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Ben Hibbs and the Infinite Non-Sadness

Before I forget, I should point you all to the new page of Ben photos I just posted. Tzipora sent me these pics ages ago, and I’m a cad for not posting them sooner. The kid is earth-shatteringly cute.

Also, I finally, finally, finally added Graeme’s column at Comic World News to our links which I’ve also been meaning to do forever. I also added a link to his new gig as part of the crew as the new and absurdly content-rich Blog @ Newsarama. Simiarly, the excellent lads at Comics Should Be Good (at their CBR location) had to be mentioned. I pruned a link or two as well, and need to talk to Hibbs about adding a few more, and need to add almost a year worth of my Fanboy columns, but that should keep you entertained until we power up the Snark Engines again…

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