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“My WHOLE BODY experiences Disasters And It’s—I’m WORRIED About It Getting To Me.” COMICS! Sometimes I Should Just Shake My Head And Leave The Room.

John Kane

So…The biggest names in comics! The biggest comics in comics! Several thousand words which can be summed up as, “Seriously? You jest, right? THIS?” Break out the bunting because the world’s sourest man is back! Nothing is good enough for him! He’s a big old stinker and no mistake! Comics by beloved creators spat at by a man with not a fraction of their talent! Oh, it’s good to be back. (We are back, right?)

The following is dedicated to OKOliver who left OKComics without me having the chance to say goodbye. Good luck in your new life as a space gigolo! M-Wah! M-Wah!

 photo CasTOP_zpsz1oiejkb.jpg
CASANOVA: NO JACKET REQUIRED #1 by Moon, Fraction, Harbin & Peter

Anyway, this…

Someone must have been telling lies about John K., he knew he had done nothing wrong but, one morning, he found himself blocked from The Savage Critics… Ho ho ho, a little bit of Kaf-KA! there. Actually, I have no idea what happened. At first I thought Cap’n Hibbs had sacked me but…wait, he hasn’t has he? Anyway, I don’t know because I’m writing this while the site’s still down, so I don’t know what happened because as I type it’s still happening. If you’re reading this we’re BACK! If you’re not, then we’re NOT!

Art by Gabriel Ba & Fabio Moon
Written by Matt Fraction & Michael Chabon
Lettered by Dustin Harbin
Coloured by Cris Peter
Image Comics, £0.69 Digital (2015)
CASANOVA created by Fraction, Moon & Ba

 photo CasCovB_zpsdt2dgdbs.jpg

I’m not really a Matt Fraction man, so if you are you might want to just skip this one. But, as little time as I can find for his work in my withered and bitter life I do have to give Fraction kudos for the unflinching portrayal of vacuous self-obsession embodied by the almost heroically oblivious buffoon, Jerry Cornelius, er, Casanova Quinn. Few are the authors who would dare be so upfront about the distasteful shallowness of their lead. We’re all grown-ups hereabouts (we skew “old” at the SavCrits, so I hear) so we all know that no one needs to actually like a lead character. Still to actually invite, nay, compel, readers to loathe so fiercely the focus of a work of fiction is a feat worthy of attention, nay, applause. Applause I imagine Mick Jagger, er, Casanova Quinn, would expect purely as his due for his mere existence. The book’s right upfront about it as well. So foolish a fop have we here that he openly declares himself to be “good at people” (and, oh, the attention that “at” so conceitedly coerces!) Obviously, it is a secret only to people who utter such self-serving bilge that people who feel they are good “at” people are never  anything of the sort, and that the people that they feel they are good “at” only endure their hilariously transparent horseshit (ugh, all that open body language, the direct gaze, the tilted head and, worst of all, the excessive interest in, no, really, you; how are you doing? Spare me.) with such forbearance because it would be cruel to just laugh in their patronising face as it swarms with smarm.

 photo Cas2B_zpsalzkep20.jpg
CASANOVA: FACE VALUE by Moon, Fraction, Harbin & Peter

