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Graeme Rocks The New Stuff….

Today should be the day the new Onomatopoeia comes out at CE, and as mentioned elsewhere, Mr. McMillan is the new shining star in our smudgy-colored-paper firmament. Graeme covers the New Comics and dispenses such wisdom as “A stay in Rhode Island may be enough for some to retreat into a catatonic state that deadens the mind and kills all creativity, but luckily Ron Rege, Jr. is no mere mortal,” and “[Wolverine: Origins] is supposed to focus on all of Wolverine’s missing years between Origin and his joining the X-Men, which only narrows the focus down to, what, a hundred years or so? However will they make that last?”

It’s exactly the shot of kickapoo joy juice CEO needs as it heads into its eleventh(!) year of publication. If I have any regrets at all, it’s just that there was a snafu and Peter Wong’s column wasn’t printed (we were this close to having three writers for our newsletter!) But other than that, I’m god-damned delighted and hope Graeme enjoyed the gig enough to do many, many more.

Like I said, if you get the chance, you should stop by the store and pick up a copy. It’s fine reading.

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