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Arrived 10/4/2011

The “arriving” lists are what I’m getting from DIAMOND, but I’ve been doing an increasing amount of business with Baker & Taylor — because they’re delivering books faster, cheaper, AND returnable. Like this week, I’m getting seventeen TPs through B&T, some of them pretty major. To whit:


Best American Comics 2011 HC
Do it Yourself Doodler
Good Neighbors v3: Kind TP
Granpa Won’t Wake Up HC
Happiness is a Warm Blanket SC
Irredeemable v7 TP
John Stanley Library Nancy HC v3
Korgi v3
Marvel Comics in the 1970s SC
Metamaus HC
Monster Christmas HC
Post-It Notes Diaries SC
Pure Pajamas HC
Star Gazing Dog GN
Troop 142
Walking Dead Chronicles SC
Zombie Tales Omnibus: Outbreak


Anything look good to YOU?



7 Responses to “ Arrived 10/4/2011 ”

  1. Already purchased “Marvel Comics in the 1970’s”. Personally, for me, that was a great time to be reading comics. This book brought back a bunch of lost memories. It was an amazing period of comics creativity, mostly because at that time, Marvel editorial (i.e., mostly Roy Thomas) was overwhelmed and a lot of crazy, but good stuff, slipped through the cracks. A true Renaissance.

  2. Agree totally with Robert G.

    And that first TwoMorrows book on MARVEL IN THE 1960s was me yearning for this one. Makes one wonder what a MARVEL in the 1980s book would hold……

  3. I’d certainly have a go on METAMAUS. Y’know if being incredibly handsome and unbearably modest could be used to purchase things instead of money.

    Are those MARVEL COMICS IN THE… books by Twomorrows and not Marvel? They might be worth a look too if that is so.

  4. @John (UK): Yes, the “MARVEL COMICS IN THE…” series is not Marvel propaganda. They are published by TwoMorrows. It’s definitely worth a look for any comics’ historian. My only gripe is that it is in black and white.

  5. Nice pdf preview here gents:


  6. Corey – I’d genuinely enjoy reading a book about any decade at Marvel. The Life Of Ben Reilly blog showed that even the 90’s were absolutely fascinating behind the scenes.

    JohnK – It is from Twomorrows, but the part of the online preview I read on the weekend made it feel like it was written by Marvel PR… mainly the part where guy throws Kirby under the bus!
    Page 46 is where it was, and according to it, everything Jack later complained about with Marvel was really on him. Slander! Blasphemy!
    Yeah, I’ll probably pick it up, or download the digital version – if only to indulge in my love for photos of Roy Thomas.

  7. Thanks, everyone!

    Sadly I looked at the preview and startled the people here at work by rocking backwards and forwards while gurning so hard I made spittle fly out of my eyes.

    Apparently prior to his first departure from Marvel Kirby’s work lacked “energy” and “inventiveness” even though “he had been given more, if not complete, control over the plotting”. Now, I don’t know but I think if it lacked those things it was probably because he wasn’t getting adequate rewards; just the run-around and a big sack of empty promises from Goodman and Lee, allegedly. I don’t think making Jack Kirby do more work for no greater reward is the solution to that problem (although you may think he was doing all that work anyway you would, apparently, be legally incorrect).

    Also, it seems Jack Kirby’s work at DC in the ‘70s showed he had “passed his creative peak”!!!! Jack Kirby’s work at DC in the ’70s showed he had “passed his creative peak”!!!! It’s a point of view, I guess. Oh, wait, after he left Marvel for the final time and the decades passed “Kirby became all but irrelevant.” That’s a good one, too! This book is not a friend of mine!

    However, I hope all who purchase it enjoy it! Hhmmm lovely Roy Thomas photos!

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