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Well, Look Who Got Quoted in the New York Times…

NYT: “So Far, Sales for New DC Comics Are Super”

Although he’s not saying anything regular readers will find new, I’m linking it since he may end up being too modest or too forgetful to do so.

Congratulations, Mr. Hibbs! Please remember to use this as a crucial point in your “don’t you know who I am?” argument the next time you’re in New York and trying to bum rush a showing of The Book of Mormon…

4 Responses to “ Well, Look Who Got Quoted in the New York Times… ”

  1. Hm, what? Is this some sort of a Thing or something?


  2. Though, actually? The Best Part? I liked that they linked to the INDEX of my column, rather than the column itself — that made me feel pretty awesome, yes.


  3. Nice. And deserved.

  4. Did they edit out the bit where Brian Hibbs then said “Dan Didio is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.” before karate chopping a PC and yelling about how “Howdya like them apples, huh, Digital? Huh?” Happy Brian Hibbs is awesome!

    That’s really pretty sweet, kudos. And I hope the good spirits and sales continue!

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