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What’s wrong this this picture?

Brian Hibbs

I tlooks like a logo designer threw up on this cover!

So, what would you, fairly reasonable person, say is the TITLE of this comic? book?







Of the 18 people I asked last week, 16 of them said “The Hunted?”

But, no, it’s actually “Threshold”, according to my order form.

With just two or three more logos, the cover could have been all text! Or, as Jeff Lester put it: “It appears as if that pair is under attack by the logos!”

This is such a poorly designed cover that I’m fairly certain that’s why it cratered utterly at my store, selling just two rack copies, the lowest-selling first issue of a New 52 comic that I’ve ever had yet.

The insides were fairly OK, however, with the lead story being sort of kind of a Hunger Games thing in space with the DC Space characters (or reimagined versions of several of them, at least), though I’d like a better understanding of what these characters can’t just get on a ship and leave…. space is kinda big and all.   Giffen’s a competent writer, and the story moves along pretty well, even if I don’t have any real earned affection for any character on display.

I was less impressed with the back-up story of the “Orange Lantern”, Larfleeze — honestly, he’s just a one-note joke character, and not a particularly funny one at that. But, overall, the comic was OK.


THE HIGH WAYS #1: I know there are a few people who find Byrne infinitely dated, but I think it’s more that it’s apparent when he doesn’t really give a shit about the story he’s telling, and when he does. This felt to me like something that he cared about. It’s a reasonably “hard” science-fiction comic about space truckers. It’s also got African-American leads, and, best thing, makes no big deal about it whatsoever. I thought this was pretty darn GOOD, and I think you should pop into our digital store and give it a shot.


BLEEDING COOL MAGAZINE #2: It’s the “all ages comics special”, and, actually, it has some pretty deep and comprehensive coverage about kids comics — even the price guide is kids comics! I would totally put that on my kids rack… except….

…for the interview with Alan Moore, about HP Lovecraft, smack in the middle of the issue. Or the “worst industry feuds” section. Jinkies, that’s not what we want to present to kids as our best face, is it?

*sigh*, got to watch crossing those editorial streams there, guys….


OK, the truck is arriving WAY early today, so that’s all I have time for… what did YOU think?



16 Responses to “ What’s wrong this this picture? ”

  1. I would have said the title was THRESHOLD PRESENTS. Or, since DC has at times done multiple spinoffs with the same umbrella title (FINAL CRISIS AFTERMATH: DANCE, FINAL CRISIS AFTERMATH: INK, etc.), maybe THRESHOLD PRESENTS: THE HUNTED.

    I wouldn’t have figured it was just THRESHOLD.

  2. “Giffen’s a competent writer” OOOooooohhhH! Somebody’s still upset about 5YL LoSH! Just joking…not the face!

    “I would totally put that on my kids rack… except…for the interview with Alan Moore, about HP Lovecraft, smack in the middle of the issue.”

    Priceless! Totally priceless.

    Thanks for the reviewery, Mr. Hibbs.

  3. I think Legion fandom has largely forgiven Giffen for the 5 year Gap; The Bierbaums, on the other hand…

    (I don’t think Giffen’s ever forgiven his audience, however, if DC/WildStorm: Dreamwar is anything to go by)

  4. A price guide? In 2013…?

  5. … I liked 5YL …

  6. 5YL started strong, then faded. Then came the reboots, which lost my interest entirely.

  7. Ring in another vote for The Hunted. And I tried.

  8. This was something I actually wanted to pick up (I’m a sucker for Larfleeze specifically and sci-fi comics in gemeral) and almost didn’t because my LCS had it placed alphabetically as “Hunted” rather than “Threshold”. Of course after reading it I kind of wished I had missed it. So even they didn’t know and they ordered it.
    And RE: Giffen as a writer, I almost always like the comics where he’s the plotter working with another writer, and almost never like the comics he writes solo.

  9. I thought the title was “The Hunted.” I’m still pretty sure it is. I mean, look at it! It’s right there in huge type where the title usually is….

    I read the High Ways last night. My impression was the art sucked (body weight was all over the place, the 180 rule was broken so flagrantly it made me think Byrne is just sick of the Man and his rules, etc) and the story was…well, it’s Byrne. The writing was his usual clunky dialog and stock characters. I think he’s been coasting on his name for so long, he’s lost it. Moebius, he ain’t, which is a shame because he possibly could have been.

  10. LOVED pre-Bierbaum 5YL.

    Just wanted to make sure my vote was counted. Someone is counting these, right? Right?…

  11. Wait, have I missed something? What is Threshold? Is it a thing? Why should I care that it’s presenting something when I don’t know what it is?

  12. Yeah this comic is definitely called “The Hunted” is exactly what I thought when I saw it. Aside from the obviously larger type, I think part of the problem is the use of the word “presents”. To me, the use of “presents” would indicate that Threshold is the name of a line or a crossover or brand etc.

    I’m also confused by the blurb “One renegade Green Lantern is a whole planet’s prey!” because I don’t see a Green Lantern on the cover! I’m not familiar with either of Caul or Stealth so maybe on of those is/was a green lantern but I can’t see a ring on either of them!

  13. There’s a ring right there on the front cover. In the middle of that one guy’s chest. You know, if you squint. Kind of.

  14. Ah! I see it now!!

  15. ‘I think Legion fandom has largely forgiven Giffen for the 5 year Gap’

    What’s to forgive? the 5YG was the best run of LOSH ever until it lost it’s way with zero hour.

    Re-read it recently and it’s still one of my favourite comicbook runs.

  16. I thought 5 year later was great. Enjoy almost everything Giffen works on.

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