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PEOPLE! Sometimes He’s Not Here To Blow Out His 96 Candles But We Lit ’em Anyway!

John Kane

Ninety six years ago on this date Jacob Kurtzberg (1917 – 1994) was born. Life may harry me and life may hurry me but I will always find time to celebrate the birth of the man who became Jack Kirby; the man who became a King! The King of COMICS!!!

 photo Kbirth002PIPE_zps79235240.jpg
Anyway, this…

So, today I will be celebrating Jack Kirby’s 96th birthday by reading a Jack Kirby comic. Hardly an unusual occurrence there. Unusually though, I will also be donating $9.60 to The Kirby Family endorsed charity The Hero Initiative. It is a worthwhile and fine charity which aids members of the comic community who are in need. Howard Victor Chaykin is on the Disbursement Committe, and that’s just one awesome thing about The Hero Iniative.

So, on this day, Jack Kirby’s birthday, I will send them something in remembrance and celebration of Jack Kirby. You may wish to do so also. You may not wish to do so. I’m just throwing that out there. I’m not expecting anyone to do anything because I’m not asking anyone to do anything. I thank Tom Spurgeon of The Comics Reporter for bringing this notion to my attention.

I do hope, however, that you take this day to particularly relish the medium to which Jack Kirby contributed so very, very much. The medium of – COMICS!!!

And now, at the risk of transforming from The Count Arthur Strong of bloggers to The Greg Land of bloggers, may I humbly present a visual (and typically sedate, low key and altogether dignified) tribute to Jack Kirby? Well, I’m going to:

(All images repurposed from SILVER STAR (2007, £25.99,VERY GOOD!) published by Image Comics. Except for photographs which I swooped in and stole like a magnificently amoral bird of prey.)

 photo KIRBYBIRTH1b_zps5356e514.jpg

Happy Birthday, Jack Kirby!

Happy Birthday to The King of COMICS!!!

(Unprofessional Behaviour Continuation Notice: Circumstances once more dictate that I shall be unable to post for a short while. After that I shall endeavour to regain some semblance of regularity and aim for more diverse content. I’m talking about my posts not, you know, something else there. I know, sorry. Until then; be well and be happy!)

5 Responses to “ PEOPLE! Sometimes He’s Not Here To Blow Out His 96 Candles But We Lit ’em Anyway! ”

  1. Thanks for this, John! Lovely job remixing the Silver Star captions.

    Also, I very much appreciated the Heroes Initiative reminder–now that I got paid, I’ve made a donation, thanks to your sterling example!

  2. That is photoshopping worthy of the King.

    I try to wait for when the Marvel movies come out, so as not to be too annoying, but it is a personal mission of mine to make friends and family Kirby-aware. My hope is that one day everyone will recognize that real human beings created the Avengers, not “Marvel.” I really want to see “King of Comics” as a clue on the crossword puzzle one of these days. It’s ridiculous that I haven’t seen it already.

  3. @Jeff Lester: Hey, Gentle Jeff! Thanks for your kind words and kinder donation. Luckily I’d just been paid too! Otherwise I would have looked a bit of a schmuck! Also, you get double points for the “sterling” pun! Stay fragrant!

    @Cass: Too kind are those words. But I’ll grab ’em and say, thanks! Say, imagine The King with Photoshop? Holy moley, Kirby Kollages beyond imagining! Kudos on your Kirby-Aware Kampaigning! My 7 year old knows who the King is (don’t call Social Services!; it’s mostly because there are all these books lying about with ‘Jack Kirby’ on ’em rather than any weird indoctrination programme.) Keep spreading the word and big thanks again!

    And to all a big TAARU!!!!

  4. I missed his birthday due to work circumstances, but binged on the weekend to do as the song suggests and consecrate his worth, pulling out The Demon, Kamandi, Fourth World v2 (Glory Boat!) and Kirby Omnibus v2 (Dingbats Of Danger Street!) and Ed The Happy Clown (not Kirby, but it caught my eye from it’s place on my shelf. Funny stuff that one.)
    “But it’s his birthday!” didn’t really win the missus around to the idea of all these comics piling in the lounge room, but when it comes to Kirby she trusts my judgement – by nodding, smiling and walking away before I start showing examples.

  5. @Ben Lipman: Hey now! Sounds like you celebrated in style, sir! I have a lady in my life who also trusts my judgement in comics in much the same way. At least we know they love us. They’d have to, amiright? My blessings to the both of you!

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