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Comix Experience ONOMATOPOEIA #193

Let’s try this new experiment:  for a week (until 2/7/12) you can get a (COLOR!) PDF of CEO #193 (April 2012 Shipping books) written by Graeme McMillan by clicking here. You can also get the companion order form right here.
Let me know if that works for you, and if you like it enough for me to bother creating and linking to it each month?



3 Responses to “ Comix Experience ONOMATOPOEIA #193 ”

  1. When you say “works for you” do you mean can I download and view the file or do you mean does it makes me feel all warm and silky inside?

    If the former, yes, it downloaded just fine. As for the latter, yes. Mr.Graeme McMillan does a lot of work on that doesn’t he? Hurrah for Mr. Graeme McMillan! Mr. Graeme McMillan who says of THE SHADOW: BLOOD AND JUDGEMENT that “Arguably Howard Chaykin was never better than here…” which was nice. See, I did so read it.

    Cheers and thanks!

  2. I really like this idea. If’s not too much of a headache for you to do, this would be my preferred way of dealing tith th ONO and the check list. I kick myself when I don’t hand it in on time.


  3. It’s expired… So no, doesn’t work for me.

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