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The Books of 8/4

Brian Hibbs

Then I’m done for another week! (which starts, uh, tomorrow)

BIRTH OF A NATION: OK, so I haven’t actually read it yet (it’s at the top of my pile), but it’s Kyle Baker art, and it looks faboo, so demand your LCS get you a copy.

LOEG VOL 2 TP: OK, League v 2 is finally out in SC, time for you to buy it if you’ve been waiting this whole time. It’s the bestest adventure ever! Also The TP/GN of the Week

LUCIFER VOL 6 MANSIONS OF THE SILENCE TP: I’m really digging this, and I personally think it is the strongest thing Vertigo is publishing at the moment. Reads really good in trade. Get it!

STAR TREK KEY COLLECTION VOL 1 TP: Dude, the Enterprise has rockets coming out of the back! What could be cooler than reading Star Trek stories from people who had never seen the show in thier lives? Well, OK, a lot, but for pure howling kitsch, here’s your comic for the week.

TRANSMETROPOLITAN VOL 11 TALES OF HUMAN WASTE TP: Oddly is numbered “0” on the spine, while 11 on the invoice. Should probably be Pi or thereabouts. Contains “I Hate it Here” and “Filth of the City” since those semi-floppies (sloppys?) are OP. Funny and brutal stuff.

ULTIMATE X-MEN VOL 8 NEW MUTANTS TP: Bendis’ first run at the X-Men, and it’s uneven, but also contains a beautiful Wolverine story that’s almost worth the price of admission by itself.

And there you go, the significant TPs of the week! Or so I thought. What did you think this week?


4 Responses to “ The Books of 8/4 ”

  1. I think you're right about the STAR TREK book. I got a good laugh out of the flames spitting out the back of the nacelles. Hilarious.


  2. Just wanted to second Hibbs' comment on the Ultimate X-Men TP. I'm not an X-Men fan generally, but Ultimate X-Men #41 is one of the best single issues I have read in the last year.
    And Brian, when is the Titling regarding Bone One Volume going to be posted? I can't wait to read your thoughts on the whole situation.

  3. I think I'm gonna change our commenting system to be more like Graeme's–having to scroll to the bottom of the post to see comments is annoying. I hope to do this tomorrow (Wednesday).

    And I'm still ridiculously behind on my comic reading…

  4. I'm sorry, but I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone when Ultimate Spider-Man continues to be praised when I think he hit a brick wall somewhere around the #40s and has been sliding down since. It frustrates me to read it… so, aside from the occasional peek, I don't.(X-MEN lamenters, take note.)

    And while I liked certain parts of Ultimate Nightmare, this whole "have one thing happen in the first issue and then sttttrrreeeeeeeetch out the fallout until we can get to the second issue so we can do some more set-up there" unofficial Marvel editorial slant is getting to be ri-goddamn-diculous.

    And 'The Village' sucked. A bad week for me, as far as my usual forms of entertainment. (But with Supreme Power and Identity Crisis coming up, there is a hope.)

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