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New Comix Experience website!

In other news, we’ve completed a refresh of the Comix Experience website, which was pretty long overdue, I hate to say.

In addition to it just looking visually fresher, there’s a fair chunk of new content on the site for you to examine — in super-particular I’ve put up an additional 26 Tilting at Windmills, and you can also find a scan of the ultra-rare Comix Experience 5th anniversary magazine, yay!

Spend a few minutes tooling around, let me know what you think?

Much love to my Mom, who did the rebuild! THANKS MOM!



2 Responses to “ New Comix Experience website! ”

  1. “What the Hell …”, “… not fucking-Pokemon-cards.” might be inappropriate on the main page. Same goes for parts of the FAQ, especially the last question (heartless bastard …).
    As you say yourself, it is a business card website.

    “FAQ: Zarthanious isn’t on your staff page any more. Is he dead?”
    Goes nowhere.

    Otherwise it’s looking good/much better.

  2. Hey Brian,

    On your RSS feed it lists every post as having been written by Graeme.

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