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Wait, What? Ep. 92: Brave Faces

Jeff Lester

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Above: the Tomato Bs waffle, which is tomatoes, brie and basil on a savory liege waffle, from The Waffle Window, Portland, OR


So, never let it be said, we don’t go the full nine yards for you here at Castle Wait, What?  For episode 92, not only did I drive 630 miles, set up and record this podcast in Graeme’s attic, drive 630 miles back, mix, edit, and upload the podcast, but I also provided detailed show notes for you! Not sure if it’s one time only thing or not, but join me behind the link so you can smoke it while you’ve got it!

So here is what Episode 92 of Wait, What? looks like from the air:

1:18-3.53  : Greetings and apologies and caveats
3:53-7:18: The Avengers and the oddness of its worldwide profits
7:18- 8:51: The Amazing Spider-Man movie and how it’s being marketed
8:51-22:59: Safety Not Guaranteed and a terrifying quasi-related Blair Witch Project story
22:59-26:33: WAFFLE WINDOW
26:33-31:38: Comics discussed with varying degrees of knowledge:  Kevin Huizenga’s Gloriana and Chris Ware’s Building Comics.
31:38-33:46: Digression: our dynamic revealed! Somehow, Quincy, M.E. is involved.

33:46-39:48: The Wire and the process of entertainment, including Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty’
The Manual: How to Have a Number One the Easy Way and Jeff tries his hand at a Venture Bros. plot.
39:48-55:28: More comics discussed! Batman: Earth One by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank.  Should you expect a Batman book by Geoff Johns or a Geoff Johns book with Batman in it?

–55:28-56:10:  A brief break–

56:10-57:49 :Zaucer of Zilk and David Brothers and Graeme on why Graeme associates it with Casanova
57:49-1:02:58: Comic news: Spider-Man and Alpha…
1:02:58-1:06:05: …and Marvel teasers for its latest “War” event and online reaction to Graeme’s online reaction
1:06:05-1:06:53: Obligatory magical Portland library shout-out…
1:06:53-1:08:18: And the obligatory explanation of Jeff and his Marvel Comics boycott/abstinence…
1:08:18-1:13:48: The Brubaker interview at Comics Reporter and the state of Icon (warning: includes slight Kick-Ass discussion)
1:13:48-1:22:53: SDCC, the announcement cycle and what Marvel might have up their sleeve.  With discussion of the rumored Bendis and Immonen and biweekly X-Men book and other Marvel strategies.
1:22:53-1:39:18: Graeme tries to make Jeff cry with this column from iFanboy, resulting in a conversation that goes all over the place.
1:39:18-1:41:30: Closing comments of a kind as we realize we have broken the motorboat, so to speak.

Even without this roadmap, you may have already stumbled across the territory on iTunes.  Alternately, why not take the time to explore at your leisure below?

Wait, What?, Episode 92: Brave Faces

As always, we hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!

38 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 92: Brave Faces ”

  1. Link’s kinda borked. Looks like you got the inside of the url tag mixed up with the outside. Podcast can still be obtained by pasting the text into another tab/window, tho. So I did. :P

  2. Yep that worked for me too. cheers!

    Jesus Jeff!! 1260mile round trip?? I hope that waffle was the size of a human head.

    Unrelated –

    I think there should be a bagpipes re-mix of the theme tune.

    Just sayin

  3. Hell.

    If the podcast is half as entertaining as the show notes I think we’ve got a new high water mark.

    Eagerly anticipating the 2 minutes of Quincy talk. Which one of you feints at the autopsy table?!?!

  4. @Flypaper: Thanks for the head’s up! I have changed that to be the proper way around.

    @supergodmaster….etc.: They were worth it.

    @J_Smitty_: We may be letting you down with the Quincy talk. :-( Hopefully, we deliver in other areas.

  5. I really should have had breakfast before listening to this podcast.

  6. Less Aubrey Plaza (or whatever her name is). She’s fucking annoying. Thank you.

  7. “That’s through taste rather than ethics.”

    I liked that part.

  8. -Totally disagree with you dudes about Safety Not Guaranteed! Here’s what I emailed our mutual friend Esther after I saw it:

    “Aubrey “The” Plaza got a chance to show a bit of range and vulnerability, something they don’t do often enough on Parks & Rec. Mark Duplass was pretty good in his role, and the rest of the cast was well worth it, including a surprise cameo by one of my OTHER crushes. The story went right up to the line of being twee and then took a step back for safety. It earns its ending, and I could probably sum the point of it up by saying the moral is “Do stuff because why not?””

    I thought it was pretty strong, honestly, and the script was just fast-pace enough to not bore me. Apparently it was rated R? I didn’t see much in there that was R-worthy, honestly. I guess the cursing did it.