This total lack of self-awareness reaches a hilarious nadir when the book risks actually transmuting  into a substance composed of pure condescension as Casanova Quinn explains his own very poor joke about an elephant in case we missed how clever he was being. Like all his type Casanova Quinn understands that if you have to explain your own joke the fault is always (always) that of the audience.  There is no such thing as a bad joke just bad audiences. Just as there is no such thing as bad writing, just bad readers. Obviously. Cruelly, but understandably since he is so dulled by self-adoration, Quinn is made to inhabit a world as obsessed with surfaces as he himself is. His oleaginous self slithers through a slurry of outdated signifiers of alienation and joyless ostentation snipped from decades of pop culture (swimming pools, ladies flashing their knickers, gamines with balloons, joyless parties) all huddled together like confused refugees yanked without thought or feeling from other, better, works in the futile hope that their mere proximity will create fresh meaning. Casanova Quinn is the kind of person who has watched The Great Gatsby and thinks this is the same as reading The Great Gatsby. How can anyone know me, when I don’t even know myself?, thinks Casanova Quinn; so impressed with his own insight he practically shudders with the struggle not to climax. Casanova Quinn and his banal world are such flagrantly faux creations that it’s testament to the art of Ba and Moon and the muted citrus wash of Peters’ colours that I kept coming back to the this series as long as I did. But enough. I shall find places where their art is better served, and inflict upon Casanova Quinn the, to him, ultimate insult of the snub. Postscript: Michael Chabon writes a strip in the back. This is a big deal because Michael Chabon not only won a Pulitzer Prize but, more importantly, wrote a whole book about old timey comics which was nice of him. Unfortunately his comic writing is very much exactly as good as you would expect someone his age trying to be H!pS@xyF*n would be. In short then, Casanova EH!

Art by Jim Cheung & John Dell, Alan Davis & Mark Farmer
Written by Brian Michael Bendis©™, Mark Waid
Coloured by Justin Ponsor, Matt Hollingsworth
Lettered by VC’s Clayton Cowles, VC’s Cory Petit
Free! from Marvel Comics©™
All characters within created by human beings who had hopes, dreams and loves just like you, but they don’t get a mention. You can look them up on Wikipedia if you want. I’m betting you don’t want.

 photo CWCovB_zpswsmdelql.jpg

This was sent unbidden by hands unknown, so don’t get the idea that I’ve gone out of my way to read this. It was stuck in the packing of an almost criminally flamboyant purchase, just in case you had the idea I had fans who send me stuff. I don’t have fans (boo fucking hoo), and if I did they’d have more sense than to give stuff away. Also, don’t get the idea that I have anything against Brian Michael Bendis©™ as a human being, as a sentient entity, as a carbon based lifeform. He seems like a nice enough man; he’s certainly a wonderful provider for his family and I don’t doubt he is a loving father, a rewarding partner, and I’m even willing to entertain (under duress) the notion that he’s a regular sexual tyrannosaur (although I think that’s his business really). He does use his exalted position to bring in talented new artists and he obviously has a lot of love for the medium of comics. He’s well into it isn’t he? What  with his perpetual tumbling  and incessant tweeting, and he’s dutifully repaid Marvel©™’s faith in him like a good little soldier. And who has a heart so hard that it can be failed to be moved by his child like glee when Marvel©™ put him, and a bunch of other White Hot Fan Favourites©™, in a room to harvest their brains for ideas, like they are interchangeable cogs in a hugely dull machine. Oh, I wish to be as happy as Brian Michael Bendis©™ is when he tweets a picture of himself holding a Name Brand Burger next to the literary colossus Matt Fraction. There, I say, there is a man who has built a life and is enjoying it. There, right there, is a successful human being. Unfortunately, having said all that I think his writing is terrible. Dreadful stuff. Quite disheartening. He is consistent though, to give him his due; with all his work running the gamut from gibberish to mediocre with much of it falling into that sweet spot of mediocre gibberish. However, we have a saying over here – tackle the ball not the man. Hopefully that’s what I’ll be doing. (Hopefully that’s what I always do, but I am a bit of a prick so sometimes I probably slip.) Know ye this then: I wish Brian Michael Bendis©™ no ill will; and anyway I have a sneaky suspicion that the millions of dollars in his bank account will soften the feathery blows from some anonymous dude who should really save his energy to provide for his own family one fiftieth as well as the tiny dynamo Brian Michael Bendis©™. But, uh, y’know, maybe, just maybe, I mean this, uh, comic, will make the preceding cowardly caveats redundant. (SPOILER: it doesn’t. It’s bloody awful.)

 photo CWAGHB_zpsbrhnc5tf.jpg
FCBD 2016 (CIVIL WAR) No.1 by Cheung & Dell, Bendis, Ponsor and Cowles

