasonably claim that by abstaining from meat they’re “boycotting” meat, because it’s not an organized tactic that does any meaningful economic damage to producers of meat; the real point of abstaining from meat is that it makes you feel less guilty about participating in a system that you find objectionable or exploitative.

    Jeff wants to abstain from Marvel comics in that sense, which is perfectly fine and laudable. It’s not going to change the world or even change Marvel, but it’s a fine thing to want to do. Where he decides to draw the line in terms of that abstention – by simply not buying Marvel, or by not reading them at all – is up to him, because it’s a highly personal and idiosyncratic decision. In other words, Jeff, since your decision isn’t actually about winning justice for the Kirby estate or for workers at Marvel or for retailers in the direct market – since you can’t realistically do any of that on your own anyway – but is instead about assuaging your own feelings of complicity, which are personal and idiosyncratic (as you yourself have pointed out before, you could just as easily be abstaining from DC for their treatment of Siegel and Shuster and Bill Finger and dozens of others), only you can draw the line of what you need to personally abstain from. Read them or don’t read them, as you feel you need to.

  25. Spending half the episode talking about one man’s anxiety about an imagined labor dispute tells me that the podcast community has learned nothing from THE PHANTOM MENACE.

  26. I think the clear solution is that Graeme can read the modern Marvel ones, and Jeff can respond as though he’s talking about old ones. : )

    ie. Graeme reads and discusses Avengers vs X-Men #1, Jeff reads and discusses The X-Men vs. the Avengers #1 from 1987.

    Graeme reads and discusses Fraction’s Defenders #5, Jeff reads and discusses Kurt Busiek’s Defenders #5 from 2001.

    “What are you talking about?! It’s like you’re reading a completely different comic than I am.”

  27. @moose n squirrel: Thanks for taking the time to restate this–when you first brought up the comparison to ethical vegietarianism, I had an “a-ha!” moment that I should’ve passed along at the time. It’s the perfect way to frame my choice, and much appreciated. Should be useful going forward, as I can talk about how, yeah, boycott is the incorrect word in this context while abstention really is. I am very grateful!

    @Kevin H: Thanks for the feedback–it’s incredibly gratifying to hear that you experienced the conversation in very much the way I’d hoped it would.

    I also appreciate everyone who took the time to chime in on this matter, both as it developed and in its most recent turn. I feel incredibly fortunate for this community and its ability to discuss this stuff without things steering into Flametown. (which really does sound like a place in an old Silver Age comic to me, but maybe because I have that Nightwing and Flamebird thing going on in my head.) The process is ongoing, but I think everyone’s helped set me on what should be a strong initial path.

  28. Congratulations Jeff! Glad you finally decided to go through with the boycott. I’m doing it myself and you know what, its not so bad. You will quickly realise that you aren’t missing much when you hear any of their announcements. It is one thing to sell something to someone already invested, it is entirely another to sell to someone out of the loop.

    As to whether or not you should continue reading the comics for the purposes of the podcast; a true boycott would mean that you don’t read them and you don’t comment on them. However, I think your savaging of Fear Itself was the best commentary on that event that I came across. So, we as listeners would be poorer in the respect of decent critical thinking on Marvel’s output but I would rather you stuck to your guns and not talk about them. Perhaps it will be enough to have Graeme read the issues and Jeff riff on what Graeme has to say about them.

    Actually, thinking about it, I would to see Jeff take the time and money he would have applied to Marvel and use it to highlight or try titles that don’t get enough attention. After all, I am also looking away from Marvel for my comics entertainment and would appreciate recommendations.

    Finally, on the subject of the podcast and whether to split it or not, I would consider myself a done-in-one guy but I do find myself gorging on the podcast and wishing I’d saved some for later in the week. Clearly this is an issue of self-control.

  29. If we want to talk about a what a real boycott is…

    I think that there are already a number of folks abstaining from Marvel for the reasons Jeff plans to allows me to grant him the use of boycott.

    As for what has to be done for it to truly be a boycott? Actually, as long as Marvel doesn’t get his money, it is a boycott. Why?

    If he reads it from the shelf or through piracy, he’s not contributing to Marvel. There’s no friend that is half-buying the issue because he knows Jeff will read it, but would wind up on the “drop” side of the debate if it was only for him. He’s not physically stealing a copy off the shelf, leading the retailer to have to pay Marvel to put another in its place.

    His determination not to buy Marvel product still does as much to send a message to them whether he reads it or not. Now talking about it, in a manner that essentially promotes it in a “really large gathering around the water cooler” way? That might impact the effectiveness. I mean…don’t we have an editor that demonstrates a possible Marvel viewpoint that anything that keeps their product prominent in conversation can be good?

  30. In my personal life, I’m certainly not “boycotting” Marvel- I’ve just wound down my participation in their universe. I’m down to three or four titles at this point. I’m not making a stand, other than choosing to not support work I’m not interested in or have some interest in, but won’t pay 3.99 for. This is all Marvel cares about… and even then, they don’t really care. A boycott would be a call to action; a coordinated attempt to get as many people dropping Marvel books as possible. It’s simply not the right term.

    Jeff’s done with Marvel for now. So are a lot of other people. We he come back? Will they come back? Will I go back to reading more Marvel stuff? Probably not without some major shakeups in creative, editorial and on the business side.

  31. Judging by the lack of responses in the thread, Steve, no, no one listens to me. Except you.

  32. Guys, Jeff was close. That new Captain Marvel design looks just like another of Marvel older titles – TEAM AMERICA !!!!

  33. Random things I loved about this podcast, in no particular order:

    – That Jeff almost has me sold on Scott Snyder’s Batman by describing it as the comic book equivalent of an extended string of LOLcat gags;

    – That Graeme is the one to be eating things during the podcast this time, apparently upsetting the balance of nature in the process and resulting in his bloody cosmic punishment;

    – The return of cockney chimneysweep Alan Moore;

    – Graeme’s dramatic reading of Dominique Laveau: Voodoo Child.

