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nu52 – wk 3: Tradition!

First off, curse Graeme McMillan for showing me up, and lapping me like that! Scottish Bastich!

Batman, GLC, LSH, Nightwing below

BATMAN #1: The darling of all of the critics, it seems, and I don’t really get. It was fine, sure, but I liked pretty much everything about BATMAN, INC. much much better. Maybe it’s just me. I sorta despaired up front with the Arkham breakout scene (seriously? Is there a bigger cliche in Batman stories right now?) with “Look it’s all of Batman’s foes, and he can beat them up, ALL AT ONCE!” Why then are any of them now a threat individually? I also found Bruce’s plan to be gratingly patronizing, and inherently top-down and likely-to-fail. He should be smarter than that, at this point. I also thought the cliffhanger, while maybe amusing, was pretty internally illogical, considering Dick is starring in his own comics. I don’t know, maybe a low GOOD? A high OK? I’m good either way…


GREEN LANTERN CORPS #1: Kind of more of the same, for this book, and one of the very few of the new 52 that, in my store, is only selling about the same, or maybe a little less, as the issue before (LEGION, below, would be the other one, so far) — I liked the art, though, even if I didn’t really need to see the alien internal cross-sections at the top of the issue. I really liked the coloring, especially, with the constructs seeming to have a different weight than everything else. All of the earth-bound stuff was dumb (really, explain why they want ongoing jobs, again?) I thought, overall, it was highly OK.


LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES: Urgle. Staggeringly bad. It even directly mentions Flashpoint. More than, maybe, any other book, this would have really been better with a “year one” kind of direction, rather than really just being #17 of the last series. AWFUL, and I like the Legion.


NIGHTWING #1: This, to me, is so completely unnecessary, because really what they should have done was just de-aged Dick back to being young one-and-only Robin. Instead, we have a Dick without a Titans (so he ultimately can’t be the same character now, can he?), and he just staggers back o the only other thing we know about him: the circus. Yawn! I also how BATMAN #1 opens with Bruce beating all of his enemies at once, while the end of NIGHTWING #1 is Dick getting beaten by a super-generic guy with wolverine claws (!). No sir, I did not like it! AWFUL.


Tomorrow (ish): the final week!


As always, what did YOU think?



10 Responses to “ nu52 – wk 3: Tradition! ”

  1. If people are gushing over BATMAN #1, I would guess it’s because they enjoy a little Bat-action without the torture porn or Batman being a whiny little bitch. Seriously, read BATMAN AND ROBIN #1 and tell me you wouldn’t have smacked Robin in the mouth.


  2. On Batman #1, you made me realize the extent to which I turn off my brain when I read these things (comics, I mean). I dozed right through Bruce’s ‘revitalize Gotham’ plan. Of course urban renewal stuff like that in real life fails on a regular basis (it’s especially silly that he plans to build high-rise office space in some derelict industrial neighborhood. Pointless investment, buddy, even if you’re doing it as charity.). I just figured it was generic ‘show that Bruce is a good guy who doesn’t try to improve Gotham SOLELY by beating people up’ verbiage. It didn’t even occur to me to take it seriously.

    In GLC, John Stewart’s self-righteous lecture about building safety was similarly juvenile, but since he was beating people up WHILE delivering it, it was harder to ignore.

    Maybe I really am too old for this shit…

  3. Pretty sure we have Dick and Titans. They mentioned the new Titans book is this first time THAT group got together, and I read that horrible page in Red Hood that has Roy mention the other Titans as friend’s of Starfire’s… so it stands to reason (as much as anything does) that the New Teen Titans happened, somehow.

  4. Batman didn’t do it for me, either. It was ok and there were some nice touches but nothing phenomenal.

  5. I thought Batman was one of the best of the nu-bunch – it was the perfect jump on issue, and Snyder & Capullo made it look so easy.
    It reintroduces the character, gives Bruce Wayne a point, updates the characters technology, and sets up a new storyline.
    (I am confused how a guy who was pinned to a wall with knives was up and about leaving warnings, but there ya go).
    As for ‘how are the villains a threat’ if he can beat them all at once – none of them were working with a plan or their usual equipment, a guard had just opened the doors and they all charged. Makes perfect sense they’d be easier to take down then.
    It also felt a bit like the team was letting us know we were moving passed those guys for now.
    What’s wrong with Bruce’s plan? It would stimulate some growth in Gotham, but I’m sure he just wants to rig all new buildings for Batman – much like Damian had in #666.
    I even think the Grayson cliffhanger works, as someone else thinks he’s a villain in his own book… although to be honest, Nightwing is such a lesser comic I’m fine for this one to ignore it’s existence – I know I will be.
    I honestly think Batman #1 was a Very Good, and I’m shocked (shocked I say!) that this site is down on it.

  6. “Seriously, read BATMAN AND ROBIN #1 and tell me you wouldn’t have smacked Robin in the mouth.”

    I felt more like cheering him along, since everything he says is true.

  7. Green Lantern Corps was one of the ones where I didn’t expect much so I wound up pleasantly surprised when it didn’t suck. You’re right, the Earth stuff was all pretty lame, but it got much better once they headed into space, and that seems to be where the series is headed in general anyway, so that’s probably a good thing. It was pretty solid.

    I liked Batman a lot, Snyder’s was definitely the best treatment of that character in the relaunch. It wasn’t the most exciting comic, maybe, but a good reintroduction. And I loved the panel of Bruce with all his Robins.

    Nightwing was boring, and the 2 Legion comics in this relaunch are just incomprehensible to me, packed with dozens of interchangeable characters who don’t get much more than a name and a power set to identify them.

  8. “I felt more like cheering him along, since everything he says is true.”

    Which illustrates how we went from a comic fan base that despised Jason Todd to one that thinks Damien Wayne is the bestest thing evah!


  9. To update an old Harlan Ellison joke, society would have been better served had copies of the relaunched LEGION OF SUPER HEROES and NIGHTWING been dropped en masse on an al Qaeda hideout.

  10. I definitely do not think de-aging Dick is the way to go, but the abrupt shift back to Nightwing, no Damian, his redundant presence in Gotham and the uninspired circus angle kept me at bay. And those red eyes.

    Having Bruce work with Damian now seems completely at odds with what Grant was planning, and it is a real shame that DC did not stick with the Dick & Damian dynamic (NIGHTWING & ROBIN might have been fun) while it was still going strong. Both characters are lesser for the forced separation.

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