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A comment on Devil’s Due

Devil’s Due is leaving Diamond distribution — Graeme probably does things best with this interview with Josh Blaylock.

I checked in MOBY (which I installed 7/28/2007 — or almost exactly 3 years ago), and in the last three years this is the gross total of Devil’s Due product I’ve been able to sell:


Figure gross-net at $540.43 then, or about $15.01 a month.



6 Responses to “ A comment on Devil’s Due ”

  1. Too soon?


  2. I think it shows how many people are reading DDP, even better than your cost benefit analysis.

    Bummer about all those unpaid artists, though.

  3. Brian:

    I’m curious how that compares to other independent publishers in the same market-share range, if you’re willing to share?

    (I think the only DDP book I ever bought was INFANTRY, a short-lived superhero thing by Joe Casey and Clement Sauvé that went away after issue #4 or so. I liked it.)

  4. I think I read Blaylock say that Devil’s Due made $2 mil a year. That surprised me.

  5. I bought I Am Legion for the Cassaday but that’s it. Wouldn’t it be crazy if the sales were all a result of, like, 2 books?

  6. Uh, hasn’t it been pretty well established that the sales at your shop aren’t exactly representative of sales as a whole?


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