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New Tilting at Windmills is up!

You can find it on Comic Book Resources!


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  1. One point that occurs to me, and it’s probably one that’s been brought up at an earlier point that I just missed, is that a transition to digital may remove some of the urgency that a portion of the DM buyers feel to buy comics, or even collected editions, shortly after their release. When a new comic comes out and I see it in the store, then it’s often easier to buy it then and there so as not to worry about being able to find it later. In a world where all of these books are digital, then that will no longer be a concern and I will have no trepidation about delaying most of my purchases until a later, “more convenient” date. In this new model, as you pointed out in the article, it’s impossible for the publisher to know exactly when those purchases will now take place. On the weekend? The end of the month? The end of the year? And of course, following the familiar drug-pusher analogy, there are those who, after their habit and routine have been broken, will realize that they don’t really “need” some percentage of their current usual purchases.

    Additionally, I wonder if this (possible) trend would result in the acceleration of the current pattern in which more and more people gravitate to the “hottest, most talked about” titles at the expense of those that are “not as important” and whose purchase can more easily be delayed to some future date. It would be incredibly ironic imo if, after finally moving to digital, the output of the major publishers were to become even more homogenized then it currently is.

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