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Cover condundrums

Brian Hibbs

So, here is what the insides of AQUAMAN #14 look like:











Yeah, 22 pages of guy-in-silhouette!

So, why does the COVER show Ocean Master full on, and out of the shadow?!?!?!




The other weird one this week is a product of Standard Operating Procedure at Dynamite — everything has four covers, usually including ONE by Alex Ross.

But, here’s the thing, if you’re going to the expense of having Alex Ross FULLY PAINT your first issue, like that of MASKS #1, why on EARTH would you have 75% of your copies have a NOT ALEX ROSS cover?

Can I tell you that NO CUSTOMER who wants a fully painted Alex Ross comic book is saying “But what would make this better is a cover by Ardian Syaf!”

I’m sure he’s an awesome human, but, seriously, this is one of those multiple cover deals that literally makes NO commercial sense of ANY kind.

Dumb move, Nick.






4 Responses to “ Cover condundrums ”

  1. Brian,

    Speaking of slightly better choices by DC how do you feel about the Justice League / Aquaman event?

    I don’t really follow either property but a tighter and more accessible crossover seems an easier sell for retailers, yes?

    Lastly, is it just me or is this the Johnsian pattern? Seemingly his stuff always starts out as a nice isolated thing and then somewhere along the line it gets turned into a company wide book banner. Anywho, always interested when you let us see what puzzles and befuddles a retailing pro.

    Thanks for posting!

  2. I can only imagine that someone recognized the guy-in-silhouette stuff as a mistake and commissioned that cover to try and make up for it. I mean, seriously? It’s like one of those ideas that makes sense early in the creative process but then hangs on long after its justification has disappeared.


  3. I haven’t been reading Aquaman, but to me, the weird thing about those pages is … it’s Ocean Master. Either you know who he is, or you don’t. If you do know who he is, just putting him in silhouette doesn’t do enough to mask his identity, if that’s what they’re trying to do, because the silhouette of his headgear is pretty distinctive. If you don’t know who he is, well, then you don’t know who he is, whether he’s in silhouette or not.

  4. Haven’t read the issue, but is it possible they changed the design significantly and had to silhouette the entire issue? I mean, that seems really dumb, but it also seems like DC is more than willing to rewrite and change stuff on the fly at the last minute these days…

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