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nu52 – Wk 2: Red & Green

Brian Hibbs

Lanterns, that is.

GREEN LANTERN #1: There are a few books in this “relaunch” which CLEARLY were written (or at least conceived of) before the relaunch plan. GL certainly feels like one of those — this is pretty much exactly what I expected from GREEN LANTERN #68. There are some small concessions to nu-ness — it was interesting to see a comic called “Green Lantern” that only had ONE of them in an entire issue, for example — but, yeah, not very much, it’s simply the next issue.

This is weird to me, in a lot of ways, because there’s really no way that Hal could be exactly the same person. Liiiike… without Ollie Queen (who clearly HAS been 100% rebooted), how did Hal ever learn to speak up for the Black Skins, y’know?

Bah, anyway, despite that, I thought this was an adequate “first” issue — not something that will ever win an Eisner, but adequate pop comic. Strongly OK, but I really did expect more from one of the main architects of the current DCU.


RED LANTERNS #1: This book, too, would have existed with or without the nu, and so I think it is weaker for that. I don’t understand the market for this comic. A blood vomiting team led by a guy named “Atrocitus” for God’s sake? I had the teeny tiniest hope that Pete Milligan (of all people) might maybe be able to come up with some sort of adequate spin… but no, not really.

These are ugly characters, with really nothing compelling to offer from them, and is pretty astoundingly AWFUL.


What did YOU think?



9 Responses to “ nu52 – Wk 2: Red & Green ”

  1. The choice to do Red Lanterns has always mystified me.

    That foolishness with the space cat probably launched this series on a dare.

    Too bad Milligan siged on for this clunker but the interviews with him showed a creator at the bottom rung of “interested in doing this work.”

    Curious as to your thoughts re: the bail out of John Rozum. He and Irving clearly had you with Xombi (me too) but this just seems pretty strange. Almost like they were trying to throw him a bone for sweeping Xombi aside and he just wasn’t interested,

  2. I thought Green Lantern #1 was great. The situation was clear, there are mysteries and a cool hook (how will Sinestro reign in his corps when he’s “betrayed” them?), genuine humor from Hal, and interestingly, only one Green Lantern in the book.

    Red Lanterns was ridiculously bad, though.

  3. I thought Green Lantern #1 was a fine comic, but this issue just wasn’t a good “jumping on” point. When newbies came in this week looking for Green Lantern, I still sold them Rebirth instead.

    Red Lanterns is riding the current wave of “Aren’t comics about villains cool?” that was kicked off by Ellis’ Thunderbolts and Simone’s Secret Six. I think that’s why we also got Deathstroke, Suicide Squad, and possibly Red Hood in the relaunch.

  4. I’ve tried to read the nu-DC books and I can honestly count on one hand the number of books I actually like. Batwoman seems like a left over story from Detective. But hey, people didn’t like her in Detective so let’s give her her own series. Great logic. In fact, I’m still trying to figure out why in the heck she’s even around when DC swept away TWO Batgirls and the Huntress to make room for the old Batgirl.

    As for the rest, I want to know which idiot sat there and thought Resurrection Man, Hawk & Dove, or Batwing was a great book to relaunch the DCU?

    DC just totally dropped the ball on this and as much as I like the new Justice League, I’m still looking forward to the time when Jim Lee is 5 months late getting the art done.

  5. There were only two good books this week: Batwoman (expected) and Demon Knights (unexpected!!!)

    Last week had more hits with me:
    Action Comics and Animal Man were hands down awesome!
    The art in OMAC was so very Kirby = awesome!, even though there was no story to speak of. :P
    And I actually enjoyed Men At War – The fusion of Superheroes + Military interests me…eg some Captain America issues set in WWII.

  6. I’m not sure, Edward K, if you feel the DC relaunch is a failure in terms of Quality or in terms of being truly New (or Nü!). BATWOMAN worked fine for me as a 1st issue, but is clearly a continuation of the Detective run. I don’t know where you get that people didn’t like her in Detective, because I thought everyone was impressed with that run and clamoring for more. Like, awards, year-end Top Ten lists, etc.
    GREEN LANTERN was also a direct continuation of the former run (as Hibbs says, basically GL #68) but the intro of Sinestro as the Green Lantern of the sector and Hal back on Earth is a fine enough starting point. There could have been more of an intro to the concept for complete newbies, but I get that this is the franchise that was completely working above expectations for DC prior relaunch, so why mess with success? If anything, I think Johns may have left Sinestro as the 2814 GL for an indefinite period and explored it, whereas now they need to get Hal back in there to tie in with Justice League and whatever else.
    So, BATWOMAN and GREEN LANTERN, along with DEMON KNIGHTS, were my picks for this week, with BATMAN & ROBIN being a close runner up. RESURRECTION MAN was kind of a mess, but I found it a lot more intriguing and inspired than the more competent but staid JUSTICE LEAGUE.

  7. “I don’t know where you get that people didn’t like her in Detective, because I thought everyone was impressed with that run and clamoring for more. Like, awards, year-end Top Ten lists, etc.”

    Batwoman was the lead feature in Detective Comics from #854 to #863. The Direct Market sales of 854 were 72,806. The sales for 863 were 43,119.

    Clearly, everyone wasn’t that impressed.


  8. That’s a bit disingenuous MBunge. Detective 852 sold 56,639 copies. 860–the last issue illustrated by JH Williams III, which is one of the main draws here–sold 52,295 copies, making it the 27th best-selling comic that month. There’s some slippage in sales there, certainly, but given it was a comic starring Batwoman rather than Batman that isn’t a tremendous decline in sales.

  9. “the last issue illustrated by JH Williams III, which is one of the main draws here–sold 52,295 copies”

    That speaks to the popularity of the artist, not the character or her stories.


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