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Jeff Gives Notice…

I’ve been putting this off for a couple of days now, hoping to at least piggy-back it on some genuine content, but things have been harried this month and if I don’t do this now, I may not ever.

My last day at Comix Experience is Friday, May 25th, and this month is going to be my last contribution to the store newsletter as well. My first column for the newsletter was issue #37–exactly a hundred issues ago–so that and the big signing last month seemed like perfect high notes to go out on. This also means I won’t be contributing to this blog after the end of the month as well.

Now, comics bloggers retire in the same way that Marvel characters die–it seems more likely than not they’ll be back just as you start to miss them–and I can’t say for certain that won’t be the case here; not only do I enjoy shooting my mouth off about comics, but the work of Graeme and Hibbs always inspires me. However, I have some other things I want to do, and it was getting harder and harder to find the time and energy to devote to them when I was either trying to stay on top of the tremendous amounts of work being done in this medium, or concretize my opinions about that work.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to read my posts, as well as contribute feedback. The rewards for being a critic aren’t numerous, but learning that someone else has found a new favorite book or author thanks to a review I wrote–or simply found amusement in the wisecracks–is priceless.

If you get a chance to stop by the store this Friday or the next, and feel like saying “hi,” please do so. I’m looking forward to ending my tenure as Comix Experience counterguy with as much fun, noise and chit-chat as I experienced for the vast majority of my run there.

There. That wasn’t so hard, was it? So let’s return you now to your regular run of savage criticism…

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