    But I would definitely disagree that knowing Plaza’s trauma so early on deflated her admission later in the film. I felt that she was telling him something intensely personal. It wasn’t supposed to be a surprise for us so much as a surprise for her and him. I liked pretty much all of it, honestly, especially when the reporter has his ego come crashing down around him and clumsily overcompensates by trying to get Arnau laid.

    -Love the time codes. Helps me zero in on when you guys talk about me, which clearly doesn’t happen often enough.

    -That iFanboy column is… I don’t have words unkind enough for it? It’s the sort of thinking that lets scumbags get away with doing scumbag things. I’m ashamed that I even share a profession with that guy. Awful. ‘The world sucks, but eh, what can ya do?’ is the type of thinking that is infuriating. Lazy, awful, amoral, short-sighted, ignorant…

    And Bendis & Cebulski’s response to his question was pretty crap, too. They lose NOTHING by actually explaining their points. Why would they choose to go for the cheap and insulting zinger? ~comics books, everybody!~

  9. It struck me a bit odd that Mr. McMillan doesn’t read his blog@ comments. Not because I desperately want him to read MY comments (they’re usually just little poems or song lyrics I’ve written while on the beach or in the tub), but because — as has been snarkishly pointed out by several commenters over there — the headlines are nearly always questions posed to the readership

    So I read something like this: “Legal Eagles, does this mean that Starlin has a claim to ownership (or part-ownership) of the character?”

    …and just think about all the poor Legal Eagles out there who went running to their shelf and poring through law books to provide an answer that will go forever unread by the interlocuter himself!

    Don’t get me wrong: this isn’t a criticism at all — goodness knows I wouldn’t read those comments if I were the blogger! (Those people are scary.) Or not a serious criticism anyway. It’s a FUNicism.

    Anyhow, fun episode! I look forward to hearing our hosts’ thoughts on the briefly-mentioned Ed Brubaker interview.

  10. I was surprised you skipped over the first part of the iFanboy column too, with Bendis and Cebulski snarking at an honest question and virtually high-fiving each other.

    Of course Graeme also said he never looks at these responses so why am i even bothering?

  11. Gotta say that, while those show notes were entertaining, I listen for the ramble as much as the comics.

    And that waffle- Damn! Now I see why Jeff’s so hooked.

  12. I think you guys were getting into some really interesting territory when you talked about the comics community dividing into activists and apologists, although I do think it’s a lot more complicated than that. A lot of people have elements of both in their comic reading nature, (I’m one of them,) and I would think the vast majority of comic readers are firmly in the “I-just-wanna-read-a-decent-comic” camp, and attempts to make them feel guilty about it are never welcome.

    On another topic entirely, with all the Zaucer of Zilk love going around, I was wondering if either of you guys had any thoughts on the current Judge Dredd storyline also running in 2000ad. It’s really starting to feel like a climax to the entire 35-year-old story.

    Also also: I heard the theme song for the podcast on the television the other day. It was being used as the background for an ad for a show about fishing. That was just weird.

  13. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet but have you guys changed your mind on Amazing Spider-Man looking bad? Because based on all previews and trailers I’ve seen, I predict it will be way better than Dark Knight Rises, although I’m not sure it will be up there with Justice League.

    I’m surprised how boring the trailers and ads seem for Dark Knight Rises so far. Then again, maybe they think since they have such a loyal audience anyway why bother spoiling their best scenes when they don’t have to, while Spider-Man has more to prove due to less anticipation?

  14. @Bob T: Uh, hey, do you mean our old electronic-y theme music or the “new” jaunty theme music…and if the latter, can you give us more specifics so we can hunt it down? You know, for shits & giggles (& copyright) & stuff like that?

  15. @badwolf: I actually look at these comments all the time. And, to be fair to @RF, when I ask direct questions like the Starlin one today, I tend to glance through those ones, too. But as a matter of course? Not so much with everything else.

    And @Bob Temuka, re: theme song in an ad. WHAT THE HELL?!?

  16. And by “these comments,” I mean Wait What, Savage Critic ones. Haven’t I said on the podcast before that this is genuinely the one place on the internet where I love the comments? If not: It is.

  17. What was the purpose of that iFanboy column?!?

    It was basically “I’ll buy Brian Bendis’ comics forever, no matter how much of a dick he is to me on twitter”, abrupt pivot without completing that thought or making a point, “SCREW JACK KIRBY”.

    Oh, and I’m starting wonder if Bendis realizes how condescending and off-putting his online persona is becoming.

