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The newest Tilting….

Showing you just how busy I’ve been this week, I’m just getting to linking this now.  http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=35526 How sad is that?

Comment here if you’re not up for CBR commentary.


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  1. YAY! I was waiting all day to comment on here! I can’t stand the CBR crowd and that discussion is going nowhere good.

    I’m surprised the DC New 52 books have been holding up so well. I thought the 3rd month would see the loss of enthusiasm. Although I do agree with Marc Oliver at the Beat that the sales so far have shown a fully potent DM and not the signs of a great number of potential new readers in the world.

    I think the problem with the Hulk #2 thing is who messed up, Marvel or Comixology? Neither is going to point a finger at the other in public and while it sucks for retailers, it’s the way it is until another Comixology pops up.

    I thought your way of selling Avenging Spider-man was pretty fair, but it looks like you’re up against it with the Ultimate comics. I don’t get it either. I mean, I understand Marvel wanting to fish where the fish are, but it seems these fish aren’t biting. I imagine if someone buys a print comic it’s because they want a print comic. I love digital comics and I’m buying very few print ones. I don’t even want the print comic for free and I can’t imagine I’m alone.

  2. Sounds sensible enough to me. You might want to linkify your url there too.

  3. Brian’s report on the DCnU is pretty close to what local retailers (tri-state area NJ/NY/ePA) are telling me. Real strong hold for the #3 issues , and people still are adding them to their reserves. A couple of retailers have told me that we may actually be seeing the changing of the guard in the DM. DC may have finally overtaken Marvel , though with Marvel pumping out 30-40 more books each month (+ the extra $1 cost on their books) , the gross $ number may not reflect that, but the per title average for DC will be stronger.

  4. The Marvel Ultimate Line, number 1 issues, were all poly bagged not because of digital codes or some great event (i.e., temporary death of a character) but because of some limited edition signed copy of the comic by Stan Lee, etc.

    That really makes me wonder why they are again resorting to Polly bagging the Ultimate line again. Most likely as a gimmicky way to boost sales.

    I refuse to buy a book I can’t first peruse. It makes me wonder what crap Marvel is hiding in that poly bag? What are they ashamed of? A poorly written story? Atrocious art? A lesser page count?

    Poly bagging these comics will definitely make me hold out for the trade (which I would imagine they wouldn’t have the balls to poly bag), assuming I don’t lose interest in the interim.

    I’m suspicious of Marvel’s actions. I don’t believe for one second any of this is being done to benefit the consumer, so much as Marvel’s (i.e., Ike Perlmutter’s) bottom line.

    And I’m not buying the “added value” argument because adding a digital copy of a comic I just purchased in hard copy seems pointless. If I wanted digital, I would go online and seek it out.

    Hold the line Brian.

  5. The impression I am left with, is that someone high up in Marvel marketing has a lot of time and money invested in promoting poly bags. Maybe they did some polling or social and cultural research and came to the conclusion that poly bags sell.

    Or maybe someone high in the company owns some stock in a poly bag producing company and this is a synergistic way of making an extra buck.

  6. “A couple of retailers have told me that we may actually be seeing the changing of the guard in the DM. DC may have finally overtaken Marvel”

    Quesada and company drove me away after a couple of decades being a Marvel Zombie, but I’ll give them their due. They came in and connected with the existing comic audience of the 00s. But it’s been pretty clear for a while that those guys think they’re the last riders on a train bound for nowhere. I don’t think any of them have the slightest inkling how to appeal to anyone outside the comic shop ghetto and I don’t think they really want to try. They’re just burning through readers until it’s all gone. Whatever the results, the New 52 is the product of people who want their to be a comic industry that lasts longer than they do.


  7. @ MBunge: “They’re just burning through readers until it’s all gone. Whatever the results, the New 52 is the product of people who want their to be a comic industry that lasts longer than they do.”

    You beautifully encapsulate something I’ve been feeling for a while. I like, hell love, many of the Marvel characters and always *think* I’m still about 50/50 in buying. Until I look at the shipping lists every week, and my eye just skips over the Marvel books which I realize I have no interest in.

    There is a requirement for structural change, but that never comes from the market leader, does it?

  8. Brian’s article explains the reason for the polybagging: If the book isn’t bagged, anyone can leaf through the book in the store, jot down the digital code, and make it useless to the person who ultimately (no pun intended) buys the book. It may or may not be a good idea on balance, but it’s not some conspiracy to hide the content or to sell polybags.

  9. I believe the addition of a digital code with the physical comic has nothing to do with “value added” or justifying the $3.99 price. I think it’s all about trying to slowly change readers’ habits. Someone who normally would have no interest in paying to download a digital comic may do so if it costs them nothing, and if they do it often enough it is reasonable to assume that eventually they will convert and begin paying for digital.

  10. Stuart Moore missed the joke and seems to have forgotten the 90’s!

    Polybags are just a bad idea – they reduce comics to collectible, putting the contents of the book a firm second to marketing gimmicks.

    There’s a bunch of ways they could do it without bagging up the content, but that gives the rider the chance to browse and pull out, and doesn’t make some people feel the need to buy two copies.

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