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Tilting #219 is up

Brian Hibbs

You can, as always, read it at Comic Book Resources.  Feel free to comment here, if you like.

Spurgeon got what I was trying to say; somewhat predictably the readers at CBR seem to have not.



9 Responses to “ Tilting #219 is up ”

  1. Hey, I’m really sorry that happened to you (all of you Retail fellows). That must have felt like a real smack in the face.

    The problem with business jackasses like these lying dudes is they think they are business geniuses; not realising that the reason no one before them acted like they do (in bad faith) was because those other people were intelligent enough to understand about consequences. Y’know, The Long Term. I don’t have much schoolin’ but I hear it’s a real thing and everything!

    The solipsistic clowns that infect the business world today think Trust is a joke or something. Problem is they’ll keep up this bad behaviour until it is no longer tenable; y’know, like little children – until they can longer get away with it. In business that’s usually disastrous for real people. Not that these winners give a good hard sh*t about anyone else. Dang, I’m all riled up now, gonna go have a sit down and think about HVC or something. Again, my sympathies.

    (Also, if I could earn 6 figures doing something else – I would do that thing. Unless I had to show my gristly bits on film or something. Then we’d need at least 7 figures. I have my pride.)


  2. Brian, while I completely sympathesize with your outrage, aren’t you being just a tad dramatic for effect? How do you know you we’re being lied to? That suggests malicious intent to knowingly deceive you. But all we really know is that you were told one thing by some corporate stooge a while back, and now the corporation has later taken a contradictory action without giving you advance notice. Things change. That doesn’t mean anyone is trying to intentionally screw over retailers. A rant-worthy offense, yes, but that doesn’t logically lead to the conclusion that you were victimized, does it?

    I also find it hard to believe that a few hours makes so much difference that your customers (who shop at your store for the friendly community and the convenience of flipping through physical comics, or else they’d just mailorder them) would give up your store to find out some oh-so-important spoiler that they could’ve just read on the Interwebs without buying anything. There are greater injustices.

    Like the injustice of Warner Bros & Disney squeezing your customer base with high prices, double shipping, meaningless events and perpetual reboots until they break. Honestly, that’s what’s been driving *me* to digital. I can wait for Comixology’s eventual 99 cent sale and delete the thing after I’ve been entertained. Keeping up-to-the-minute track of continuity and collecting yellowing pamphlets no longer holds value for me.

  3. When I first heard about this, I had two thoughts, in this order:

    1) Wow, DC totally just broke the promise they made to retailers on that big electric kool-aid bus trip they did last year.

    2) I wonder what Mr. Brian’s thoughts on this are?

    I totally understand your anger and I agree. It’s a very, very shitty thing they did by saying, essentially, “You are our guys. We’ll never hurt you by giving our digital sales priority and selling them early. We’ll do our best to make sure print’s on sale first, then digital.” And now they’re doing exactly that.

    I know I’m kinda an anti-Marvel/DC-comic-shop-stock-dominance guy, but I’m also a guy who’s sick of corporate lies. I work for a multi-national corporation that lies to its customers and employees every day and I get to see the reality behind the curtain more than is healthy. It seems to be the same with every company – lie to everyone inside and out and only think about today’s profits.

    I think the worst thing that could have happened to comics was DM stores becoming the only place Marvel and DC comics could realistically be bought because that lead to too many stores who depend on Marvel and/or DC to exist. That means Marvel and DC have people putting up their own money to prop up their publishing and sales and Marvel and DC don’t have to put a penny into either. But you know someone is looking at it thinking, “Why should we even spend money printing and shipping these things if suckers will pay the same cover price for digital files?”

    I’m completely waiting for the day Marvel and DC decide to outsource all the content to writers and artists to whatever company has the cheapest prices. And then changing creative teams based on those prices.

    I know neither Disney or WB cares about retailers, comic as a craft, or the contents of the comics they publish. I’m sure there are some people at Marvel and DC who do, but they’ll eventually move on.

    I think your wise to start thinking about doubling down on companies and creators who care about the comics they make and the comic ecosystem. There are a lot of comic creators and comic companies that care a LOT about you and your retailer colleagues.

  4. Should we all throw in some money to get Hibbs a ticket to the next comic awards, so he can take to the stage and rip up a photo of Bob Wayne?

  5. “And now they’re doing exactly that,” should read as, “now they’re doing the exact opposite.” Never post with a migraine, boys and girls.

  6. @Ben Lipman:

    No. I still very much love Bob Wayne. I don’t put this on him.


  7. “…it stars a character that is, in fact, an active object of derision amongst the DC customer base”

    Hey, why chu gots to be dissin’ on Vibe, amigo?

  8. Goddammit! and/or Fiscal Cliff!

    Deepest sympathies Hibbs.

    Corporate blues. Sign of the times, no?

    Seriously, thanks for taking the time to share.

  9. I, too, have always been a DC guy at heart, and a big reason for that was guys like Dick Giordano and Paul Levitz. Even as an adolescent in the early ’80s I had the sense that DC had the long-term health of the industry at heart much more then Marvel, which certainly proved true in the next decade. But the changes that DC has made, pushing out the old guard and trampling on everything they seemed to value, are hugely distressing. I can’t say I’m a DC guy any more, and that’s really quite sad.

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