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Quick Notice: Because There Are Reviews, There Will Be No Reviews.

Jeff Lester

Hibbs is out of town but he emailed me yesterday, breathlessly and with that slipshod sense of punctuation you expect from people on the road (oh how I wish I had that excuse!), to let me know that it was very important that  I tell everyone that, yes, he had written reviews but no, he had not thought to bring his password with him and so, even more so, no, there will be no reviews from him until after 4/3…not because there aren’t reviews, mind you! (No, of course not.)

So…there’s that.  In the interim, please check out John K’s excellent review of the Goodwin/Simonson adaptation of Alien and also, Tucker Stone’s latest slate of reviews over at The Comics Journal, complete with a most excellent cameo from Abhay.  It is a fine, fine way to start your day, and a healthy part of this complete breakfast.

Carry on!

21 Responses to “ Quick Notice: Because There Are Reviews, There Will Be No Reviews. ”

  1. Thank you for directing us to a site with actual content.

  2. Zing!

  3. I was going to remark on your “reviewers” writing reviews for other sites, but i believe we already have the zing of the day.

  4. Recursive, self-referential and, ultimately, tantalizingly insubstantial… I give this meta-content 4 Schrodinger’s Cats out of a possible [?????]. Potentially EXCELLENT!

  5. I can’t think of a worse way to start my day than Tuckaloosa Slim reminding us, for seemingly the 10000th time, that he’s better than everyone else who’s ever read and enjoyed a comic book.

  6. Hey, when the road calls a man’s gotta answer. Mr. Brian Hibbs – like the wind he cannot be caged! Say, isn’t his password still “Pikachu”?

  7. Linking to conent. We’ll just call you Jeff ‘Drudge’ Lester.

  8. Don’t be mean, I am on a father & son trip!!!


  9. That was some funny stuff!

    Any chance of giving Abhay cameo’s on the podcast – just a minute or two each one where he can have a weekly soapbox of hilarity?

  10. @Steve D – Wow, dude. That was hysterical.

    @Dan Coyle – Couldn’t agree more. Thankfully, Mr. Lester told us there was Abhay content there, so I was able to search for “Abhay” and skip over the rest.

  11. I thought Tucker Stone was pretty funny in that column, so he can get away with some attitude – all part of the fun.
    The only part I didn’t understand was people disliking Cornell, which I’ve not seen, but I’ve no doubt that message board exists somewhere.

  12. Wow. Jeff what makes Wait, What? an interesting listen is that beneath the forensic examination its clear that you both love comics.

    What made me not want to read anything from Tucker Stone again is the sense of contempt for every comic he doesn’t like and everyone who might disagree with him.

  13. If your feelings are threatened by the reviews of someone who has different opinions, you’re not fit to have your own.

  14. @Siythe: As I would say on the podcast: Hmmm. Interesting, interesting.

    I think although Tucker comes on strong with books he does not like–and posting as I do at a site called The Savage Critics, I am surprisingly okay with that–I feel he does have a real love for the medium. He just doesn’t have much sentimentality. It can make for a bracing read, but I usually walk away having to challenge some of my own assumptions about the things I read, and I really appreciate it.

    And I guess because I’m never sure to what degree I see Tucker’s vituperativeness as a character or a performance, I tend neither to get offended nor even to see it especially as contempt–can’t it read as moral indignation? Or pain? Or an attempt to elicit it as a laugh. I just am not good at telescoping it down to just one thing and so I just don’t get offended at it. Maybe I’m being naive or obtuse, though.

    Finally, I think there are always lines–in fact, lots of them–that strike me as funny, in that funny-because-they’re-true kind of way: describing Supercrooks as “a pretty generic concept exercise (the band-back-together stuff from Ocean’s Thirteen plus the overseas setting from Ocean’s Twelve as well as the sorry-i-fucked-up-our-relationship-but-could-we-bang-some-more-anyway? thing from Ocean’s Eleven) with super powers tossed in haphazardly” struck me as hilarious and accurate. And “this comic is about as interesting as laying in bed and trying to remember how the names of James Bond movies relate to their plots. A View to a Kill: there was a bridge?” made me laugh pretty hard because just the other day I was (you guessed it) trying to figure out exactly the little nuance about A View to a Kill.

    In any event, I appreciate the kind words about the podcast and sorry Tucker’s stuff (with the Abhay guest-appearance, which I also thought was golden) didn’t work for you.

  15. @Pete

    My feelings aren’t threatened by someone having different opinions. That I could not care about. I just don’t understand why a very intelligent man with a wonderfully unique, funny voice would dedicate his life to working the cash register at a comic shop and then writing weekly columns full of contempt for the product he sells and the people he sells it to. And really, that’s just the tip of the iceberg….