Events, eh? Why are they so hard? You’d think it would be a slam dunk every time. A big threat, heroes band together, some character work, a few set pieces and a page shaking climax. I’m up for that, I was up for that from the first time they did it (because I am old, did I mention I was old?) but as bovine and intellectually listless as even I am,  the perpetually dreadful incarnations of this promising ideal soon withered my good will to naught. Tell you what, take a break from imagining punching  me in the face and let me know of a good Event comic. Whoa, hold up there, podna, not one you liked; one that was good. E.g. I liked FINAL CRISIS but it was not exactly good was it? So take your time – a good Event comic. In your own time. At your own pace. No rush. Ah, there they are: the sounds of silence. This time out the latest in the never-ending stream of comics to which the only sane reaction is to wonder, “Who is buying this crap?” comes CIVIL WAR 2©™ FCBD#1. In which Brian Michael Bendis©™ bring his intellect to bear on the thorny philosophical problem of if the market has been gamed to the extent that a comic is guaranteed to sell hundreds of thousands of copies no matter what’s in it, what does it matter what’s in it? Only joking, it’s really about the thorny philosophical problem of how to rip off Minority Report and sleep at night. Haw, Haw  I’m just joking! A regular jester I am with my fool’s cap jangling. Ting-a-ling! Ding-a-ling!

 photo CWUGHB_zps7wmihf5t.jpg
FCBD 2016 (CIVIL WAR) No.1 by Cheung & Dell, Bendis, Ponsor and Cowles

Which is about all this…thing deserves. Because this…comic(?) is basically a bunch of painfully “cute” scenes which, uh, follow each other and kind of depend entirely on the generosity of the reader to pretend they are a coherent narrative. The first couple of pages set the tone as Brian Michael Bendis©™ takes a ridiculous amount of space to tell us that Cap’n Marvel©™ and War Machine©™ are an Item. Let me just pause to reassure any other crusty comics warhorses like myself that Cap’n Marvel©™ is now a lady. Marvel©™ may be chasing that progressive dollar like it made off with their car keys but they aren’t that progressive. Gays are a bit much, right? Sure, I mean a tip of the hat is in order for a white lady and a coloured man locking lips , but pernickety as ever I think this kind of Step Forward would be a lot better in a Good Comic. Call me Icarus, eh? Despite the fact that everyone in this scene is a grown-ass adult Cap’n Marvel©™ asks Black Panther©™ to turn round while she snogs War Machine©™. That’s not because adults behave like that but because Brian Michael Bendis©™ saw it in a TV programme, probably iCarly if I had to guess. Page wastage, “cute” scenes ported across from other media, adults acting like tweens, a narrative as taut as unset jelly (US: jello), so far so Brian Michael Bendis©™; all we need now is some of his Stellar Character Work©™ And whaddya know, as if on cue…Thanos©™ turns up! I know arguing about character consistency at this point in the history of North American genre comics just earns you pitying looks like you turned up at work with two jumpers on but sans trousers, but still…Thanos©™…Thanos™© just beams in bellowing and festooned with weaponry like he was just plucked from a particularly savage session of the new DOOM (VERY GOOD!) game. Does that sound like Thanos©™? Is that anyone’s idea of how Thanos©™ operates? Personally, and I’ve not really been paying attention so I could be wrong, I thought Thanos©™ was a master manipulator, a singular strategist, a regular Machiavelli of the Marvel©™ Universe. Apparently I was wrong, it seems that nowadays if Thanos©™ wants something Thanos©™ just covers himself in guns and bursts into view bellowing and fighting everything in sight until he gets what he wants. Stellar Character Work©™. Obviously, I’m guessing, this happens not because that behaviour is an accurate reflection of the established character of Thanos©™, but because that’s what the (ahem) plot demands. You could plug anyone into that role, you could even, maybe, and I’m just throwing this out there, plug someone suitable into that role. The only reason it’s Thanos©™ is because he appears for less time than it takes me to make sweet love, at the end of the credits of some Marvel©™ movie or other (I neither know nor care which, thanks). Of course it is possible behaving like a bear on fire might be Brian Michael Bendis©™’ idea of a regular Sun Tzu; I mean Brian Michael Bendis©™ is not exactly into that whole subtlety deal is he now. I mean, I know he thinks he is, but I think I’m fucking sunshine on legs so we can already see that self-perception isn’t always reliable.

