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Wait, What Lives. Oh yes.

Because someone – actually, in this case, two someones, and their names are Tim Callahan and Lauren Davis (Hello, you two) – demanded it: A brand new Wait, What? podcast starring Mr. Jeff Lester Esq. and myself. In fact, this is the first of three, and I’ll post the other two tomorrow and Friday. An early word of apology: These were recorded a long time ago – Long enough, in fact, that I was still with io9, my cat hadn’t died (She makes a cameo appearance in one of the episodes), and Blackest Night #7 had just come out. So, as much as anything, these are historical artifacts and should be adored and held in high esteem as such.

(The reason for the delay, by the way, is that I was trying to be smart and work out how to get a player embedded in the posts and create an RSS feed and get them on iTunes and all manner of things that are literally way above my intelligence level. Even with the help of David Brothers, I have so far failed spectacularly at this. Luckily, however, I refuse to let this defeat me. One day, you mark my words…)

Anyway: Enjoy. And we’ll try to get more regular about these things now, too. Honest.

(Edited to add: I think I’ve fixed the broken links to the old podcasts as well, now. But don’t hold me to it.)

11 Responses to “ Wait, What Lives. Oh yes. ”

  1. Forget the podcasts. This site needs more writing. Half of the writers on the sidebar don’t even write for this site anymore, having moved onto other projects.

  2. That’s cause Comixology and Comics Alliance pays them and Hibbs does not :P

  3. Hey guys, I know that everyone here works for the love of the medium. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate all the work that goes on. I, for one, enjoy the Wait,What podcast and would love to see more in the future.

    Jeff, thanks for recommending the Pluto series. It was phenomenal and I’ll tackle other Urasawa in the future.

  4. I’m not the only one who likes the podcasts, am I?

  5. Not unless the people on Twitter and at Wondercon are lying to Graeme and I, Michael (and sadly I think we both have self-esteems fragile enough to consider that possible).

    My hope is that everyone is just so overwhelmed by awesome they haven’t gotten around to commenting yet. So extra-thanks to you for doing so here and above.

  6. Thank for bringing it back, guys – I like the other comic podcasts well enough, but you two are the real deal. Thanks for working at the Itunes thing (It would make life easier.) I’m eagerly awaiting your next effort!

  7. I’ve been waiting my whole life for this.

  8. FWIW, I don’t care for the podcasts, but figuring it’s your spare time I grumble quietly.

  9. Isn’t this ALL stuff done in spare time?

    And if you say you’re grumbling quietly, that’s the opposite of actually grumbling quietly.

    Me, I love the podcasts, spare time or paid for or whatever.

  10. @TimCallahan
    Of course it’s all spare time, I fail to see your point. Or was it a genuine question?
    I realise(d) the inherent contradiction in “grumbling quietly”, my point was, I wouldn’t have brought it up on my own. But since this comment thread drifted towards people expressing their opinion on the podcasts in general I thought it appropriate to state my position, even though I usually wouldn’t. Also, it doesn’t come with any expectations whatsoever, that Graeme and Jeff write more. I would like them to, but that’s in the same sense of “would like to” as I would like to be a millionaire.

  11. I’m dying to read that Crisis companion now.

    But it’s not correct that Constantine’s appearance in Crisis pre-dated the one in ST. I distinctly remember getting Crisis 4 and saying “Oh, shit! Constantine’s in this!”

    It was pretty close though, and a big project like Crisis may well have had enough of a lead-time that the JC appearance may have been _prepared_ first. (And it _was_ the first appearance of JC with Steve “Mento” Dayton, which didn’t pay off until later in ST…)

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