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Would Sir or Madam like to start with a restaurant review?: Graeme’s review of the 1/17 books.

Before I start, I just have to say this: If you’re in San Francisco and you like the cheeseburger, then get your ass to Nopa on Divisadero and Hayes. It’s the best cheeseburger in the city. The rest of the food is pretty damn good as well – you can add to your impending heart condition by having the bacon, onion and gruyere cheese flatbread starter like we did, and their doughnut hole dessert is very nice indeed – but that cheeseburger. Man.

52 WEEK THIRTY-SEVEN: Well, this is obviously the real end of act two, then, with a couple of reveals (including, possibly, just why last week’s death of Animal Man was so underwhelming – It wasn’t meant to be that dramatic, considering what happens this week?) and an ending that suggests that all of the characters are where they’re meant to be for the ending to begin. It’s surprisingly Good considering last week’s unevenness, even with the strange fact that the big reveal of Supernova’s identity is spoiled by the cover, and the “shock ending” is revealed in the DC Nation text page…

BIRDS OF PREY #102: Depressingly Eh. Ignoring the fact that almost nothing actually happens this issue – Manhunter starts the story losing a fight and ends the story about to fight the same character, which doesn’t help the feeling of wheels being spun – we’re midway through the latest plotline and I still feel as if I’m missing something. Am I supposed to know who Spy Smasher is? She’s the antagonist in this story, and Babs has made references to knowing her and having been to school with her, but I still don’t really have a clue as to who she actually is, or why she’s going after Oracle, and that’s a major problem if I’m to buy into her as a threat to the team, or to this story in general. Likewise, the new team is made up of too many characters to allow for characterisation, one of the strengths of the book back when the core cast was only three people; right now in particular, Gypsy and Judomaster could be anyone for all their personalities have been shown. Like I said, it’s depressing, because this book normally manages to mix character and plot much more smoothly, but I’m hoping that next issue will explain Spy Smasher enough for me to get what’s happening and why, and then future storylines will allow for more character to come through.

FANTASTIC FOUR #542: Yes, Dwayne McDuffie’s first issue as writer has Reed Richards giving an explanation behind his pro-registration stance in Civil War that fits in with his character slightly better than what we’ve previously seen, and all of the other characters sound a lot more like their old selves in general, but I can’t help but wonder if this was always meant to be the plan under JMS’s reign anyway. The way that Reed is shown to have tried to hide this motivation behind weaker ones feels too planned, in a strange way, to have suddenly come from McDuffie alone (especially when Sue Richards appears at the end and essentially says “I didn’t buy the other motivations, but this one works!”); either that, or he’s very good at immediate retcons based on fan feedback. Whichever, the issue is still just Eh; McKone’s art deadens the book, being static and devoid of the kind of dynamism that this book should have given its Kirby pedigree, and McDuffie’s injection of common sense isn’t enough to hide the fact that this “Civil War is so important, it tears Marvel’s most important family apart!” plotline is going nowhere fast.

MARVEL ADVENTURES: THE AVENGERS #9: Jeff Parker’s winning streak continues with this fun, shamelessly dumb, story where all of the Avengers get turned into Modocs (“Killing” having become “Conquest”, because this is a book aimed at kids), and that’s still not the funniest idea in the book (Personally, I’m a fan of Karl, the i