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Abhay Khosla

KIRBY: GENESIS #1, by Kurt Busiek, Alex Ross, Jack Herbert, Vinicius Andrade, Simon Bowland, with characters created by Jack Kirby, published by Dynamite Comics.

This was just an impulse buy for me.  I think there was a #0 issue before it, but I didn’t buy that. I don’t really know what the deal is with this series– I didn’t read any interviews or promotional materials for it; I kinda knew that the pitch was “Kurt Busiek writing about unused Jack Kirby characters“, but that was much as I knew– or heck, still know. I haven’t even listened to the new WAIT, HELLO– IS IT ME YOU’RE LOOKING FOR? podcast where it’s apparently discussed.

I just remember liking a comic with that same “Busiek writes Unused Kirby” premise that he and Keith Giffen had done for Topps’s Kirbyverse, called VICTORY. Do you remember the Kirbyverse crossover VICTORY? It’s understandable if you don’t. Only one issue came out, with a cover date of June 1994.

(Tangent– The Topps Kirbyverse was one of a dozen “superhero universes” launched a week after the success of Image and Valiant, and a week before the entire market went completely to shit.  The Topps Kirbyverse, the Milestone universe, Dark Horse’s Comics Greatest World, the Malibu Ultraverse, Bart Sears’s Brutes & Babes-verse, the Quesada-Palmiotti ASH-verse, the second (and better!) Fabian Nicieza-edited Valiant universe i.e. the Birthquake-verse; there was one “universe” that I always wonder if I made up, that I can’t find any hint of on google, where all the superheros got their powers from a lottery…?  There were more superhero universes launched in the 90’s than human memory can hold.

Everyone who works in comics now is hellbent on bringing the 90’s back– crossovers, title gluts, gimmick character deaths, gimmick costume changes. But who will stand up and say “I shall be the hero who brings the Brutes & Babes-verse back to comics.” I feel like when that person rises up from our midst, it’s going to be a lot like the final chapter of Frank Herbert’s DUNE.)

Having not read the promotional materials, I don’t know if VICTORY and KIRBY: GENESIS are linked in any way– though there is this Busiek quote from the Wikipedia entry on the Topps series: “Victory was a crossover, bringing together all the established Kirbyverse characters and reintroducing Captain Victory.”  Consistent therewith, KIRBY: GENESIS #1 flashes an array of Jack Kirby characters, 99% of whom I didn’t recognize, until finally con