 photo CWAGHB_zpsbrhnc5tf.jpg
FCBD 2016 (CIVIL WAR) No.1 by Cheung & Dell, Bendis, Ponsor and Cowles

So, yeah, Thanos©™ is in it, but rather than have him act like Thanos™©, he just acts like a big violent idiot because the (cough) plot require someone to do that. Synergy’s on the whiteboard, so put The Thanos©™ in! Personally I don’t think this is pandering mindlessly enough at the cost of the internal consistency of the comic. They should have really blue-skied this one. I mean, sure people like Thanos©™ because he was at the end of that movie (nope, still don’t care), but they have also always liked chocolate, and even before chocolate they liked diddling themselves, so why not work that in? Have Thanos©™ turn up but instead of guns he could be studded with giant chocolate dildos. That should cover just about everybody. If you’re going to pander then don’t hold back, you know. Shame? Just a movie with Alan Ladd in, yeah? The Inhumans©™ are in it too, but the only interesting thing about The Imhumans©™ (outside of the work of Jack “The King” Kirby) is the big teleporting dog. Until Marvel©™ realise this The Inhumans©™ are just a dead loss. Al Ewing on LOCKJAW? I’d buy that! No, I wouldn’t, because I’m not paying Marvel prices. The fact this denies me access to Al Ewing’s work is a major thorn in my paw, but he’ll leave eventually. They all do. Except Brian Michael Bendis©™.  So, yeah, Thanos©™ shows up and there’s a regular wing-ding. So life-or-death, so savage, so brutal a fight is this that She-Hulk©™ comments on Thanos©™’ funny chin while they are whaling away at each other. I can’t be doing with these soul chafingly awful attempts at quippy humour which constantly puncture any sense of drama in modern comics. Worse yet, She-Hulk©™ upbraids Thanos©™ for his poor sentence structure. That’s right, Brian Michael Bendis©™ (BRIAN. MICHAEL. BENDIS.©™) writes a character that has the self-absorbed gall to criticise another character Brian Michael Bendis©™ is writing for their poor English which Brian Michael Bendis©™ has written. Let that sink in for a bit. Take your time. Christ, if She-Hulk©™ were really that keen on correcting the grammatical infelicities of everyone in Brian Michael Bendis©™ comics she…she’d be very, very busy, let’s just leave it at that. I mean, there’s irony and then there’s just heartbreakingly unaware. Of course why Thanos©™ is talking like The Hulk©™ (it’s almost as if it was The Hulk©™ in the first place but was ineptly changed to Thanos at short notice©™. As if!) anyway is not explained, because it’s all just so bloody hilarious, so who cares. Except it isn’t hilarious, it’s jarring. We get that all these writers want to work in TV and that they have a sense of humour apparently completely shaped by sub-par sit-coms but, look, Everybody Loves Raymond is not something to aspire to. I’m sorry, but there it is.

 photo HBeepsB_zpsuurtom75.jpg
“Oh, Mr Robot!” is ©™ John K Inc.

