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Comix Experience ONOMATOPOEIA #200!

This is IT, TRUE BELIEVERS! The BIGGEST CEO in years, as both Jeff Lester and Graeme McMillan pen new “Fanboy Rampage” columns!

Plus all of the usual writeups of UPCOMING comics that you’ve come to KNOW and LOVE! Who says this isn’t the Comix Experience Continuum of Comics, EFFENDI?!?!

Plus everything is in frankly surprising COLOR!

This is a LIMITED TIME offer, however — download it before September 7th — you can find the CEO by clicking here, and the associated Sub Form here.

[UPDATE: Hey, Jeff here.  Apparently, there was a problem with YouSendIt so I’m going to try something different and host the form and CEO via Dropbox (in no small measure because Graeme’s column for the newsletter cracked me up…and because I’d also like my contribution to be out there).

So you can get the CEO by clicking here (not small; it’s 9,554kb) and the associated Sub Form here (much smaller at 984kb).  If you have any problems, let us know in the comments, yes?]


9 Responses to “ Comix Experience ONOMATOPOEIA #200! ”

  1. New written content fron Gentle Jeff and Glamorous Graeme!
    Whatta hullabaloo!

    @Jeff: Oh, Jeff” Still conflicted and yet still hilarious! Psst: Remember to clean down your Search History!

    @Graeme: Super stuff as ever but I have to warn you that I will never like The Legion of Super Heroes. Ever.

    Thanks for the wonder of your words!

  2. Hmm, it says the link is expired…

  3. It was there last night but now it is not! I smell a mystery!

  4. There’s something fundamentally broken with YouSendIt, then — I’m sorry.

    It was affirmatively working fine all day yesterday — I checked at least 6 different times.

    Unfortunately, it isn’t worth me spending $x to provide this service. :(


  5. What…the weird and more than slightly stilted woodcut pictograms of Jon Forte not sexy enough for you, John K?


  6. @Tim J: I added new links-give ’em a try!

  7. links worked for me. Thank you very much for some very entertaining columns and useful previews reviews. It seems odd though that you would mention the 9.5MB size of it when you regularly put out 120MB podcasts. In terms of MB per hour those things are twice the size of other podcasts i get. For example the most recent Wordballoon is only 76MB for just over 3hrs. I’m dealing with limited bandwidth so smaller would definitely be preferable and I’m assuming it would save you guys a little on that end as well.

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  9. See, now *that* is how you do spam — it ALMOST seems topical!


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