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New Tilting is up!

Brian Hibbs

You can read the latest right here, as I talk about FCBD, changes at DC Entertainment, Diamond’s breaking street date, and some bits on digital.

I’m a little behind on writing reviews (as I pretty much haven’t read any comics yet this week [it’s been hectic], but I expect I’ll get something up BEFORE the next batch arrives, just watch me!


6 Responses to “ New Tilting is up! ”

  1. How does Atomic Robo sell for you in collections? Or does it similarly not sell well?

  2. I’m at home today, so I don’t know how factual this is, but my recollection is the trades turn *just* enough to keep them on the rack… but not really make a profit.


  3. I love how different stores in our business can be from each other! I have double digit subs on Atomic Robo, and sell at least one copy a month off the rack to a new reader. The TPs move steadily for me as well (as long as Diamond keeps them in stock…).

    How has Stuff of Legend done for you? That’s another title that got its initial push via FCBD. The issues do poorly for me, but the collections move enough for me to stock them 2-3 deep.

  4. In the comments, you mention that FCBD comics cannot be preordered for specific customers in store. Is there any reason why?

  5. Preordered and SOLD (even at cost) is the prohibition.

    I think most stores are uninterested in doing a bunch of tracking and labor without any direct renumeration, and the idea of having your FCBD books held for you is very much against the intent of the event bringing you in on that day.


  6. Weird, because at various internet preorder comic sites, I think you can preorder the FCBD stuff for a nominal amount.

    But I’d also think, if you have a pull list for, say, Atomic Robo, that it wouldn’t be too hard to order extra and pull the AR FCBD book for them. I know, I know, Atomic Robo doesn’t sell, but I just read the article and it’s stuck in my head.

    Anyway, great column as always.

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