  18. Thanks to Jeff, for taking the massively long trip, and Graeme for hosting. And thanks for making me so hungry with Waffle Window talk that I’m sitting in bed here in Edinburgh at 1.20am trying to resist getting up and making some of the delights advertised on the eatery’s menu page (if only I knew what ‘pepper bacon’ was, exactly).

    I love that the world contains someone named Aubrey Plaza. Is she related to Danny the Street?

    I reckon I’m an entitled fanboy cos it gets on my nerves when various comics folk ask something on Twitter, you answer, and they can’t be arsed to take two seconds for a weeny acknowledgement. They don’t have Follow approvals on their accounts because they wish to advertise their wares, but heaven forfend they interact with anyone not in the industry/useful to them. Happily, there are exceptions, such as Paul Cornell, Kieron Gillen, Jeff Smith, Kelly Sue DeConnick and a fair few more. But it seems that the bigger you are, the more you ignore. At a purely mercenary level, surely every creator should be engendering goodwill by responding to the people who currently buy their work?

    It looks like the Batman Earth 2 book is due today. And speaking of which, Happy July 4, everyone.

  19. For the record, I’m ignoring Mart Gray’s post.

    So by definition I am now big time.


  20. Mart Gray doesn’t know who Aubrey Plaza is (or whatever the fuck her name is). Watch “Parks & Rec” and she will annoy the hell out of you. See also “Funny People” (which wasn’t) where she was exceptionally annoying.

  21. p.s. I’ll vouch that Stephen Wacker is “big time” because he ignores me all the time.

  22. Hi Robert, I don’t think either of those AP shows have been on TV in the UK, maybe I’ll do a trawl on YouTube.

    Ah Stephen, you’re firmly in the Tends To Reply category, and you’ve never been an arse to me. Let’s keep it that way!

    It’s morning and I’m over the Wafflelust … for now.

  23. Really fun podcast as usual, fellas.

    After so much good chit chat I’m sad to say it but all I want to talk about is Monkeybrain.

    I think a lot more people are going to be calling Roberson and Baker.

    It begs the question of why Mark Waid dodged the distribution channel that is comixology? If Monkeybrain put as much thought into it as it appears from their recent War Rocket interview then it’s clearly viable and preferable to going it alone.

    This deal echoes so many of those thoughts I had in threads gone by that it is just dominating my personal comics landscape. Purchased all five launch comics and while I didn’t love everything (Aesop isn’t really for me, I don’t think but I enjoyed reading it to my son) it was all worth my time and money for sure.

  24. For the record, did not think you guys being face to face made the podcast sound awkward at all! Still just as fun, and if it weren’t for Graeme trying to explain the hand gestures, would never be able to tell you were in the same room.

    And, of course, congrats to Jeff for finally reaching that Waffley goodness. Any final count for total waffles consumed during this trip?

    And totally with you @J_Smitty_ I find the whole concept of Monkeybrain fascinating. 15-18 pages for 99 cents is a great deal and I bought all of them to check out the quality. Didn’t care for all of them (I thought Aesop was fine, but Amelia Cole didn’t really appeal to me and October Girl is kind of a wait-and-see at the moment.)

    I am curious about how being comixology exclusive affects overall revenue-could they be making more by having it for sale on comixology and separately on their websites or something, for example? Not really a concern, but with Mark Waid’s Thrillbent and this, I’m naturally wondering who’s doing better in this. EIther way, totally rooting for them – I’ve loved Roberson’s work in the past (including Memorial which I think was severely underrated) and I’m glad to see that there is a fantastic future for him outside of the Big Two. (and new Tobin-Coover work! Yay!)

  25. Loving the timestamped show notes :) keep it up

    Giving Spider-man a teenaged side-kick because theres now a huge difference between Peter Parker and the average teenager is kinda funny in a ‘missing the point’ kind of way.

    The ‘This is War’ thing seems kinda dumb, but if you’re going to really target that type of reader why not go hard? Targeting really specific demographics worked for Twilight.

  26. Sorry for the double post

    Mark Waid didn’t use Comixology cos it wont allow him to do the digital comics stuff Thrillbent uses. It also seems like he testing out ideas for digital comics going forward so having the option to change display settings and all that jazz would be one of the big things hes interested in.

    Also I loved Bandette from monkeybrain, October Girl simply didnt have enough for me and I dont quite under Aesop’s Ark. Its about Animals telling fables, but isnt the entire set up a fable. A fable in a fable….. fableception…?
    Although for $0.99 how upset can you really get?

  27. @Dave Clarke

    I also thought the script for October Girl was a little paint by numbers. The phrase “struggled to put a roof over our head…” all felt a little less than nuanced and some other things were very…direct. That said, by the end and the last reveal, I was hooked more into what the possibility for future installments held than issue one itself.

