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A BIG announcement!

You know how a few days ago, I promised “a frickin’ GIANT announcement”?

Well, it turns out that I can officially announce at this moment in time, exclusively to this site, and in front of God and man….

…that the Giant announcement will take place sometime in the future!

Find me at a bar and we’ll laugh at how things are unfolding, and, yeah, something IS happening (I’m sworn and promised) but maybe not for a few weeks, or maybe even a few months, depending.

Sorry to get your hopes up!!


7 Responses to “ A BIG announcement! ”

  1. What if I just go in the shop and hand you a drink? Will you tell me then?

  2. Yes.


  3. I’m still happy over your success over smoking.

  4. @B: In hindsight I think you made a wise decision not to go through with the announcement.
    It’s still a little early to declare whether you are “an Avenger or an X-Man!”.

  5. How about if I *email* you a picture of a beer to gain your confidence. A nice refreshing Canadian pilsner…


    Or if I have to guess, it’s that Mr Jeff Lester has been tapped to write the “Defenders vs Champions: Vs Each Other and vs Market Forces” mini series which will spin out out of “AvX”

  6. I love announcement announcements.

  7. Announcing a big announcement is coming and then announcing you can’t announce it yet. It’s like Mark Millar is now working for Savage Critic.

    Oh, wait, is that the announcement?

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