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New TILTING is up!

At Comic Book Resources, as usual. If you can’t bear to comment there, we have this forum.

I’m actually a little surprised at just how positive the CBR commentary has all been — where are the internet trolls? I guess they simply haven’t woken yet today!

Anyway, go find out about DC #2s, B&N, and why Comix Experience won’t be racking AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #1.


14 Responses to “ New TILTING is up! ”

  1. Don’t worry, the trolls are fine. They just prefer playing over at Mr. Graeme McMillan’s pad.

    Good stuff. Good reading. Making a stand? Good man. Then you go to Thomas Jefferson in the comments? Awesome. Plenty to mull over as usual. Cheers!

  2. Your experience with sales drops for some 2nd issues makes a lot of sense and was probably unavoidable when you launch 52 new books and immediate follow with stand alone limited series. I’ve had to pass on some 2nd issues soley for financial reasons.


  3. A few comments:
    – I have always assumed that the whole ‘New 52’ thing (as opposed to, say, the ‘New 22’ or something), was an exercise in throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks. In other words, I assume that DC knows full well that, what, half (let’s say?) of the new titles will be dead in less than 12 months and they’ll be left with the winners. Their problem is that they can’t pick the winners a priori, so they try this ‘throw shit at the wall’ strategy. Makes plenty of sense from a business perspective. (Even from a creative perspective, really.)

    – You’re right that the ‘New 52’ brand has to go away sooner or later. I actually thought it would be gone with month 2 and was personally surprised to see the ‘New 52’ logo still on the #2 books. Curious how long it will take to drop it, and what line-wide branding will replace it (if any). (Incidentally, that’s the same reason I always thought it was stupid to call a book “The New Mutants”. I mean, at some point they’re not going to be ‘new’ anymore, right? Isn’t that the goal?)

    – I hate poly-bagged comics and will never buy them. Unless they’re, like, the lost Claremont-Byrne issue of Uncanny X-Men or something… I also have zero interest in digital comics. But I’m old. Maybe if they were “Still Only 25 Cents!” I’d give them a shot…

  4. Brian, what are your thoughts regarding Marvel’s decision to provide all retailers with an additional 100% of their orders for “Point One” at no additional cost (except shipping)? Marvel’s reason for this is allegedly “to ensure all retailers have enough stock”.

    It sounds like “Point One” is really a promotional comic (that will contain intros to new books) that should be given away for free or at minimal cost anyway.

  5. Totally tangential, but
    “I really have little interest in titles (from any company, mind) that I’m selling 10 copies or less of”
    I’ve heard you say similar things repeatedly, and Hawk & Dove is an especially curious example to make that point. Surely you’re fine with providing customers with that particular interest with the stuff they want and at the same time, the appeal is limited. Still, as near as I can tell, reliable subs on one title have no inherent advantage over another title having that many subs in addition. Sure, overhead would be cheaper and it would trickle down, but then again, without something that caters to their particular taste, those reliable H&D subbbers might not be there.
    In other words, sure, flooding the marked, throwing shit at the wall, those are bad moves. But offering something “special interest”, I don’t see what’s wrong with that. Stable niche demand, or – in the case of indy comics – artistic aspiration seem to be crucial moderators. No?

  6. Posted this over at CBR, but figured I comment here more often. On the topic of digital-thingies…


    Talking personally?

    I’m buying all my DC books digital, as I really haven’t room in the house for more comics. If there was a digital code in the DC books for a digital copy, I’d buy them in the shop, then give away the issues.*

    It means I don’t have to choose between having the physical artifact (and its intrinsic merits) and the digital artifact (and its own, separate merits).

    As a consumer, digital codes in issues would be my preferred buying format.

    Talking personally.


    *Or, at least, the issues I don’t want to have physically.

  7. I’m with Kieron on this one (though I’ve been buying my DC books directly from CE to support the shop).

    Digital codes in issues would be my preferred buying format so I can continue to support brick & mortar, but actually live in a home that doesn’t look like a warehouse.

  8. Hey, carry what you want. It’s your right as a merchant in a free trade system to stock what you are comfortable selling and not stocking what you’re not comfortable selling.

    I’m not surprised some titles are selling more than they used to. I’m not surprised some titles are dying. My interest is in watching how many of the new subscription customers keep picking up their books 6 months from now. And really, this whole thing won’t benefit comics on the whole unless some dollars move to creator owned work, especially from companies not named Marvel or DC.

    All the same, I’m *really* happy Jeff Lemire is getting some well deserved attention. Hopefully some of the new audience finds his creator owned work as well.

  9. Robert G:

    Were I Marvel I would have done something more like what DC did with COUNTDOWN TO INFINITE CRISIS, which was an 80 page preview issue for an entire dollar.


    The problem is that increasing percentages of Marvel and DC’s lines are becoming “of special interest” titles — the amount of profit that a 3 copy subs-only book brings in, relative to my rent, employee costs, taxes, etc etc is not enough to justify a large number of titles like that. One or two or three? Fine — but when you’re looking at large swathes of the output of the “big two” being marginal-audience titles, then it becomes a case of Running to Stand Still, y’know?


  10. The DC 80 pages for a dollar comic was ‘Brave New World’ (IIRC) that showcased the books spinning out of ‘Infinite Crisis’ and setting the table for ‘Final Crisis’.

    Picking of Nits aside, I’ll still probably pick up ‘.1’ for fear of missing out on something good, though Marvel’s continued random page counts for $3.99 exasperates me.

  11. “when you’re looking at large swathes of the output of the “big two” being marginal-audience titles”

    Marginal-audience entertainment is not just a problem in comics. It’s also present in TV. Over on Ken Levine’s site (the TV writer not the Bioshock guy), he recently put up a post gushing about the new Showtime program HOMELAND while snarking all over USA Network’s COVERT AFFAIRS. It wasn’t that he said CA was a crappy show, merely that it was light melodrama and therefore inherently inferior to the more serious drama of HOMELAND. The problem is that the light melodrama gets about 4 times the audience of the serious drama. Or you could look at the recent dustup over on AMC where the network’s decision to throw money at MAD MEN has apparently led to budget cuts at THE WALKING DEAD, even though TWD beats MM in the ratings like a red headed mule.


  12. brian ,
    I know you hate discounting, but the retailers in our area (east PA and NJ ) seem to be really aggressive with the new 52.
    One retailer has a deal for anyone buying all of the nu52 issues for the 1st year, each month you pay for 40 and then you receive 12 for free
    He tells me he is at 100+ sign-ups for this deal

    Another store has the deal you pay $1400 ($350 due for each quarter)-and you receive all 52 bks each month
    he said he is at 40+ sign-ups

    Another store , you pay for all 52 each month and you receive all issues of the new DCU mini’s each month for free (i think there were 5 or 6 titles the 1st month , he said this was a great way to move the mini’s ++ the word of mouth this generates in his store has people buying the mini’s , esp Shade and Penguin)
    He stated he has 30+ sign-ups , but expects this to grow , esp in months when the buyer will receive 10+ free comics )

    There are other deals around , but these 3 seem to be the best value in our area.

    your thoughts?

  13. My thoughts is that discounting is a mug’s game.



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