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“…There Must be A Creature Superior To Man.” (Slight Reprise) COMICS! Sometimes It Is Christmas On The Planet of The Apes!

John Kane

It is with no small amount of shame that I note it has been over a year(!) since I promised to take a look at Planet of The Apes Weekly. Um. Prizes for the best excuses! Er, I mean reasons. Look, we’re all adults so let’s all just put it behind us and move on. As a special Christmas Treat, and as a small act of atonement, please find the covers to the first 31 issues of Planet of The Apes Weekly. If you like ‘em I’ll do some more. And, okay, we’ll see what we can do about, y’know, going on about the contents in word form. No promises, mind. Special BONUS: from hereonin I (mostly) shut my mad yapper and let the pictures speak. Merry Christmas!

 photo Heck01B_zps7e3b137e.jpg

Anyway, this…

Oh, context: Planet Of The Apes Weekly was a repackaging of Marvel’s PoTA material for the British market. It was spurred by the enormous popularity of the PoTA TV show. The PotA strips were hacked into episodes of about six pages and backed up by whatever mad sci-fi based stuff Marvel had to hand. Turned out Marvel had plenty. The weekly schedule really burned through the scant PoTA material and filling each issue must have been quite an adventure. The movie adaptations constantly rotated in and out and the Killraven strip was rejigged from a disco themed continuation of H.G. Wells’ War of The Worlds into a disco themed continuation of PoTA via the genius of the addition of badly drawn ape heads on anything that wasn’t moving. PoTA began in 1974 and ran under its own title for 139 issues before being subsumed into other Marvel reprint titles and finally expiring in 1977. Which is when the children’s entertainment Star Wars hit…Anyway, we’ll get into all that later. Maybe. For now, the singular visual magic that was 1970s Marvel reprint comics covers:

 photo 001PoTAWB_zps7189b829.jpg

 photo 002PoTAWB_zpsff2ce023.jpg

 photo 003PoTAWB_zps540a3986.jpg

 photo 003PoTAWpuB_zps3d4f5a64.jpg

 photo 004PoTAWB_zps617ea87d.jpg

 photo 005PoTAWB_zps334d09cd.jpg

 photo 005PoTAWpuB_zpsa66a870e.jpg

 photo 006PoTAWB_zps72cba669.jpg

 photo 007PoTAWB_zps99929b33.jpg

 photo 008PoTAWB_zps03794684.jpg

 photo 009PoTAWB_zpsdfbf3106.jpg

 photo 009PoTAWpuB_zpse790a631.jpg

 photo 010PoTAWB_zps7b7332e0.jpg

 photo 010PoTAWpuB_zpsfc6ab720.jpg

 photo 011PoTAWB_zpsecddcc38.jpg

 photo 011PoTAWpuB_zpsc8ce184a.jpg

 photo 012PoTAWB_zps03aae12c.jpg

 photo 013PoTAWB_zpsdc114946.jpg

 photo 014PoTAWB_zps34b49bf9.jpg

 photo 014PoTAWpuB_zpsc020e866.jpg

 photo 015PoTAWB_zps32372843.jpg

 photo 016PoTAWB_zps1b7f8b4a.jpg

 photo 017PoTAWB_zps35bec6df.jpg

 photo 018PoTAWB_zpsebf302e3.jpg

 photo 019PoTAWB_zpse1d6a03a.jpg

 photo 019PoTAWpuB_zps62d97804.jpg

 photo 020PoTAWB_zps73b054ae.jpg

 photo 021PoTAWB_zps89ae5708.jpg

 photo 022PoTAWB_zpsa1442d1a.jpg

 photo 023PoTAWB_zps42bde807.jpg

 photo 024PoTAWB_zps17667418.jpg

 photo 025PoTAWB_zps55839abb.jpg

 photo 026PoTAWB_zps857a1a2e.jpg

 photo 027PoTAWB_zps40d33006.jpg

 photo 028PoTAWB_zps9a4c3948.jpg

 photo 029PoTAWB_zps91ab679e.jpg

 photo 030PoTAWB_zps888b6885.jpg

 photo 031PoTAWB_zpsb0475c28.jpg

And a fond farewell for now from The Planet of The COMICS!!!

6 Responses to “ “…There Must be A Creature Superior To Man.” (Slight Reprise) COMICS! Sometimes It Is Christmas On The Planet of The Apes! ”

  1. You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!

  2. Ah, memories of Saturday mornings when I used to get my comics delivered with the newspapers.
    That cover on No.27; is that signature Theakston, as in Greg Theakston?

  3. @Corey (Ottawa): Your Canadian accent makes even that sound really polite! A Joyeux Noel to you, sir!

    @Terence: Newspapers! Newsagents! Your surname written on the cover in biro! Yes, I believe that would be Mr. Greg of The Theakstons. You sure like the Bronze Age, huh? That’s good because there’s a lot more of it upcoming!

    Cheers and best to all!

  4. This is like a perfect Xmas gift for me, Mr. Kane. Amazing to see all these Apeslayer covers in their full glory. Thank you for this!

  5. @Jeff: Jolly Jeff Lester, as I live and breathe! Looks like Santa kept your comment back for moderation! Hope you had a nice Holiday and that you and yours have a very merry New Year! Cheers!

  6. Damn it! I have no idea why my posts *always* get pulled for moderation. Should’ve thought to check since it showed up in my browser window. Grrr.

    Sorry–the real point of this was to wish you the best and throw some cheer your way as well. Cheers!

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