Mind you I’m not exactly well disposed to the TV. This Golden Age of Television? Look, just because you can name three TV series you liked in the past 5 years doesn’t make it a Golden Age of anything, it means there’s some stuff you liked on Television. That’s kind of the whole raison d’etre for television: to put stuff on you like. I liked The Wire too but one program does not a Golden Age make. Because I have to work with people younger than I am (when you get to my age most people are younger than you are, except the dead) sometimes they puppyishly tell me to watch something. Well, setting my monocle firmly in place, I did just that: I had a pop at that there Mr. Robots people squeal so deliciously about. Alas, the charms of a program about a pill popping magic hacker who wants to fuck his sister and is haunted by Christian Slater eluded me. With a title like Mr. Robot it should be about Christian Slater made up like he’s in Heartbeeps moonwalking about a patently fake set, with his arms set at right angles and slowly turning his head, while learning important lessons about human behaviour from the wacky family of his scatty inventor with whom he lodges. The series’ catch phrase would be “Oh, Mr. Robot!”, at which the camera would unfailingly zoom in on Christian Slater in a tuxedo and slathered with silver paint, body popping in confusion at the latest mistake he’s made in aping these crazy humans. “Oh, Mr. Robot!” You’ll all be saying it tomorrow. Or you could just read that VISION comic. Ha ha ha! You didn’t like that punchline did you?!  No prisoners today! Oh, hey, thanks for sticking with this one; it’s gone a long way from the point hasn’t? It’s possible that the lack of focus was intentional and an indication of just how much serious critical consideration this comic(?) deserves, but on balance it’s more likely that I am a feckless twat. As a comic it was CRAP! Even as packing (remember that bit?) I think it was bettered by the polystyrene doohickeys it was stuffed in with. Nothing personal though, right? Oh, and it’s no good telling me it was free. So what? It should be shit? It’s supposed to be an enticement not a turn-off. Weirdly even if it’s free I still turn my nose up at shit. Me and my high standards! Yes, the best thing about it was the art and we’re always told to say something about the art but why, seriously, why bother when the stench of the writing just makes any art at all an utter waste of talent. It’s pretty but unthrilling stuff, which given the stink of a script is a monumental testament to Cheung & Dell’s professionalism. This is a flatulent jumble of dumb and it’s worth reiterating it’s CRAP! It’s like a poorly coded robot tried to write a comic – everything rings tinny and off. And cue:

 photo RoboBendisB_zpsquykx2nu.jpg
“Oh, Mr. Bendis!”
(Laughtrack annnnnnd roll CREDITS).

(N.B. There’s also a story about The Wasp©™ by Waid and Davis & Farmer. I’m sure it’s fine, but after the slackjawed pap I’d had just about enough of comics for a while.)

NEXT TIME: I burn even more bridges in “The Biz” as I take a “look” at some Brian Azzarello Bat-comics.

I was locked out in the dark but I never stopped loving – COMICS!!!

16 Responses to “ “My WHOLE BODY experiences Disasters And It’s—I’m WORRIED About It Getting To Me.” COMICS! Sometimes I Should Just Shake My Head And Leave The Room. ”

  1. Did you see that recent NY Times thing where Moore talks about books he likes? He actually comes off as quite funny, which I’ve never seen him do in an interview (and only incidentally in comics. His straight-up comedy comics are like Dr Manhattan doing improv. Which I’m pretty sure is the plot of After Watchmen aka Apparently Alan Moore Is The Reason Why Red Hood And The Outsiders #8 Was A Stinker I Guess)

    Apart from the dog, I’ve always like Karnak as a concept. Cool superpower.

    +1 on your Fraction scepticism. I do not get the appeal, at all. Anyone who could collaborate with Chip Zdarsky to produce an *un*funny comic…

  2. Moore can be quite funny. Here is his reply to Dave Sim when Sim relates a story about Eddie Campbell complaining about the From Hell scripts:

    ” Well, I can’t in all honesty claim to be surprised by the incessant complaints of this embittered transportee. This kind of craven back-stabbing is, of course, only to be expected of a clan that sided with the English during the Highland clearances and slaughtered the McGregors in their beds. Do you know, there’s a hotel situated at the top of Glencoe where to this day they have a sign on the lounge door that reads “No dogs or Campbells”? And this isn’t just me saying bad things about Eddie: this is the deep and resonant bass voice of History itself saying bad things about Eddie.

