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And in this corner… Diana says hi!

Things I know: That A on his head did not stand for France.

Things you know: Darkseid is.

Things I’d like to know: Exactly how much Jagermeister was needed to come up with “Skrull Invasion”?

Things you’d like to know: Why was Paris Hilton snubbed for the role of Kara on “Smallville”?

Things I should know (but don’t): Never post ahead of the boss. (Sorry, Brian!)

Things you should know (but don’t): Since I’m on the other side of the Atlantic, I’m usually up and running while the Comix Experience crew’s asleep (Do Comic Retailers Dream of Hologram-Foil-Covered Sheep?). Just think of me as your late-late-late-late-late night talk show host.

Things we all know: Kurt Busiek wins!

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