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Wait, What Question Time

Graeme McMillan

Yes, dear listeners/readers/Whatnauts of all shapes and sizes, it’s that time again: The time when Jeff and I invite your questions for us to attempt to answer before we end up getting sidetracked and talk about something else altogether by accident.

With only two podcasts left before the end of 2012 (We’re taking the last couple of weeks of December off for the holidays; sorry), it seemed like a good time to try another Q&A podcast to try and talk about what’s on your minds for once. Well, on our minds after you bring it up. You know what I mean.

You also know the drill by now: Leave questions in the comments section and we’ll try to get around to as many as possible and apologize profusely for the ones we can’t answer or somehow forget to even after we read the question out.

Thank you in advance!

74 Responses to “ Wait, What Question Time ”

  1. No way you’ll have time to answer all of these, choose one!

    1) What’s the single issue of a comic that you love best?

    2) I’ve been loving Journey Into Mystery From Gillen and Immonen. Once Immonen’s Sif run is finished, what team should tackle the Warriors Three?

    3) Are there any current comics that would benefit from a JiM/BPRD style spinoff?

  2. George T:

    To get into Doctor Who is easy. Just watch The KLF’s “Doctorin’ the Tarids” on a constant loop: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdTELokKfCk

  3. Should Marvel bother with covers?
    They print them on the same stock as the pages, the books are ordered months in advance and sell to an audience that actively seeks them out. Why not save the price of more pages/art and just have the title sit above the first page?

    Is FATALE becoming an ongoing series a good thing?
    I enjoy it though it’s not their best, but was looking forward to Bru and Phillips moving on to something else.

    What was the best and what was the worst comic you read for each decade you have read comics?

  4. This isn’t a question Graeme, just skip over it.

    @ Ben Lipman
    I kinda love the idea of covers being the first page of the comic. I’m making a mental note to try it with my next project.
    I don’t see Marvel ever doing it though. Perhaps Fraction and Aja may sneak something through, but all the Barcode and Tradedress stuff is subject to change at any moment, it cuts off variant cover insentive schemes and it’s just going to cause headaches for people who repackage the stuff (trades, hardcovers, though crazy anthology mags they sell in Europe, digests, online collections). It’s entirely possible covers are stored somewhere differently to the main story in marvels files.

    Also covers sometimes need to finished before the script is finalized.

    When you need to churn out 80 comics a month the process gets very streamlined, and changing that process cos someone wants to be cute can be a pain in the ass. You could theoretically change the entire process to do cover as first page, but you could never prove to the business that it’s worthwhile.

  5. What happens to Ross’ moustache when he turns into the red-hulk?

  6. Oh man, I like that Apple question bunches. Let’s just add that they would also sue Kirby because they invented stapling paper in the middle.

    But I guess if people took a stand on everything they would have to live in trees like Berkeley students and then what a world we’d be left with. The stink, good jesus.

    How about…

    A) Has anyone, ever, done more for a comic than Eddie Campbell did for From Hell?

    B) Could we expect a modern reader to get anything out of the big 2 comics “masterpieces” of our youth? I am thinking of in continuity stuff here, something like Simonson’s Thor here, a book that pretty much ruled my world growing up, yet something I will ever be able to properly explain to my son, even if he had the issues in front of him. I don’t have the same doubts about Romita’s Amazing or other earlier runs, there is just something about those eighties books that seem stuck in time.

    C) If you gave 100 people on the subway issues of Bill Sienkeiwicz’s New Mutants (with the lovely painted covers removed) how many would tell you it was the worst looking comic they have ever seen?


    D) What would happen if Robert Kirkman decided to spend his next month’s income and buy the publishing arm of Marvel? Not the IP, just the right to publish Marvel comics the way he wanted…which characters would die each month and by which blunt instrument? How sad would the Punisher be while he used his slowly diminishing appendages to get the rest of the Marvel U killed, one 100 issue spectacular at a time?

    Who would he think was calling him while he cried into a disconnected telephone and would he still have the beard? Would Aunt May be the big bad?

  7. What current artists are the best at comics storytelling? I don’t mean the best illustrators or the best frozen pose/cover artists, I mean, from panel to panel, who can carry the story, draw your eyes across the page, and not interfere with the story being told? It seems to me that comics are blessed with many a good illustrator, but there aren’t many competent cartoonists. Is this the fault of the artist or the writers who don’t know how to script for them?

  8. I was wondering if you guys have read either of Harvey Pekar’s final books, “Not the Israel my parents promised me” or “Harvey Pekar’s Cleveland” I think they’re great, but I’m a lifelong Harvey fan a Clevelander as well. Could I get some non-homer perspective from you guys on the books if you’ve read them?

  9. By what rationale does Jeff continue to buy DC Comics? Under the new management structure, hasn’t DC proven itself to be Marvel’s equal (at least) in lack of respect for creator rights, poor retailer relations and overall creative bankruptcy?

  10. If I’m being greedy asking another question feel free to skip me. If not then I ask Graeme this: inspired by John K mentioning On the Buses, if you could put Jeff in any classic British sitcom which would you choose?

    Would it be “Jeff is On the Buses”?

    How about “Is Jeff Being Served”?

    Would you watch “Dad and Jeff’s Army”?

    Or would you choose something else? Only sitcoms, we of course know you would prefer to put Jeff in the cast of Blake’s 7. We all want that.

  11. Last question, I swear, but since you guys read novels, I’m curious what you consider are the best superhero novels not related to the big two. I’ve read WildCards, Superfolk and Soon I will Be Invincible, and that weird Stan Lee superhero book, but I’m not sure what else is out there.

  12. By what rationale does Jeff continue to buy DC Comics? Under the new management structure, hasn’t DC proven itself to be Marvel’s equal (at least) in lack of respect for creator rights, poor retailer relations and overall creative bankruptcy?

    This is a great question, especially in light of all the creators from DC, both before and after the reboot, talking about how badly DC editorial under Dido micromanaged and made life miserable for creative (Jim Shooter, Chuck Dixon, Rob Liefeld, the War Games creators, Sean McKeever, and many, many others)

  13. Whose portrayal of Emma Frost is better: Finola Hughes in the Generation X Tv movie, or January Jones in X-Men: First Class?

  14. This is a question, but not one for the actual podcast: Do you guys have a cutoff for questions, as in when you reach question #50 or comment #150 or something. Because I remember how out of control the last question thread got and I figured maybe you wouldn’t want to go through that again.

  15. @T: That’s a great point. Let’s call THIS the cut-off for questions, based on how far we got in recording yesterday (Spoiler: Not very). Sorry, everyone who would’ve asked something later…!


  17. I know its late but if you can squeeze it in my question is – Brian Michael Bendis, yes or no ?

  18. Mustasches on superheroes, has it ever worked?

  19. If you want real, well-thought out questions you’re going to have to set some sort of limit per questioner (well, per questioner’s unimaginative pseudonym, but still). All i see here is a bunch of jokes by the same five dudes and a couple of attempts to derail the thread.

  20. My question about the Ke$ha record was not a joke, bad wolf.


  21. I LOVE House to astonish – any chance of a cross-over?

    Should it be Graeme and Al/ Jeff and Paul? or vice-versa?

  22. oh…just thought of another one…

    Emma Frost is based on Diana Rigg, except for Chris Claremont and Grant Morrison,why can’t other writer ‘get’ that ?

  23. I’d never accuse you of wasting our/their time, Smitty!

  24. I am just curious what Monkeybrain comics you are reading. I’ve heard you both plug Bandette, but what else are you enjoying?

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