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New Tilting up

Geez, forgot to link this, didn’t I? Been some crazy weeks….





4 Responses to “ New Tilting up ”

  1. Let’s see if this link is clickable:


  2. Why, is that…optimism I spy?
    (Good reading as ever, cheers.)

  3. I had the same reaction JohnK. In spite of some criticism of this and that, this is mostly an upbeat piece about good news! And as Brian points out in his column, the problems of managing growth are sure nicer to have than the problems of managing decline!

    I’m so used to these columns being about how the comics industry is doomed that I thought I was in some weird parallel universe. Maybe I am… Hey! Do the Star Wars prequels still suck in this reality?

  4. Yes. Yes, they do.


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