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An Expanding “Empire”

Brian Hibbs

I’m pretty excited to say that I just completed the asset transfer agreement, and we’ll be taking over San Francisco’s Comic Outpost as of 12/16/13.

It only took me 24 years to do it, but finally Comix Experience will have a second store!


20 Responses to “ An Expanding “Empire” ”

  1. Today an outpost, tomorrow a VILLAGE!

  2. Congratulations!

  3. […] Bay Area retailer Brian Hibbs, of Comix Experience, Savage Critics, and Tilting at Windmills fame just announced something pretty momentous: he’s acquired a second store by purchasing the assets of Comic […]

  4. Great news! Congratulations!

  5. Congrats!

  6. […] Retailing | Brian Hibbs, owner of Comix Experience in San Francisco, has announced he’ll assumed ownership of Comic Outpost from Gary Buechler as of Monday. “It only took me 24 years to do it, but finally Comix Experience will have a second store!” Hibbs writes on Savage Critic. He goes into more detail on the Comic Outpost website, telling customer, “Comix Experience runs pretty differently from Comic Outpost, but I want to assure you that we have no intention of changing the essential nature of the Outpost. Customers dictate the kind of store that exists, and we’ll be dedicated to bringing you the same passionate and engaged love-of-comics service you’ve received from Gary over the years!” [Savage Critic] […]

  7. Congrats, Brian!

  8. Congratulations, Brian!

  9. Congrats and good luck!

  10. Congrats, but how much time have you actually spent researching the environs and interest of Ocean Avenue (highway to 280)in regards to your more highbrow way of comics vending…..very peculiar neighborhood that one is…might have been a better move to open down by all the development and commerce rather than in the zone between Lakeside and City College/commercial district….but you’re a professional after all and there are plenty of similarities between Divis and Ocean Ave…..or not…..I hope Two Cats are paying close attention, but I doubt you’ll make a dent in their role-playing card games and toy selling business….It will be fun to see what happens……

  11. Gaskins:

    I’m not planning to do anything “highbrow” at the Outpost. The store will stay what it is with only small adjustments to the stock / focus. Stores are what the customers want, not the owner :)

    I don’t believe that moving out of a 19-ish year spot, even if there’s a slightly better “commercial district” would be the right move (and, anyway, Lakeside looks dead to my eyes, really)

    I really don’t believe that card games or toys are lines that I want to invest in, so it all works out, I suppose!

    I really love Christian and Two Cats, and I’m strongly hopeful that both stores can not only coexist, but support one another!


  12. I’m thrilled by the news, Brian! Sadly though, it’s not because I’m delighted with your success — it’s because I’m anticipating all the fascinating Tilitings we’ll get out of the deal :)

    Compare / contrast two stores; How the economics change when you can distribute risk between two consumer groups; How much of a store reflects the consumers vs how much it reflects the owner; etc.

    Can’t wait!

  13. Lakeside is for fogies, to be sure, but it does look like there’s a lot of action happening down at the other end with City College, Whole Foods, lots of stores, coffee houses, library, etc. Your trump card is probably better parking and a K stop in front of the store, but I hope you kick Two Cats asses, that place pretty much sucks and the folks who run it seem pretentious in all get go. A weird part of town for 2 comic book stores to co-exist…..I think TC is really behind what led to Gary selling off as well as his bad choices in partners….but you are the guy who wrote the book, and I think you’re going to do damage…..TC will become a toy and game store, as it probably should.

  14. Congratuations, and good luck.

  15. Gaskins– Old fogies or not, the location is practically around the corner from SF State, which must account for some business, as I’m sure Brian is aware.

    Also, Brian, if you could get some of the kids from Lowell and Abraham Lincoln high schools to stop in and buy manga instead of just getting it at the nearby libraries, that could be a lot of business (big if, I’m sure).

  16. I am extraordinarily pleased for you. All the very, merry best to you, Brian Hibbs, in your latest endeavour!

  17. Roday’s the big day! Congratulations, Mr. Hibbs!

  18. Awesome, great news Brian.

  19. Chad P, you are quite correct and since everybody walks everywhere in SF CEO will obviously reap those benefits…heh…too bad you can’t tell the store is there from the M Line train that goes to and fro SF State and comes close….but no Segar…..Wonder how much biz Gary pulled in from SF State….plus isn’t it easier to just read your comics from downloads via Pirate Bay these days than to make the effort to explore any kind of retail store! Is paper making the kind of come back vinyl has? Rather than Congrats, I think it best to say Good Luck with the new store! Still think there’s more of a glut of stores than readers in that particular corner of town!

  20. Congrats and long live the new empire!

    I think you only need to take and hold four more points and you’ll win this round of “Dominate SF”. Or maybe that’s Unreal Tournament.

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