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Adventures in Schizophrenia

Brian Hibbs

This really just happened.

A young guy, clean and well dressed, just came in, and said “May I ask you a question?”


“Well, what can you tell me about the Justice Lords? I mean I know about Batman and Superman and Static Shock but I think it is the future and I really like Batman but then a giant black guy made him suck his cock, and…”

Then he suddenly got a wild look in his eye like he’d just been caught doing something dirty, and he proclaimed “I better get the hell out of here!” and BOLTED for the door.

Ah, retail, always with the joy!



6 Responses to “ Adventures in Schizophrenia ”

  1. I almost googled this to see if he was perhaps looking for something concrete, but then thought better of it.

  2. Would buy.

  3. That is incredible. If that ever happened at my job, and I mean exactly that scenario, I would immediately throw a party and probably cry from happiness.

  4. At the rate DC is going, that guy will be one of their head writers in five years.

  5. “May I ask you a question?” Even the, uh, troubled have manners in San Francisco!

    Also, sounds like he was a one of them there new readers and Brian “Thorazine” Hibbs let him go?!? More iron in your diet I’m thinking.

  6. How did he find out the end to Trinity War?

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