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Scott Pilgrim v6 release party: teh awesome!

Well, we didn’t have 2000 (!) people like The Beguiling did, but I’m going to go ahead and call our SP6 Midnight Release a pretty epic success. From the moment we opened the doors back up at 10 PM, we were literally wall-to-wall people, which utterly shocked me. I was sort of thinking we might have 20-30 people show up (It’s a Monday night, fer cryin’ out loud!), and we somewhere between 3 and 4 times that, instead.

SP6 leaped to the #1 best-selling book of 2010 so far, in 25 minutes of selling it — crazy!!

If I had known there would be THAT many people showing, I would have done things a little differently — like I would have “pre sold” the book, so people could have just picked up their copy at 12:01, instead of having to wait to buy it… but virtually everyone was amazingly cool about the line, so I guess we didn’t suck too hard.

All of my pictures came out way blurry (Drinking and shooting doesn’t seem to work), so I’ve shamelessly ganked this pic from Awesome UbiSoft point-person Claudia Ng’s Twitter (thanks Claudia for giving up her night to demo the SP game, shipping next month — sweet sweet game!)

I want to thank everyone who showed up to join in the fun, everyone who brought beer and drinks to share, and our partners — the Cardboard Tube Fighting League, Alliance Media for the Scott Pilgrim movie tickets (we’re hoping to have another round of them later in the week), Ubisoft for bringing the Scott Pilgrim Video Game, Jesse Spencer for the loan of his television, and my amazing staff, Matt and Carissa, for all of their help.

And thank YOU for coming, if you did, because you’re teh awesome!!!


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  1. Seriously big ups to you, Matt, and Carissa for pulling that off. That was a huge, huge night and my only two regrets were not being able to spend more time talking to all the amazing people there, and not being able to spend more time playing the video game beating people up as Kim Pine. The game is fantastic.

    Also, I just finished Vol. 6 and I’m surprised how satisfying it is. It’s just astonishingly good.

  2. I haven’t read SCOTT PILGRIM. Is misspelling the word “the” a reference to it?

  3. thanks to you guys for the great release party / SP vidya game / beer

    and thanks to scott pilgrim for helping me discover my new favorite comic book store in SF! you guys wuz good people. i was the guy that got the superman returns collection, if it rings a bell.

    you guys rock!

  4. Out of curiosity, how many copies of v6 did you sell? I’d be interested in hearing how many sell within the first week too.

  5. Hey, I KNOW I came out blurry.

    Post the pictures anyway!

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