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Staggeringly Epic, part 2

Brian Hibbs

Just because I’m not seeing anything on any of the News sites, let’s print out today’s news release:



Due to a production shortage, DC Entertainment announces an update on allocations to these Villains Month 3-D Motion Cover issues:

Batman #23.4: Bane (JUL130188) will ship at approximately 93% of your previous allocation.

Batman/Superman #3.1: Doomsday (JUL130184) will ship at approximately 84% of your previous allocation.

Superman #23.4: Parasite (JUL130183) will ship at approximately 90% of your previous allocation.

All three of these issues are scheduled to arrive in stores on September 25.

As a reminder, the standard editions of these titles are available for advance reorder



If you don’t speak retailer, that says that three of the final 12 Villains Month comics will have a second, additional allocation on top of the first one.  If you’ve got speculators chumming for books locally, they’ll be chumming for those even more.

Too bad if you dropped your top level orders down to keep quantities even — your not even going to get 100% of what we told you you were, hooray! So much for planning!



12 Responses to “ Staggeringly Epic, part 2 ”

  1. Yeah, I kinda think DC dropped the ball on this one too. Not even getting into the allocation/scheduling snafu, but just talking about the books themselves. I love the covers on the books, and I will commend them for making me actually buy a DC book for the first time in years. But the interiors are just bad. Bad writing, mediocre art.

    There is nothing in these stories that makes me want to pick up a DC book outside of this event. (One exception – I do want to read more about the Court of Owls/Batman storyline, with which I was not familiar with before this event.) You spend all of the effort to make me pick up a DC book and you give me fill-in writers and artists? Dumb, dumb, dumb.

    Of course, sales are through the roof and DC will get the wrong message on all of this, and Marvel won’t be far behind, I am sure……

  2. The creation of the Direct Market is one of the wonders of the business world and a tribute to the awesome power of comics to inspire insane levels of devotion from fans. Sadly, Our Corporate Overlords just love killing such wonders.


  3. There’s also the possibility that DC is being generous with their estimations for how much retailers are being allocated. When they originally announced the allocations a month ago, they said 50%-90%, which for some retailers was WAY off the mark.

  4. It’s possible, Corey, but we do have our invoices on hand already (which is why, I guess, they put out the PR, since they *had* to have known this before Monday), and I suspect in this case it is a programmatic allocation by Diamond’s regular policies, rather than the entirely weird way they handled the previous allocation.


  5. also missing from the news sites—or this one—is any follow up on how DC’s swful handling of these allocations has negatively impacted their business. anything you can report on this, brian?

  6. I knew DC couldn’t make 14 days on the Hasdcdonesomethingstupidtoday counter! I know corporations make stupid mistakes, but DC seems almost bound and determined to kill their market. One of these days, DC will finally burn retailers so badly, they’ll kill it.

  7. Hasn’t this been blown out of proportion?

    I go to the comic shop once a month. I went today and if I so desired I could get a 3-d copy of everything released in the last two weeks.

    My pull list had a 3-D copy of everything even though I didn’t ask for any(and some of the titles I only started subscribing a week before release).

    Or has the Uk just been lucky in getting large allocations(?).

  8. Dave,
    My total allocation works out to us getting about 48% of what we actually ordered. On one title the actual amount we got equaled 8% of our order, which didn’t even cover subscribers.

    I strongly suspect that Diamond’s bigger accounts like got a higher % of what they ordered, and smaller accounts got a lower %.

  9. See, if I was in charge of allocations, I’d make damn sure the guy who organized a class action lawsuit against my lead competitor for not living up to their solicits got every single damn last thing he ordered, plus a box of bon-bons.

  10. Re Brian Jacoby

    You maybe right as i buy my comics from 2 large stores in London and they had loads of copies on the shelves.

    The penguin ones in particular it either had a very large printing or no one was buying as they had tons of them on the shelves in both stores.

  11. WHY does DC AVOID buying the rights to TANK GIRL??!? TANK GIRL ODYSSEY is fantastic, for instance.

  12. DocK for the WIN. Well said, sir.

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