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An Apology

Brian Hibbs

I’ve been very quiet the last couple of weeks.

I started a new thing, which I’ll formally tell you about soonish, and that’s soaked a bunch of time; then I got the BookScan numbers which soaked a bunch of other time; and then 2 weeks ago I cracked a tooth, which lead inexorably to “Oh, you need a root canal, ha!”, and so I’ve been in blinding pain for most of the time.

Yeah, whine whine, just telling you why I’ve been quiet, and will be for a little while yet to come. (Like, the root canal’s second appointment is in a week, then the crown the week after that, then it’s off to ComicsPRO, and…..)



5 Responses to “ An Apology ”

  1. Owww, sorry to hear that Brian. Suffering extreme dental pain is not fun…unless you’re Jack Nicholson’s character in the original “Little House of Horrors.”

    Be well.

  2. Why are you apologizing? You’ve assembled a group of fantastic contributors who more than give us worthwhile material to read and listen to and debate among ourselves over. It seems to me you’re running a pretty great ship. While contributions from you are always the best, I don’t think you owe any apologies if your life gets busy.

    Good luck with your root canal!

  3. @Brian Hibbs: You and your sweets! Sorry, candy. Hey, what are you some kind of Limey or something? Apologising is like our last remaining industry so don’t you guys be horning in on it. I am sorry to hear about your tooth traumas. I think the best thing I can offer is a big Wall o’ Text self indulgent anecdote!

    A while back I spent a couple of decades, maybe three, being a (bigger) cretin and part of this resulted in my neglecting my teeth. So much so that after a number of years I developed an abscess under a tooth. It took some noticing since it only swelled up to the size of a golf ball and my face kind of visibly pulsed like a Rob Bottin bladder effect from an ‘80s horror movie. Also, the pain. There was so much of it I was kind of hobbling and trembling like a palsied oldster. It was obvious to anyone except a total idiot that something had to be done and quickly. So I gave it a week. In a miraculous turn of events it did not go away of its own accord but instead got worse. Wishing isn’t medicine it seems. Around this point the word septicaemia started being thrown around so I went and got it sorted. That was fun. I won’t go on about it but suffice it to say I hope that’s the last time I smell bone burning. So yeah, best of luck! I should have just stuck with the, what time’s your appointment – Tooth Hurty! Joke. All the best!

  4. Hope your tooth trauma comes to a pain-free end soon!



  5. “so I’ve been in blinding pain for most of the time”

    Well, I did wonder about that review of Phantom Stranger that consisted entirely of screaming noises, but chalked it up to the content instead.

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