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Tilting #222 is live!

It has been a little while, but here’s a new TILTING AT WINDMILLS, wherein we show the inherent value of conflict!

Not a single comment in the CBR thread, gotta love it!


4 Responses to “ Tilting #222 is live! ”

  1. I just noticed this column link; it’s practically lost in all the awesome Abhay content.

    It’s soooooo awesome to hear comic sales are truly up! There’s just so much good news in there! I was thinking…my big complaint about MoCCA was too many people in the aisles, but that’s also awesome! I mean, we all love comics, so it couldn’t be happier news that things are going well.

    My one question, and I always wonder this, is the 20%ish increase dollar sales or unit sales? Either is good, but if it is dollar sales, do you happen to know what the unit increase is? I’m always curious about that….

  2. From Comic Chronicles (John Jackson Miller’s site), right on the front page — http://www.comichron.com/

    2013 Year-to-Date Comics Shop Orders (estimated Diamond sales through MARCH)
    Single copy sales: +18.62%
    Single copy sales (dollars): +21.38%

    So, there it is both ways….


    Trade paperbacks and graphic novels: +16.22%
    Overall sales to shops: around $121.94 million up 19.78%

    So, that “20%” is actually dollars, both books and comics. JJ isn’t explicit, but following his other presentation, I will assume that the +16.22% for TPs is also a DOLLARS calculation (because, frankly, a pieces calculation for TPs is slightly less useful outside of title-by-title)


  3. Yes, good to hear that stores are doing well. And color me surprised that it doesn’t solely reflect the inflated comic prices.

    I hadn’t heard about your consulting business until i saw the link in the column, so if you want to make that a little more obvious for those readers who might be interested in it, please push it here a little more explicitly!

  4. Oh wow, so it’s an increase in dollar AND unit sales?? That’s AWESOME! I feel like we need a parade for that! I don’t have much else to say, but I would love to hear that kind of news more often!

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