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Pricing is only part of the issue, and an examination of the recent Batman clusterfuck, all on CBR. Go read it.


3 Responses to “ New TILTING AT WINDMILLS is up! ”

  1. Wow, that was probably your best Tilting yet.

    I liked how you changed your metaphor of weekly buying from a drug addiction analogy to this:

    “…weekly release cycle, and is predicated on regular weekly customers coming in weekly to buy their comics. Anything that breaks that cycle (or even delays it, with once-weekly customers coming in bi-weekly-or-less-frequently) is a really really bad move.”

    I’m in an entirely different field than comic production. I work as an engineer/project manager at a large cell phone company. However, everything you said about release dates holds true for how we turn on new cell phone towers. We have “release dates” for our cell phone towers that dictate *everything*. Everything from investigating how the RF signals will propagate differently with a new tower to constructing the new tower to building/configuring all the cables to bring the tower on is dictated by hitting the turn on date. I’ve never made a comic book, but I find it highly unlikely producing a superhero comic is any more involved than turning on a new cell phone tower. So, I’m a bit mystified why a release schedule can’t be set and delivered upon at least 95% of the time. (I’ll even concede delivery dates being missed 5% of the time due to constraints outside human control.)

  2. Maybe Bob Harras will whip them into line at DC.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree — another great TILTING. One more example of production problems: surprise artist changes. Again, a good example is Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #5. We waited 11 weeks for an issue by Ryan Sook, but he didn’t even finish it. Does DC editorial not know that he’s a slow artist? Why is he drawing covers for Brightest Day when he doesn’t have enough time to finish the interior pages of one book?

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