    I mean, Hibbs gives negative reviews to books he doesn’t like, but he never, ever insults anyone in the process and he clearly has a love for his job of being a comic book retailer. I’m not the biggest fan of my current job, but I don’t maintain a blog detailing my dislike for it each week. Stone’s an intelligent, funny guy…surely he could find the time to do something he enjoys?

  16. @Jeff Could be I’m being entirely unfair to the guy based on only one read of his stuff. I can think of very little he wrote that I actually disagree with but the tone irked me. And when that’s enough to put me off something that both likes BPRD and slags off Millar it really stands out.

  17. “surely he could find the time to do something he enjoys?” It’s weird– I get this one sometimes, and I don’t ever really have any idea what people are saying to me. I have this great time writing jokes and trying to make myself laugh and acting like an idiot and hoping that I’m sometimes expressing something interesting (don’t really win on that one too often, but), and … I think I’m having this very good time and hoping other people are having a good time, but people just look at it and go “Why’d you spend so much energy on something you didn’t like?” Like, conflating my opinion of whatever the subject happens to be with my experience of writing about it…? When one thing doesn’t really have anything to do with another, to me…

    I just never know what to say to that because it’s so divorced from my experience of what I’ve done or what I was attempting to do.

    I mean, if the question is why read comics at all, that’s fair and I … try my best to avoid doing so, lately! But I have that part of me that does read comics and responds with a mix of condescension and … well, mostly just condescension, and… I can keep that quiet or I can express that part, and I just go with express because…

    I mean, your job example is interesting because… there’s reasons you can’t do that– there’s politics, there’s people, there’s reasons. Most things in the world force our silence, force our dishonesty, and that’s basically where, you know, disease comes from, spiritually speaking…? So: why have comics on that list? Staying quiet about *comics*, being dishonest about *comics*, being respectful about *comics* and the people who work in comics… Comics aren’t worth it; they don’t deserve it. That’s not what they’re supposed to be– comics, movies, music, it’s not stuff we’re supposed to receive in quiet supplication. It’s all fuel for us to have a laugh about. Joking about it and having a good time with them are sort of the POINT.

    But I don’t know– I just have too good a time when I’m acting the fool and putting on a clown show to maybe appreciate arguments to the contrary… Like, I have a harder time understanding people who talk about “love of comics” because… it’s paper with drawings on it stapled together; it’s a weird thing for the word love to be so bandied about in connection to and yet it constantly is. I think it’s because of a sort of propaganda, that people making dreck would prefer fans being told to love things with their heart rather than think about them with their brains, but that’s a whole other thing maybe… (Like, okay, I have a negativity to me but … why is that part any less worth honoring than me being psyched about new episodes of Community or whatever, you know? Maybe this is nonsensical; I don’t know; I have to get back to my day)…

  18. @Abhay

    Dude, I get where you’re coming from, totally. I think you’re right. Comics don’t deserve all the love or hate. They don’t really deserve any of the emotion at all. And our jobs..I’m an engineer, you’re a lawyer, so yeah, we work in professions where there are all the things you mention. It kinda sucks we have to be quiet about it and stuff. A friend just wrote me a long e-mail on cognitive dissonance at work and the long term effects of it.

    But Stone? He works behind the register at a comic store. He writes about comics all the time. And he’s just so full of anger and condescension to anyone who doesn’t have their own comic blog or is a prominent writer like you. And it’s like…he’s a really smart, funny guy. I think his talent and passion is awesome, I just wish he’d put it to use doing something other than living comics, something he seems to hate. All of us are poorer for him pissing his talent away writing about how unhappy he is.

  19. “All of us are poorer for him pissing his talent away writing about how unhappy he is.”

    Talking about condescension . . .

  20. Chris,

    I have no idea how to cut and paste on this ipad, so, urf, search google for savage critic & “why are you always so negative” and follow the link written by me from 2005, it might help a little?


    (on the road with Ben)

  21. Brian,

    I will definitely follow your suggestion. It’s funny to me to think even I at one point in time thought you were too negative. You have a huge heart full of love for comics and people. Look at how you’re constantly making a point of being a supportive, available dad for Ben!

    I’m thinking the problem isn’t with Stone, it’s with me. I have a ton of admiration for his incredible talent and I know he can use it however he chooses. It’s really none of my business either way.

    I am a bit sensitive to the tone with comics, though. I mean, if someone identifies with Green Lantern, cool beans. I identify strongly with characters, too. I’m sure that colors my perception of my fellow enthusiasts as well.

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