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Wait, What: The Prologue-ening Now Available

Hey, everyone.


Graeme and I have a bite-sized morsel of a podcast episode for you today: Wait, What: The Prologue to Episode 10, which is just a bunch of stuff we talked about before we actually talked about the stuff we were supposed to talk about.  The plan is to post the two more substantive, action-packed comics-related installments on Thursday and Friday.

Does that seem hackneyed, spreading the installments out over several days?  I feel like it keeps the site more active.  (But I would, wouldn’t I?)  (Oh, and ditto with the images, such as the Lois Lane cover above which, regrettably, is unrelated to this installment’s contents.) If you have a strong opinion one way or the other, feel free to let us know in the comments.

As for the podcast itself, it should be in Itunes now, or you can listen to it here:

Wait, What: The Prologue to Episode 10

10 Responses to “ Wait, What: The Prologue-ening Now Available ”

  1. This is the only podcast in the world that I actually enjoy listening to. I think it’s Graeme’s dulcet Scottish tones, and the jokes.

    And now it’s timely, to boot! Hurray.

  2. Yay! More jibber jabber and chit chat! The only disappointment was that you didn’t find some way to work that Lois Lane image into the talk. Come on! Enquiring minds want to know what you think about Lois Lane pimping herself out to every available super-hero on the street corner.

  3. Lois giving it away for free, you and Graeme…

  4. dulcet Scottish tones



  5. Thank you, Matthew–exactly the suggestion I was going to make!

  6. I post links. That’s what I do now. I used to make wry comments about things, but now I post links.

    Links are cool.

    We Are Not Sex-Bob-Omb


  7. Thumbs up Umjammer Lammy.

    Thumbs down podcasts instead of reviews.

  8. As I was listening to you talk about iTunes reviews, I was trying to add an iTunes review for Wait, What and Apple yelled at me and said, “reviews are unavailable at this time!” Someday, somehow, I, too, will leave a review so you will google-stalk me and see where I live.

    (Also, for Bill Reed: I guess Chad’s Canadian accent just can’t compete, can it?

  9. Hey guys, personally I’m just happy for the fun, entertaining and provocative discussions with the occasional non-comics sidebar thrown in for seasoning. Regarding podcast length, whatever is easier – sliced into small pieces, one big hunk of podcast, whatever – it’s all cool by me. Just keep them coming.

  10. Chad doesn’t sound Canadian enough, Tim! And you sound just too bald.

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