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Choose Your Own Review Adventure, Or Something

Here’s an idea that may seem like a ridiculously bad one in, oh, two seconds or so. But when has that stopped me before? I’m a big fan of the Multnomah County Library, here in Portland. It’s a great library set-up, with an amazing selection of books, zines and comics to choose from (Something that I like to make Jeff Lester jealous of whenever possible) and, through the library, I’ve managed to catch up on all manner of comics I’d never quite gotten around to reading first time out.

So, there I was this morning, looking to order some new books, and I thought: What would Savage Critic readers want me to review? Hence, this potentially bad idea: Go look at the selection the Multnomah library has, then tell me what you’d like me to read and write about here at SavCritics. You can leave suggestions in comments below, or if you’re more shy, email me at Graeme at Savage Critic dot com. Who says this isn’t the era of interactive comic review websiting?

18 Responses to “ Choose Your Own Review Adventure, Or Something ”

  1. I almost feel bad for some of this but..

    Sky Doll
    Ambush Bog Showcase edition

  2. Shakespeare’s The Tempest: the manga version (ISBN-10 0810994763)
    Available at 10 branch locations. Wow

  3. Sorry to slip into editor mode, but I think your last line should properly read: “Who SAYS this ain’t the Savage Critics Age of Interactive Comic Review Websitin’?”

  4. Optional: “Sheesh”

  5. Wotta revoltin’ development.

  6. Do an ensemble manga like Maison Ikkoku or Love Hina, but approach it from the perspective of someone who grew up watching late ’70’s British sitcoms. Even the bad ones.

    (totally serious :) )


  7. I’ll second the Ambush Bug – that series hasn’t gotten near enough critical scrutiny.

  8. Two suggestions, neither of them all that new, but still:

    Sebastian O

  9. Randomly chosen, but:
    Mike Carey’s Faker.

  10. -Warren Ellis … Orbiter or Ocean or Fell or Planetary

    -Scalped (any volume)

    -JSA The Golden Age (James Robinson)

    -Hard Looks: Adapted Stories, Andrew Vachss (Dark Horse)

    -Comic Book Tattoo: Narrative art inspired by music of Tori Amos

    -Vixen or Air by G. Willow Wilson

  11. Something by Rob Liefeld. Multiple things, if available.

  12. Curses by Kevin Huizenga
    The Fountain by Darren Aronofsky
    Ronin by Frank Miller
    and then Cry for Justice. they have 6 on order.

  13. this is fun!

    I’d like to see a review of the Image GN “Stagger Lee”.

  14. I haven’t read this, but it has such a great title: Screw Heaven, When I Die I’m Going To Mars by Shannon Wheeler

  15. Death of Superman
    Ranma 1/2, vol. 1
    City of Light, City of Dark

  16. Read what you want, but make sure you thank your librarian for stocking so many GNs. I would have a lot more disposable income if that was my library.

  17. I see they have RED EYE, BLACK EYE in stock.

  18. […] Library System” idea (Feel free to suggest more books in the comments, by the way. Go here for details on how it works, but use these comments for suggestions so I don’t lose track. I […]

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