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You can knock us all down, try to mute the sound: Graeme speeds through the big event.

Graeme McMillan

A surprisingly quick one from me today, as I try to get caught up on everything that’s been happening while I’ve been in the land of “time off after surgery”. Hint to everyone: Taking two days off work – Fun at the time, even with the medication, but really shitty when you get back to the office. And talking of fun…

WORLD WAR HULK #1: As much fun as this issue is – Although, isn’t this the third opening for the event, following the World War Hulk Prologue oneshot and Incredible Hulk #106? – it feels as if it’s yet more proof that we’re heading for some kind of cosmic Marvel reboot down the line somehow. I mean, I can’t see the Hulk continuing to be an alien overlord waging war on Earth by the time the next movie comes out… It’s just too far outside of his iconic status, if that makes sense. Because of that feeling, it’s both harder to enjoy this (“It doesn’t count!”) and much easier; there’s a freeing feeling that comes with the idea that nothing really counts in the long run – They can do whatever they want, up to and including have Black Bolt beaten up and destroying the Avengers Tower or even killing Iron Man. It’s that uncertainty that stops this issue (otherwise very very enjoyable, and a million miles away from something like Civil War; things actually happen in this comic, for one thing) from getting higher than a Good for me, and I’m sure that’s just me being jaded (Pun not intended)…

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