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Crazy baby

Brian Hibbs

I’m watching Ben today while Tzipora is off shopping — the kid is a little dynamo, trying to get into little nooks and crannies where he shouldn’t be. There’s only so much baby proofing you can do, and there’s always some place he shouldn’t be. His latest thing is to rip apart the CD collection… which is on a shelf under the TV, abotu 4 feet off the ground. Yet the little terror manages to crawl up there with no real problem.

Quickly, a few more books while I’ve distracted him with some shiny keys!

WALKING DEAD #9: Like I said, I need to cleanse my palate every few shitty comics. Glad I picked this one. Gripping, human story by Kirkman, and fabulous art by Adlard. The book took a quantum leap forward (and it was already really good) when Charlie came on board. That little reaction sequence on the bottom of page 10 is good, chilling comics. Excellent.

Damn, he’s bored with the keys already and is hauling ass into my office trying to rip up this week’s funny books…..

Let’s try this one-handed with the baby in my lap.

EXCALIBUR #3: We keep selling out of this, which surprises me — this is the worst of Claremont’s excesses, with few of the charms. The supporting cast makes “Nudge” from Doom Patrol look like a fully formed character. 3 issues in, and there’s still no real explanation of how (and why!) Mags is back. Poop. Awful.

Ok, Ben is squirming too much, this isn’t working… back later



2 Responses to “ Crazy baby ”

  1. My first child made me want to invest in a voice-recognition system, but then I figured all that would get written was stuff like "No." "Put that down!" "Hey! Leggo of that funnybook!"

    WALKING DEAD continues to be great, primarily because Mr. Kirkman is great at leading with the right and then throwing haymakers with the left.

  2. Simply an unbelievable issue, The Walking Dead #9 was.

    Chris Hunter

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