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Tilting #258 is up

Variants are slowly crushing the comics industry, and there’s a dirty little secret…

Go give it a read on The Beat!

Tilting at Windmills #258: The dirty secret about variants no one talks about

2 Responses to “ Tilting #258 is up ”

  1. I’m listening to the video, and the takeaway seems to be:
    1) Open a teeny-tiny store
    2) Stock it with nothing but Saga trades.

  2. My LCS still uses Comixology for pull lists — which has a bunch of negatives unrelated to this discussion. As somebody who goes through the whole month of stuff on Previews, and who sometimes works through the entire weekly list, the sheer quantity is baffling and confusing as a CONSUMER.

    And I’m regularly stunned by the low numbers of overall orders… on the Comixology pull list, it shows how many pulls are in the system for various titles. WALKING DEAD and SAGA are usually in the high 5000s, BATMAN in the high 3000s, while a lot of the more offbeat titles I reserve will be in single digits. The proliferation of variant covers gets even more confusing as a consumer — sometimes the variant covers don’t even all show up in the same week. And on the pull list, there’s no indication of how “rare” a particular cover is — whether it’s “OTB” to the LCS, or gated. So there are sometimes cases where I “pull” a variant that never shows up in the store, or I’m faced with sticker shock at the markup. Or I don’t end up getting the issue pulled at all when it’s a title I normally follow; or, alternately, I’m presented with the “regular” cover for a title that I was only picking it up because the alt. cover was by an artist I collect. I know my LCS is doing its best to make the customers happy, but I have a little bit of an idea of how much extra time they waste dealing with the mixups in my pull list, and I wonder how that time adds up across the whole weekly order.

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