  34. Dan – don’t feed.

  35. I don’t know what “LOLcats” means, but Snyder/Capulo’s Batman is pretty great. So is Tomasi’s underestimated Batman and Robin. Bat books are all pretty solid across the board right now. (And the editor is so nice!)

    As for Coyle, don’t fret. I’ll bet he’s working on another of his stern and “very disappointed” letters to Marvel as we speak!


  36. Jeff, I stopped buying Marvel comics a few months ago but fully intended to torrent them through some specious logic about pirating from pirates or some such (I even replaced every Marvel book on my pull list with an equally priced other book so as not to hurt my LCS). However, after doing that for about a month, I rapidly started to lose interest in getting them even at the “low, low price of free”. If you do decide to torrent them (and as mentioned above, a boycott technically only requires you to give the publisher no money [or publicity I suppose]), I’ll be curious to hear if eventually you come to a similar conclusion as I did. I found out it wasn’t just their awful business practices, their dimwitted pricing strategy, their over saturation of their key brands, etc. – Marvel’s comics are actually just not that interesting right now. Once I removed the money component from the equation I found I was no longer vested in them, no longer compelled to read them because I’d spent money on them, and could just move on altogether.

  37. T: he’s not a troll. I let him get to me, and tried to reason why he didn’t respond to the kind of discourse I assune be wants. I went too far.

  38. Jeff,

    It seems that you keep finding reasons to keep reading Marvel books even though you feel conflicted about buying them. I say just drop then, don’t look back, and feel free to talk about the experience. It would surprise me if anyone stopped listening to the podcast because you gave up Marvel comics. Hell, I’d tune in for another round of bats vs. owls. Watch Scott Snyder bring fireflies into the mix and BLOW OUR MINDS.

  39. Good podcast as ever, lads. As regards Jeff’s Marvel problem, I’m with Graeme. If you’re going to stop buying, Jeff, stop reading. Add trades of the things you still enjoy (such as Daredevil) to your Amazon wishlist, and send a letter outlining your issues to Marvel so they know why they’ve lost your business – perhaps add a ballpark figure for how much they’ve lost.

    But no reading in the shop – if it’s good enough to consume, it’s good enough to buy … you may not like Marvel’s treatment of creators, but you’re not doing them any favours by enjoying the fruit of their labours without recompensing them. The podcast will survive.

    Certainly, though, I recommend working out your position in between podcasts, then making a nice pithy announcement.

    As for Dr Who, I’m with Edie, the Gaiman episode wasn’t great. I fell asleep, couldn’t tell you anything about it other than that it featured a junkyard and Suranne Jones. Let go Jeff, our other halves don’t have to enjoy the things we do!

  40. As someone who’s done the “read to review” thing, please, please don’t.

    Not only do you end up hating books you might otherwise have enjoyed (because they just become “work” then and all enjoyment is slowly leeched out) but you also start to really resent the “work” for making you do something you don’t want to be doing.

    No one wants to see you get tired of the podcast, Jeff. No one.

  41. I’ve assumed that Jim Lee’s New-52 costume redesigns were done with the express purpose of making them easier to reproduce in a live-action movie.

    As a fairly new listener, I started listening when you guys switched to the single, 2-hour podcast and still prefer that format.

    Also, I’m sure you could get a subscription bump if you became the Wait, What Comics and Grievous Self-Harm Podcast.

  42. Jeff,

    You definately should stop reading Marvel if it bothers you so much. There is no need to steal food out of the mouths of the current writers and artists so downloading shouldn’t be a consideration. Reading for reviews just sounds like you’re trying to justify your purchases which is a big cop out. Quit cold turkey, you’ll be fine.

    I quit all DC product after #6 of the Nu52 and I feel great about it. Sounds odd, but their online fan base has made me give them up.I’m even selling all my Nu52 stuff on eBay. Sure, I’ll miss Resurrection Man and the Legion books but I won’t feel like I’m contributing to a company who’s online fan base can justify supporting NuWatchmen and Superman books while screaming about how evil Marvel is to Gary Freidrich and Jack Kirby. Pot meet kettle. If you hate Marvel for it, you must also hate DC for it. Personally, I hate neither company, but ultimately, I don’t want to contribute to keeping any DC books and their fan culture alive.

  43. To chime in, a podcast talking about DC, independents, the waffle hut, etc.etc. would work just fine. No need to even utter the “M” word.

    And going to Flametown would be bad. But… Flametown with OWLS!? That would be Chill!!!!!

  44. Strange, Wait what and House to Astonish both hit episode 80 this week. Time for a crossover?

  45. Speaking purely as a listener I’d be disappointed if the Marvel content dropped off significantly. Despite how many books I’m not reading anymore the best ones still have me interested enough that I have hope the overall product can get better.

    That said given how Jeff obviously feels about the company not reading their books seems like the option that makes the most sense.

  46. @moose n squirrell:

    First, apologies if I typed your name wrong.

    Second, your tangent about ethical vegetarians resounded with me because I’ve recently jumped back onto the vegetarian wagon. The first time I went all plants/no meat was because of health reasons. This time is because I recently adopted 2 kittens and when I look at them, I feel guilty eating meat even though I feed them raw rabbit and chicken every day. But when it comes to my food choices, I just feel like the cow or pig I was eating could have been them. I know it’s a dumb reason not to eat meat and I know it makes no impact on the system, but I’m still doing it.

    I have nothing to add on the comics front. I just wanted to say something to the only comment that I felt I could relate to.

  47. “How chill is that!” is my new catchphrase.

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