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Right, so…

Brian Hibbs

Welcome to the Savage Critic blog.

As some of you may remember (depending on how you got here), I used to do a weekly review column (aided and abetted by the affable Jeff Lester) of which you can find the archives here.

Once the wonderful Benjamin Alexander Friedman-Hibbs was born, I realized I couldn’t keep up with the old format any longer — I just didn’t have that big block of time any longer!

So, again, thanks to Jeff Lester, we have the new cutting edge SavBlog where I can do shorter, but theoretically more frequent, updates / reviews.

I will probably be posting something daily (let’s hope), but will not limit myself purely to comic reviews — I’ll also probably babble about being a dad a bit, as well as covering comics industry topics from a retailer’s perspective. At least that don’t fit into my monthly Tilting at Windmills column up at Newsarama.

(Matt Brady still needs to update the index)

(You can also find a lot of older, Pre-Newsarama Tiltings here, as well as purchase a copy of IDW’s collection of the first 100 Tiltings here)

Anyway, this is just a “welcome” message — we still have to add links, and do a lot of tweaking, but here I am, alright?


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  1. Just testing the comments system… this may go away very very fast depending on people's usage of same.


  2. Awesome, Brian, welcome to the blogosphere!


  3. Welcome aboard, Brian.

  4. Excellent, always enjoy your reviews and glad to see them back! In fact, I'll give you a link on my own blog.

  5. Excellent! Glad to see your reviews back on-line.

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