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Hibbs kicks around some of 3/9/11

Hitting the ground running, too much on my plate… (and I blew too much of my morning by reading those transcripts that Rich posted…)

BOOSTER GOLD #42: It’s looking extremely likely that Booster Gold is going to keep being published at least through issue #50 (though, given sales figures, I really wouldn’t give it a lot of hope past that…), which is pretty amazing when you consider that his first series only lasted 25 issues!

Giffen and DeMatties have mostly been bringing the bwah during their run here, but this issue was fairly serious and straight forward. I was pretty deeply amused by the “tada, time travel!” nature of having last issue’s cliffhanger, and also not letting it derail the book…. but the very nature of time travel completely gutted this issue’s plot/premise.

The cover asks “Who is the Perforated Man?” and on the very first page you meet the character it is BLINDINGLY obvious who it is. I mean, even the first line of dialogue is a big flashing arrow. But the fact that it is who it has to be completely removes any possible jeopardy from the story, since we know enough about the character’s past and future to know that the situation can’t be anything but temporary. (wow, what a tortured sentence that is when I’m trying to write that spoiler-free!)

Add the fact that this is a two-parter (well, at least), I’ll have to go thumbs-down on this issue. Pretty EH on the Savage Scale. It’s too bad, because I’d somehow be crazy pleased if BOOSTER GOLD somehow made it to triple digits…

One other thing to observe is that this month marks the return of the letter pages to the DC line (well, at least on the ones that are actually on schedule! So not in, say BATMAN, INC.), and I’ll say that, no matter what, at least having the “next issue’s cover” back makes the whole experiment a success for this reader. On the other hand, there’s no sense in bringing the page back if all it’s going to be is mindless glowing praise, and direct exhortations to buy other books. I know, I know, it is only month one, and, probably, none of the current DC editors have any real prior experience working on lettercols, but each and every one of them I read this week was utterly weak-sauce and unentertaining.  I’d also use that “in the spotlight” callout to go title-specific with backlist, rather than a line-wide promotion, but that may just be me…

SUPERBOY #5: I’ve been digging this comic way more than I would have ever thought possible — the writing has been fun, and the art pretty swell — but the Kid Flash/Superboy race here really didn’t work for me, because the story made it clear that it wasn’t a race at all — they even stop and sit down for a long conversation in the middle of the book!  Boo, hiss! Also: “Changeling”‘s real name is GAR, not GarTH. Garth is Aqualad Tempest, who, yes, is also a Titan, but is not in this comic book, being dead and all. An editor at DC comics, editing a Titan-related comic book should, you would hope, know that. Sadly EH.

Parenthetically, I finally watched a few episodes of YOUNG JUSTICE, and was really shocked to see that the NEW Aqualad has a completely different origin in the comics and the TV show. What’s the point of trying to tie these different versions together then? Especially when Garth is in the cartoon, too… weird.

TITANS #33: Speaking of Titans… well, this isn’t really Titans, and it’s just ugly and gross on nearly every level, and every month I’m shocked that I still have sub customers for this. I suspect they’re waiting for the comic to go back to being about the Titans, and they don’t want a whole in the numbering when that happens, though I suspect it will be canceled before then, because the franchise really isn’t strong enough to support two titles. This went subs-only at Comix Experience with the third issue of this “new direction” because the second sold ZERO rack copies, and in reading through this before putting it in a subbers box shows me really why that is: this pretty much stinks. There’s the continuation of junkie-Arsenal where it’s clear that no one involved has ever done drugs before, and with 100% less deadcatswing; there’s two disjointed subplots about the Atom and Osiris/Isis that read like they have nothing to do whatsoever with this comic; there’s a “gasp-shock” antagonist reveal that made me go “wait, who is that supposed to be?” instead; and one of the most gratuitously gory endings I’ve seen in a comic in a long time. In short: this book is CRAP.  Also, it features the line of dialogue “Capture them all. With extreme prejudice.” Um. How do you do THAT? By saying “Ching chong! Ching Chong!” while fighting Cheshire? Saying to Arsenal “Great Frog really sucked, and hippies smell?” Seriously? What the fuck?

NEW AVENGERS #10: I found the modern section to be kind of amusing with Susperia’s rants about the Avengers “cheating” and all, and the semi-false jeopardy of Mockingbird’s wound (though, seriously, Dr. Strange can’t teleport her to a hospital directly? Really?), but I don’t see what the flashback stuff had to do with anything, or why I should care whatsoever. Plus it was really hideous, I think even John K (UK) might agree? There were two issues of NewAv about 2-3 months back that were essentially “The Domestic Adventures of Luke and Jessica, co-starring the Avengers”, and I thought THOSE were super-swell issues, but this is pretty overpriced for what they give you, and Bendis has been writing Avengers for what feels like forever, and it has never felt less relevant to me than now. I dunno, I’m old and bitter about comics these days, but I can’t muster anything better than a very low OK for this?

SIGIL #1 (OF 4): I only vaguely remember the CrossGen series (those books all blur to me), but this appears to have nothing whatsover to do with that version? Hm, wiki says the protagonist has the same name, but there’s a gender switch here with a change of venue. It looks like this looks the most (to me) as “Meridian”, actually, but I guess the point is that none of the original version matters at all? Fine. On it’s own merits, this was fairly EH — oddly the “fantasy” sequences seemed fairly clever and strong, but the “real world” stuff just seemed to ring incredibly false to me. Maybe it was the antagonists of the girl gang or whatever. They felt about as real as “Debbie Duck” did way back in STARBRAND. (God, I’m dating myself again, aren’t I?) — there’s just not enough of the setup properly laid out in this first issue to make me want to come back for issue #2, but at least it’s only $2.99, so there’s a plus. EH.

ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN #155 DOSM: Other than “I don’t see HOW this is a ‘prelude’ to ‘Death of Spider-Man’?” and that it has a “This scene never appears in this comic” cover, I quite liked this issue. Nice bits of characterization, and some downright killer art from Chis Samnee. Bagley’s back after this, but seeing Samnee’s work on the book, I’m not sure I want that anymore. So yeah, I liked this, which is nice to leave on an upbeat note: VERY GOOD.

As always: what did YOU think?


11 Responses to “ Hibbs kicks around some of 3/9/11 ”

  1. “Ching Chong! Ching Chong!”???? No fucking way. I have to see that.

  2. No, that was an example of “extreme prejudice”, not something that actually happened!


  3. Those transcripts were quite interesting – I think Evanier’s was most interesting by a long shot.
    The Disney lawyer was really out to shred his ‘expert’ credibility.
    Lee’s was shameful – especially Lee’s equating creating a character to be used over and over with someone ‘creating’ a character in the background.

    Also odd that Lee fully admits that Jack just drew Silver Surfer into a story on his own, when that goes against what he and Thomas seem to be saying about how it worked in the rest of their depositions.

  4. (Me: “Look, honey, I got name checked by (stock footage of elephants charging! Newsreel of an A-Bomb going off!) BRIAN HIBBS!” The Mrs: ”I think you should stop bothering that nice man now.” Sigh.)

    Oh, I always agree with (Doves being released! Elvis “doing” Bossa Nova Baby!) BRIAN HIBBS! To do otherwise would be tantamount to sheer folly. Actually I am enjoying this Day-Glo Puff Pastry phase of HVC’s work because it is telling me exciting new things about myself as a fan and what being a fan involves. If all else fails we could pretend he’s gone all Fort Thunder (that usually works). The colouring doesn’t help either; a harsher man might say Delgado is to Chaykin as Colletta was to Kirby. That would be a harsh man though, wouldn’t it?

    As to content of NA you’re lucky Dr. Strange wasn’t wearing his pants on his head and as to the seemingly tenuous nature of the flashbacks: I know for a fact that a while back HVC was talking about something he had in the works with Bendis (“Oh, peachy”, I thought.). I’d say something ungood happened to that and it’s been folded into NA with all the delicacy and care one might expect. A bit like that time they grafted a human ear onto that mouse. Say, where’d everyone go..?

    I love, love, love Chris Samnee’s work but I’m not buying USM. I’ll keep an eye out though for his future work. Samnee can do drapery! And his people have actual expressionsI Heck, it ain’t all old timey all the timey round here.

    I enjoyed the “extreme predjudice” joke very much indeed. But Brandon’s reaction almost trumped it!

  5. Ugh… who in the comic says that “extreme prejudice” line? Because it’s completely out of whack with how any military or intelligence operative would ever use it, and betrays a complete lack of understanding of the term’s origin and meaning. (“Terminate with extreme prejudice” was a Vietnam era euphemism for execution, which itself was a sick goof on corporate-speak “termination with prejudice,” meaning the person is being fired for cause and will never be re-hired. “Capture with extreme prejudice” doesn’t even make any goddamn sense.)

    Dumb, sloppy writing with all the same faux-gritty as the recent bogus depictions of Arsenal’s “addiction.”

  6. lol, my bad Brian. I realized that today. I looked through it at Midtown. Who on earth is this book aimed at? I got depressed just by skimming it.

  7. Steve D;

    The character who says is it explicitly ex-military.

    No one got the Great Frog reference!!!!


  8. I totally got the Great Frog reference. But I’m so old, I actually read issues of the Teen Titans run before the Wolfman/Perez series.

  9. Brian, it’s not that you’re old and bitter, these are just comics that don’t earn their cover price. It still feels that way to those who are younger and… well, also bitter, I guess…

  10. I’m glad to see you mention Ultimate Spiderman. It seems to be one of those comics that does its thing so consistently that everyone forgets to mention it. It needs to have more off issues so that people remember to hype the great ones!

  11. I hate to be an Internet hater but…
    There … is … no … reason … for … New Avengers … to … exist.
    Seriously. I’m actually enjoying Bendis’ real Avengers because I think he’s really trying to write real Avengers stories, which forces him to actually give the characters something to do. Plus I think having Thor and Iron Man and a Cap on the team makes Bendis take the whole thing a bit more seriously. I actually really enjoyed some of his early New Avengers stories with Cap and Iron Man running the show before Civil War messed it all up.
    But seriously. I’ve flipped through issues of New Avengers at the store. And while I totally understand the premise of the team both after the Scarlet Witch meltdown and after Civil War and during Secret Invasion, now it’s just a reason to publish another Avengers title with Bendis’ name on the cover and Luke Cage as one of the main characters spouting all sorts of clever Bendis dialogue.
    And again, while I hate to be an Internet hater, I’m just in that mood right now and can’t wait to see this book go the way of Force Works. I mean, at least West Coast Avengers had a halfway decent premise and some seriously enjoyable story arcs written by some classic creators like Englehart, Byrne and Thomas.
    New Avengers needs to go away. Or at least it needs to have a writer who can come up with a good reason for its existence. Let Jeff Parker at it.
    Although now that I think about it, maybe if Bendis loses this book all his annoying ticks will shift over to Avengers…
    Oooh. Dilemma. Is New Avengers absorbing the bad Bendis so I can enjoy good Bendis? Need to think about this…

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