    On the matter of what has been viewed in some quarters as an untoward wordiness in my panel descriptions, might I draw your attention to the final volume of From Hell, specifically to page two, panel five of our epilogue, The Old Men On The Shore. In the script description for this panel I unfortunately allowed myself a moment of laxity and omitted the words “INSPECTOR ABBERLINE’S HEAD IS STILL ON HIS SHOULDERS DURING THIS PANEL. IT HAS NOT RETREATED TORTOISE-LIKE INTO HIS NECK, NOR HAS IT IN SOME FASHION MANAGED TO REFRACT LIGHT AROUND IT LIKE A KLINGON SPACESHIP SO THAT THE INSPECTOR RESEMBLES SOMETHING OUT OF MAGRITTE WITH HIS BOWLER FLOATING THERE SUSPENDED ABOVE THE EMPTY COLLAR OF HIS COAT.” Last time I’ll make that mistake, obviously.”

    The complete correspondence about From Hell between the two is well worth reading.


  3. You nailed that FCBD Civil War II piece of crap.

  4. “Like all his type Casanova Quinn understands that if you have to explain your own joke the fault is always (always) that of the audience.” Great reading as (nearly) always, looking forward to next installment, same Bat time, same Bat … oh, never mind. Why not add a handy Twitter link to these things so those inclined to help grow your readership might find it easy?

  5. Casanova has been a case of seriously diminishing returns. Poor scheduling didn’t help. When the recent #5 came out, I was shocked that the series hadn’t ended with the issue previous, some 8 months earlier. So engrossed was I in this particularly incomprehensible adventures into the life of Mr. Quinn.

    Still two issues left, which I may have to buy simply to appease my inner completist, and because it’s on my pull list, so my shop already ordered with my lackluster taste in mind.

  6. Nice review. That title-quote is a doozy. Might stay with me a while.

    I personally think your opinion of Bendis’s writing is healthy and doesn’t need a full blown disclaimer about his humanity. I might be in the minority, though.

  7. Imagining Thanos bristling with chocolate dildos made me giggle so much it ruined my morning work productivity. Damn it, John! Welcome back anyway, sport.

  8. The Oh Mr. Bendis punchline was perfect!

    Have you or anyone else read that The Vision comic? The hype I’ve seen from fans was absurd “Marvel’s Watchmen” said Bleeding Cool. Shame on me for not using my noggin. So i read the first 3 issues. Bland. Borderline annoying.

    DanielT, I’ve been giggling about that Magritte line for years. I’ve found Moore to be funny on many occasions. He makes fun of himself a fair amount too.

  9. Okay, so we’re back, but the E-Mail alerts still don’t work; although I thought no one had commented there are in fact EIGHT comments! By Jack Kirby’s high-waisters, that must be a record for 2016. Boy, you lot were sure starved of attention while we were gone.

    And another big hand for Thom, since not only are we back but NOTHING GOT LOST! Yay, Thom!

    @Jones, one of the Jones boys1: I hadn’t seen the NYT thing. I’ll look it up, cheers! Did you see THIS. Cute, huh? I always find Alan Moore really funny in his interviews, he does a nice line in self-deprecation I find. Maybe it doesn’t travel half way around the world too well? I like his comedy comics too, but, yeah, I take your point tehy are a bit mannered. Sweet Dr. Manhattan joke! Made me laff. (“It is July 29th 1976: I am informing the audience of my hypothetical canine’s lack of olfactory equipment…”)
    Oh yeah, Moore’s Lovecraft in PROVIDENCE is hee-larious! So much so no caveats are required. Just bloody funny stuff.You are reading PROVIDENCE, yes?

    Kanak? But he knows where the weakspot is! ALWAYS! Where’s the suspense in that? A big teleporting dog, however, is capable of anything, I feel. Karnak’s better than that guy (Gorgon?) with the goat feet; what’s his schtick – he smells bad when he’s caught in the rain? Are you reading that Ellis KARNAK series? (I won’t buy Marvel, but you can let me know if it’s good in case it’s in a sale and I weaken.)

    That’s me and you agreed then on the MF question. Everyone else thinks MF is the sun and the moon. Fie on that.