    Re: TheWaid – Yes! Obvious now and in hindsight a lot of the early talk was how they were looking to really break with the traditional page construction conventions (dropping in elements etc). So, if that’s the REAL aim as opposed to just doing the trad. thing all by their lonesome then good hunting, I say!

    On this point, though, I think it’s hugely encouraging that Chris and Allison were able to herd this through the comixology process. It seems the NEXT logical step whereas Waid’s project now seems more iconoclastic and to be honest further down the line of the ongoing and changing comic making tradition.

    Thanks for giving me the shakabuku, man!

  28. that pic just grossed me out…

    its not wonder you americans are all so fat..
    also waffles taste like sugary cardboard…

  29. I made the mistake of drinking from a bottle of water when “Spider-man and the Urge” got mentioned.

  30. Re: iFanboy

    I used to really like that site, but over the course of the last three years or so checking it out once a week or so has been like going to the freakshow. I hate to say it, but they’ve got to be the most obvious and unhelpful fan site out there. Never have I seen such a collection of simultaneously self-important and lackadaisical people. They shamelessly shill for the Big Two and make headline news articles out of things like “EXCLUSIVE! GRIFTER #3 COVER RELEASED!” (four months ahead of time; and none of their staff cares about Grifter).

    At the end of the day they still like to think that they have some “indie cred” or whatever, and certainly several of their writers enjoy thinking of themselves as intellectuals… but then their answer to everything potentially unhappy in the comics industry is just “Oh well! What can you do? Maybe you can just mindlessly consume something else! Allow us to overhype ten other comics for you! Each time we’ll pretend that each new series is the best thing ever, then you can check back in six months later and find that we’ve dropped them all and have moved on to whatever overhyped stuff we feeling like shilling for THIS month! :) Remember, on iFanboy every comic is a 4- or 5-star affair and ‘criticism’ should be avoided as it has ‘negative’ connotations!”

    It’s effing bizarro world on that site sometimes. The guy who wrote the most recent offending article in question also wrote something a month or two ago in which he expressed disbelief at the newest Spider-Man cartoon being FOR KIDS rather than FOR HIM (a 40-year-old man).

    Ron Richards is the best of them, but even he shills for Grant Morrison just for the hype of it… Because iFanboy certainly never did anything approaching enlightened criticism of Grant’s work.

  31. But, yeah, great point about how we’re being divided into “activists vs. apologists”. As in real life, I find myself more of a centrist, and I hate to say it but the shriller the activists become the less likely I am to throw in with them… even though I definitely think creators deserve more. And “a contract is a contract, etc etc etc”, but Marvel and DC (really Disney and Time Warner) could end all of this discussion if they’d just go above and beyond and break off a few million here and there and give it to the most deserving creators whose creations they’ve (almost always *legally*) profited off of so much.

    Then again, I buy so very few Big Two comics anymore that maybe I just don’t have it in me to rake Marvel and DC over the coals for bad contracts that creators nonetheless signed. I often get the feeling that the some of most extreme “activists” are also the same people who buy 20-30 Big Two comics a week. That’s obviously not always the case, but given the fervor of some of the criticism (“I will ONLY see your movie if you put Kirby’s name in the OPENING credits!”) there has to be some psychological issues going on with some of them due to guilt over their own buying habits and addictions. Personally I’m just not Marvel or DC’s target audience anymore, I’ve largely moved on.

  32. Oh, I think it was the old one. I recognised it instantly, but it still felt weird – why am I hearing this there?

  33. Oh, these timestamps are very helpful. Thank you!

  34. There is also a great little function on most i tech that offers high speed listening. It’s the little 1x 2x toggle in the upper right. If I ever get lost in a pod I just kinda high speed browse to something familiar. Not saying it to be condescending in any way but I actually didn’t know about it myself until about 6 weeks ago. It might be helpful to others when it comes to navigating as I find it less disorienting than blind swiping / jogging.

  35. My brain melted when I saw that waffle and I think ate three of the comments I wanted to make.

    But, it was such a quiet throwaway line, I really want to know about Graeme reading the first Rucka Punisher trade other than being surprised that he liked it.

  36. I can’t wait to listen to you guys talk about Marvel Now in the next podcast. BTW, I started listening to the Nerdist Writers Panel after hearing Graeme talk about it and I love it. So thanks to him for mentioning it.

  37. Time stamps are extremely helpful. Please keep posting them!

    @Jeffrey – Me too! I’m hooked on the Nerdist Writer’s Panel as well as Radiolab. Thanks Graeme!

  38. That waffle calls to me. i made the mistake of looking thru their online menu and damn, i gotta figure out how to make a 5000 mile round trip vacation for waffles sound like a good idea to my girl

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