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Hibbs is doing stuff, honestly (some 3/23 included)

Where have I been this week?

Well, most importantly, I’m waiting for my new computer to arrive — my home machine mostly-died nearly 3 weeks ago, after about a 10-year run, and I can run anything past basic surfing on it, which means that all writing has to be done at work, sheesh — it was scheduled to arrive today, but FedEx ground has, seemingly, lost it….  at least until Monday. *grumble*

Then we have the latest podcast with Comic Book Geek Speak — I very much enjoy talking with those guys, and this is my third go ’round, I think? — which you can find here.

Plus, there’s a new TILTING AT WINDMILLS where I reflect a little on some deaths, and what we living should do about it. Read that here.

Plus, just so I can feel like I’m keeping my goal of one-review-a-week-minimum….

BATMAN INC. #4: What a terrific issue! Much of that is on artist Chris Burnham, who has a really awesome line quality, swinging around in points like the love child of Frank Quitely and JH Williams, while bringing some awesome retro-chops to the flashback sequences. Fast enough artist to do a monthly? I WANTS! I thought this was really VERY GOOD, even if it really is kind of stupid to ship an issue just 2 weeks after the last, especially if #5-12 aren’t going to ship clockwork-monthly.

UNCANNY X-MEN #534: The end of the “Contagion” storyline worked just fine — it is perfectly OK — but, me, I want to comment on the “Bonus Book” bit at the end. I think that IF Marvel thinks they have to price books at $3.99, then putting in an entire other comic book makes that, actually, a fairly good value, and a nice way to cross-promote stuff.  But I have to STRONGLY question the sense in doing a bonus reprinting of an issue #1 for a title that’s currently on issue #11, with no paperback available, or on the immediate horizon.

Even more importantly, I question the wisdom of not telling the retailers about it whatsoever, and not giving us a CHANCE to build something around the marketing. No retailer likes to be taken by surprise!

Anyway, what do YOU think?


3 Responses to “ Hibbs is doing stuff, honestly (some 3/23 included) ”

  1. Another really solid tilting, Brian. Thanks for sharing your story about your friendship with Rory and your other insights. See you in your fine city next week!

  2. Batman Inc 4 was great! Hope he is the ongoing artist for Inc now that he is a dc exclusive.

    Brain – did you read the last issue of the Alan Moore mini?

  3. Regarding your Titlting…I absolutely agree with you the fate of Border’s has more to do with bad business fundamentals and less with a move to digital services. And yeah, the problem with any national chain closing down the local stores is they become the only game in town and when that game’s over, the local area is out of luck for books.

    On a tangent, a friend and I were talking about digital v retail and we both talked about how they seem to be different markets. Like, people who want to own physical product will still want to own physical product and people who want digital product will still want digital product no matter what’s offered.

    So, yeah, I also think Border’s closing has less to do with any digital buying habits and more to do with Border’s bad business fundamentals.

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