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Diana’s 50 Favorite Moments In Comics

Brian Hibbs

Because all the cool kids are doing it! In no particular order, my 50 favorite moments in comics: 1. SWAMP THING #56, “My Blue Heaven”: Stranded on a distant planet, the Swamp Thing recreates his hometown and is content to live an empty fantasy until a replica of John Constantine starts voicing some inconvenient truths. It’s even creepier when you realize that every character on the Blue Planet is really just Swamp Thing throwing his voice. 2. BOX OFFICE POISON: Towards the end of the book, Hildy tells Ed about her little sister Marlys. It turns out the reader has already met Marlys in an earlier, seemingly-unrelated part of the story… a part that becomes incredibly tragic once the missing…  Read More…

12 (and then some) Reasons Why

Graeme McMillan

Because Jeff asked and David Brothers threatened, here are 50 things that I love about comics, including at least one comic that I really, really would love to write, in case anyone at DC Comics is reading and desperate (Actually, I think that the next weekly book DC does should be an anthology of work by internet critics, forced to do at least one strip each so that all the professionals get to point and laugh at us for a change. It’d sell like crap, but imagine the schaudenfruede!). Anyway – More reviews later this week, I promise. For now, click that “Click to read more” and… well, read more. (Also, if “anonymous” called Jeff a fanboy, he/she’ll love me.)…  Read More…

Tuesday-Type Content: 50 Things Jeff Likes About Comics.

Jeff Lester

I really liked David Brothers’ ’50 Things I Like’ list he did recently over on 4th Letter, as well as some of the lists he reprinted and linked to as a result. And last time I saw him, David said, as we parted, “hey, you should do a list.” Somehow that led to me not being able to sleep past 6 AM on a Sunday morning as I sorted and re-sorted the little sublists I’d do. Anyway, post-jump: 50 things I like about comics, with hopefully just the right amount of commentary. 5 Great “Eras” for Publishers DC in the late ’50s, early ’60s: A legacy that’s like the pyramids in Egypt–lovely to look at, but I’m damn glad I…  Read More…