    Cool chat, cheers. Off to the NYT now. MOORE!

    DanielT: Basically, you are right and Jones is wrong. That is very funny. Have you read the FROM HELL COMPANION by Eddie Campbell? It’s full of fun stuff like that.

    Skottie: I sure put enough nails in it, so I’m glad one hit.

    @kevin patterson: Cheers, Kevin. (Nice “(nearly)” there.) Brian Hibbs’ Twitter HERE sends out an Email everytime a post drops. But other than that I don’t know; I’m not on Twitter or anything. Just here. Exclusive and that. As The ABC Warriors said:”Spread The Word!”

    @BrianMc: C’mon, rainyface,there’s nothing wrong with your taste, you know that! It just isn’t my taste. Anway, CASANOVA has sweet art so there’s that to fall back on!

    @Brendan: Yeah, sorry,I just didn’t want any wiggle room there. The comic’s bad and that’s that. Nothing personal. No jealousy. Just a bad comic. WOOF! Is it bad? (Yes.)

    @Peter: You don’t work in a chocolate dildo factory do you? Cheers, kidder, it’s good to be back! (Although I liked the free time, still…)

    @Brad: Thanks. I thought it got a bit lost, but I’m glad it hit for one person at least. No, I’ve not read VISION; I was just being silly. People do sem to like it though, don’t they? Marvel’s WATCHMEN? Well,I bet the people who created VISION don’t own it, so in that sense, yes, it is like WATCHMEN. Ho Ho Ho!

    Thanks all, I appreciate the time you all took to comment.



  10. “Are you reading that Ellis KARNAK series?”

    Focus on that fifth word, John, and the question answers itself.

    …kidding, kind of. But I’ve got so many actually good comics stacking up in my to-read pile, especially with the recent reprint renaissance (excelsior, true believer) in Euro comics, I don’t have time to read another samey Ellis comic. Besides, if I ever feel the urge to read an Ellis comic again, I’ll just copy out a couple of tidbits from a 2014 issue of New Scientist, and behave like a bullying asshole to my colleagues as a display of my alpha-intellect dominance/professional super-competence. That’ll just about give me the same experience, but for only a fraction of the price.

  11. Jones,

    I’m an Ellis fan, so maybe I’m biased, but I can’t recall him being a “bullying asshole”. He tends to have lots of nice words for lots of people.

    His first name isn’t Brian (Azz or Wood) after-all.

  12. Nah, I flubbed the delivery on that. My bad. I meant his protagonists act like that.

  13. Had a feeling that might be what it was. That’s 1000% accurate.

  14. I don’t enjoy Fraction comics including Casanova. I feel like once you’ve read one Fraction issue, you’ve read everything he has. He reuses every character, framing sequence, joke, plot device, etc in every single issue. It’s just not fun to me. But he seems to make a lot of money off of it, so good on him.

    Civil War just sounds awful. Oh, Mr Robot sounds phenomenal, though! I’d totally watch that show!

  15. Oh, Mr Kane! Welcome back, John.

  16. Jones, one of the Jones boys1: Boy, as KARNAK fans go you are the WORST! You should read every appearance! I jest. Ha, you have Ellis down pat (or his protagonists, I should say). Still for all Ellis’s tics are a trial I have been able to push past them for INJECTION, which I am enjoying. (His tics are still tehre though).

    Hey, I may be English but I am also reading Euro comics, so I should probably do something on those sometime. E.g. Frederick Peeters is amazing, I should tell people about him!

    @Chris Hero: You would watch MR ROBOT! That’s awesome and that’s all the Test Audience Response I need! I’ll get my people to get their people to Green Light it. Money here I come! Um, I mean artistic expression here I come, obviously! Civil War 2 is shit so stay away, young man. It’s not even open to debate how shitty that thing is. As shit goes it’s got it going on. No offence to anyone involved in that piece of shit, mind.

    @M Bender: What a lovely sentiment! You are a sweet man, thank you.

    Stay pliant, fleshy ones!


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