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OK, I think we’re back this time!

Brian Hibbs

I *think* all of the backstage drama is now over, and we should be good to go from here out.

Because of the @#$@%@ at the old hosting service, we seem to have lost the last week’s worth of posts… but I’m going to see what I can do to get them back up here via Google Cache, as I have time throughout the day.

UPDATE: Sadly, we lost any COMMENTS to the blog in the last 9-10 days, and all of the pictures/video got broke — but all of the text content is back up at least.

I also suspect that everyone needs to update your RSS feeds AGAIN, but, honestly that should be it.  Wish us luck!!


11 Responses to “ OK, I think we’re back this time! ”

  1. Everybody should be cool with the feed reader – i went in and updated it!

  2. That’s because you’re 32 flavors of awesome, Kate!

    Maybe even 36!


  3. So, on a semi-related note… I’m looking for web hosting advice! Got any tips on who I shouldn’t use?

  4. Lunarpages.

    A pox upon their house!


  5. I’m missing http://savagecritic.com/2005/05/why-are-you-always-so-negative.html and can’t find it through search. Can you restore it please.

  6. Hi Markus – thanks for letting us know – I just corrected it.

  7. Hi admin (Mrs McMillan I presume)
    unfortunately it still doesn’t work on my end (Kubuntu, FF 3.5.8). When I tried searching, I noticed I only get one page of results, which AFAIK is not the default wordpress setting. I’m too lazy to count, both “review” and “arriving” only get me 14 results, and no option to go to a second page. As there’s nothing in the HTML code either, I assume you did something untoward to the template when you created the new style.

  8. Markus, that link is working for me via Firefox (3.6) (which is good, because I actually have it bookmarked, and it is good to have it working!)

    I can’t say anything about the rest, that’s above my pay grade!


  9. The site looks lovely.

  10. Yeah, the link is working for me again as well. Thanks for that. No idea what was up in between, I certainly hit reload a couple of times.
    Search is still limited to 14 items though.

  11. Hi Markus – yes, it’s Kate McMillan here — thanks for letting me know about the lack of paging in search results – I’ve just added it to the template.

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